Bodyweight Interval Workout (Perfect for Hotel Rooms while Traveling!)

16-minute bodyweight interval workout -- perfect to do in your hotel room while traveling!Note to self: Remove bottle of wine from bedside table before shooting a workout. Oh, and maybe do a better job making the bed.

During my stay at Hotel Marlowe last week (see yesterday’s post for details), I put together this quick interval workout that’s perfect to do while traveling. There’s not a lot of jumping around so you won’t disturb people in the room below you and it doesn’t require much space at all.

Bodyweight Interval Workout

Set an interval timer for 16 rounds of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. You’ll go through the following circuit of four exercises four times16-minute bodyweight interval workout -- perfect to do in your hotel room while traveling!

Blast Off Push Ups | Start in a plank position with hands either a little wider than the shoulders (if you want to target the chest with your push up) or stacked under the rib cage in close to your body (if you want to target the triceps with your push up). I’m doing them in these pictures with my hands narrow (I think this way is harder!). From here, bend your knees and shoot your hips back, pressing into your hands so that you’re in a bent-knee down dog position (think of an animal crouching before leaping at prey … weird visual, but whatever, it works!). From here, you’re going to shoot forward back into plank and fluidly right down into your push up. As you press up to straight arms, bend those knees and shoot your booty back into that crouching position.

In the pictures, it looks like I’m stopping in plank before doing the push up, but this should be an explosive forward and down movement–you shoot right into and through plank, down to your push up.

Knee Drivers in Low Lunge | Start in a deep lunge: right foot planted on the ground (keep weight in your heel) with knee bent to a 90 degree angle and the ball of your left foot planted on the floor as far back as you can extend that leg. Your goal is to stay this low on your right leg the whole time. Keeping all your bodyweight in the right heel, drive your left knee forward, in towards your chest and then extend the leg back out, ball of foot tapping lightly back into starting position before going right into your next drive. You want to shift as little weight as possible into your left foot while doing this (focus on that isometric hold on the right).

Next time you go through the circuit, you’ll do this on your left leg. So in total, you do each leg twice in this workout.

Corkscrew Kicks in Plank | Start in a high plank position with your hands stacked under your shoulders. From here, crunch your right knee in towards your chest. Keeping it tucked in, twist through your waist so that your lower body is facing the left (right kneecap now points to the wall rather than the floor). From here, kick your right leg across your body, straightening it to a hover. Reverse the movement back to the starting position.

You’ll do this to the same side the entire 45 seconds. Next time through the circuit, you’ll switch sides. So in total, you kick to each side twice in this workout.

Plie Squat Pulses, Heels Lifted | Start in a wide-stance squat with feet pointing outwards, knees tracking in line with the toes (so engage your outer thighs and glutes to pull the legs open wide). Knees should be deeply bent–get as low as you can–and torso should be upright. From here, lift up onto the balls of your feet and begin to pulse, keeping your knees bent and staying low in the squat position. Lifting the heels makes this a balance challenge.

If lifting your heels isn’t happening, just do the pulses in a regular plie squat, feet flat on the floor. 16-minute bodyweight interval workout -- perfect to do in your hotel room while traveling!

Even if you’re not in a hotel, try this workout! Great for small apartment spaces and busy days when you can only fit in a quick sweat sesh. 🙂


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  1. Hahah I appreciate the bottle of wine!! 😉 Thanks for sharing, seems like the perfect travel workout.

    toast the girl almighty

  2. Great post! Will need a workout like this while travelling next month
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go
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  3. Anne Marie says:

    I’m knackered just watching you!

  4. Haha I think the wine bottle is just the perfect touch! Can’t wait to try the workout.

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  5. These are great exercises! Thanks
    Jabeen x

  6. Have made a little note of this and will definitely be giving it a go this week, perfect for my bedroom (where there also may be a bottle of wine lurking around.. I’m going to take it as a workout essential)
    Whiskey Jars Blog xx

  7. if you removed the bottle of wine we wouldn’t think you were human hahahahahah!!!! awesome run down thank you!


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