12-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout

12-minute-bodyweight-core-workout-10Hi there! Remember me? I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I posted to the blog, but if you’ve been reading my marathon training updates you’ve probably gathered that I am just completely overextended right now. This time next month, my teaching schedule will be reduced by more than half (8 classes a week instead of 20) which is a very necessary move for me. Until then, I’ll ask that you just bear with less frequent posts. Yo’ girl is exhausted!

12-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout

Go through the following circuit twice. You’ll see that you alternate between 60 seconds of movement and 30 seconds of an isometric hold. 12-minute bodyweight core workout -- perfect for doing at home!

60 sec | Marching Plank Push with Crossbody Crunch (right)

Start in a plank position, wrists stacked under shoulders. From here crunch your right knee into your left elbow (try to make physical contact if possible!). Step the right foot back to plank and then lower onto your right forearm (keep your left hand planted right where it is, bending into that left elbow so that you can lower). As soon as your right forearm hits the ground, push into the left hand to press back up to straight arms in your starting plank position. Try to keep your hips level as you do this marching plank. To achieve that, you’ve got to bend into the stationary arm (don’t keep your left arm straight as you lower onto the right forearm). Go right into your next cross body crunch. This will target the right oblique and left arm.

30 sec | Side Forearm Plank (right)

60 sec | Full-Body Crunch

Start laying on your back with legs outstretched and hovering a couple inches off the ground. Arms should be outstretched overhead and hovering as well. From this starting position, crunch up, bringing your knees in towards your chest as you lift your shoulder blades off the ground and bring hands towards your shins (as if you’re hugging your knees). Extend back out, lowering to starting position. The goal is to never bring the legs to rest on the ground when you extend back out.

30 sec | Hollow Hold

You basically just hold the bottom position of the full-body crunch for these. To get into the correct position, start laying on your back with your hands under your bum for support. Press your belly button down towards the floor and extend your legs out straight, hovering them off the floor a couple inches. If you’re a beginner, stay here. To advance the hold, you’ll then remove your hands from under your bum and bring them overhead.

60 sec | Marching Plank Push with Crossbody Crunch (right)

30 sec | Side Forearm Plank (right)

60 sec | Swimmer Pulls

Start laying on your stomach with arms and legs outstretched. Engage your posterior so that hands and feet are hovering off the ground a few inches. This is your starting position. From here, bend your elbows, pulling them back behind you as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift your chest and legs even further off the ground. Extend arms back out straight to a low hover.

30 sec | Rest

12-minute bodyweight core workout -- perfect for doing at home!

WEARING | Fabletics top // bra c/o Lululemon // leggings c/o Eddie Bauer

Enjoy the rest of your day! I actually shot video footage for this workout that I’m editing right now (I have literally no clue what I’m doing haha). I hope to post a little preview to my Facebook page later today. The goal is to (very soon!) post real-time workout videos to YouTube and quick previews to Facebook that demo each of the exercises. Woop!



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  1. Love these Nicole…I especially love the knee to tricep sequences…I teach these a lot in my yoga classes. Having a strong core is so important for decreasing lower back pain…something that I’ve struggled with.

    Ps I love your outfit!


  2. i love your honesty hahhaa.. ‘i literally have no idea what i am doing’ ive been blogging for about a month now and i feel the exact same…trying to fake it until i make it i guess lol

  3. Some awesome moves in this workout! can’t wait to try it out!

  4. A demo video would be great! I’m sure there are several exercises I don’t do correctly because I can’t quite figure out how a move gets from A to B!

  5. If I cannot do the side forearm plank, what should I add to the workout routine. I like the way you explain the exercises.

  6. Hold the phone…Eddie Bauer makes leggings? Who knew! This looks like a killer core workout. You’ve included my least favorite exercise of all time with those marching planks 🙂 Keep killing it with your marathon training!

  7. That was an amazing workout! Because I didn’t want to look at a timer, I set my Gymboss app for 1 minute intervals. Holy cow! Even with doing the 30 second exercises in the time shown in the workout, this kicked my a$$. Nicole, you must have rock hard abs of steel. Go girl!

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