10-Minute Core Workout You Can Do Anywhere

10-minute core workout you can do anywhere -- perfect to do at home or while traveling! Click for full exercises descriptions. pumpsandiron.comOk I finished listening to season 1 of the Serial podcast yesterday and I’m pissed. WTF was that ending?! Why did you even bring Adnan’s case into my life if you weren’t going to resolve ANYTHING for me?! Gahhhhh. My friend just told me a follow-up podcast called Undisclosed takes a deeper look into Adnan’s case, so that does a bit to pacify my frustrations, but still. I need more!

Anywhooo, today’s workout is one I did a couple times in various forms while traveling in Costa Rica. It’s simple and quick but challenging! I even got two of my cousins in on it one afternoon (what troopers! haha): IMG_0019

10-Minute Core Workout

You’ll notice the flow of the exercises is circular: The first exercise you do on the right side will be the last exercise you do on the left. The reason for this sequencing is to break up the plank-based work. I don’t want a fatigued upper body/wrists to inhibit your oblique work.

In general, you’ll do two exercise combos on the right, hold a forearm plank, repeat the exercises on the left and then rest before repeating the whole thing again. Here’s a visual breakdown of the workout:

10-minute core workout you can do anywhere -- perfect to do at home or while traveling! Click for full exercises descriptions. pumpsandiron.com

If you want a longer workout, you can always repeat a third time. While in Costa Rica, I did a treadmill/core workout where I did one circuit of this core move following by a 1-mile run and repeated that three times. So get creative! Detailed exercise descriptions below the pictorial.

10-minute core workout you can do anywhere -- perfect to do at home or while traveling! Click for full exercises descriptions. pumpsandiron.com

MOUNTAIN CLIMBER SLIDES (20 seconds, right side) | Start in a plank position with wrists aligned underneath shoulders, abs engaged and spine straight. From here, lift your right leg and bend your right knee in towards your right wrist, making physical contact if possible. From this starting position, you’re going to slide your knee up and down your arm, zipping it towards your armpit as you pull your abs in and round your back slightly up towards the ceiling (think of a mini-cat stretch) and then sliding it back down to the wrist. At the bottom, you want the knee at a hover; try not to rest it on the floor. The goal is to keep the knee lightly touching your arm the whole time, but just keep the knee pulled in as close to the arm as possible.

CROSSBODY MOUNTAIN CLIMBER HOLD (10 seconds, right knee to left elbow) | Still in plank with your right leg bent and hovering off the ground, crunch that right knee across your body in towards the left elbow (make physical contact if possible). Hold it there, in as close to the elbow as possible. Try to go immediately from the slides to this hold without dropping out of the plank.

REPEAT MC SLIDES + CB MC HOLD ON RIGHT | Try to go immediately from the first hold back to the slides without dropping out of the plank.

SIDEBODY V UPS (20 seconds, right side) | Start laying on your side, balancing on that bottom hip/side butt area with your bottom hand on the floor in front of you for support. Top arm is bent with hand behind your head and elbow out wide; legs should be extended and hovering off the ground. This is your starting position. From here, you’re going to crunch up and in, keeping your legs straight as you lift your torso up and in to meet them so that your sidebody forms a “v” shape. Use that bottom hand for support, but try to push off it minimally. Slowly lower back down and extend back out to a hover. 

SIDEBODY V UP HOLD (10 seconds, right side) | For this just hold the top of your last v up rep. Once you’re in the hold, see if you can tent the left fingertips on the floor, reducing the support of the bottom hand—challenge yourself, it’s “only” 10 seconds! 😉


FOREARM PLANK (60 seconds) | Most of us are familiar with a plank, so just a couple form queues: think of stacking your joints, elbows directly below shoulders. Pull the lower abdomen in to protect the low back (think of pulling up your jeans’ zipper). Squeeze the quads above the knees—notice how engaging these muscles helps straighten out your body even more. Tuck the tailbone slightly and then fire up the entire abdomen by pulling the forearms and balls of feel in towards each other (you won’t actually move, you’ll just contract the muscles). Need more explanation? I did a whole post on common plank form errors).



Rest 30-60 seconds and then repeat the entire thing.

10-minute core workout you can do anywhere -- perfect to do at home or while traveling! Click for full exercises descriptions. pumpsandiron.com 

WEARING | leggings + bra c/o Tully Lou // Lululemon tank (old but similar look here) // bracelets from Stephie Chic and Lokai

Aren’t these leggings dope?? The mesh and white seams = amazing. Tully Lou is an Australian activewear brand and they’ve got some seriously fashion-forward workout gear. The collection is small, but I literally want everything they have.   

Did you follow along with the Serial podcast? What’d you think of the ending? And what do you think of Adnan–innocent or charming sociopath? I think … innocent.




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  1. Great post! It’s definitely something I’d like to try after workouts. Love the leggings, too!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  2. I have listened to Serial through once and, months later, I’m on round 2. My thoughts… I think either Adnan is guilty of Hae’s murder, or Jay HAS to be guilty. I do think Adnan’s lawyer screwed up. And even though he may be guilty there wasn’t enough to convict (based only on info Serial gave me). I also think Jay’s friend (the female one, forgot her name) knows more than she is letting on.

    My intuition is also that the man who found her body has nothing to do with it, though I don’t think he was just going for a wee (like his brother I think he was running naked/streaking in the woods- would explain why he’d be carefully scanning the ground too!).

  3. I think he is guilty but the case presented against him in court was so poor that he shouldn’t have been convicted. Loved the podcast though!

  4. Such a great post!I have been working out every day and I especially like core workouts!

  5. Completely unrelated, but idk if you follow Gilt City for local deals. They have one for Thirst Juice and I’m pretty sure this is the one you tend to get (#creepy, but I do read your blog haha) Anyway, figured I’d pass it along 🙂


  6. Love those leggings!! AND the workout looks great too 🙂

  7. I haven’t listened to Serial before, but I’ve heard so many great things about it. This workout looks awesome – can’t wait to try it!

  8. On a completely non-fitness related note, in the photo of you and your cousins working out…the girl on the back left looks like she is exercising in the nude. Had to say something, I had to look a couple of times and it gave me a laugh. I mean, she’s in Costa Rica and will never see most of those people again YOLO! Haha!

  9. Obsessed with your leggings! And this workout was a burner, but so great for a mid day office burn.

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