15-Minute Legs & Butt Slider Workout (+Video!)

15-Minute Slider Workout - focus on legs & butt | pumpsandiron.comIt’s about damn time I started doing these workouts in video form! I know it’s Thursday, but with today as an exception, I plan to upload a new workout video & post every Tuesday. Keeping on that schedule will be helpful in planning shoots and editing.

I figured it’d be fitting to kick off the workout videos with something similar to what I teach in Boston on the megaformers. All you’ll need is on object that’ll allow you to slide across the floor (glider, dish towel, etc.). I recently made the genius discovery that the duster pads you put on a Swiffer mop work PERFECTLY for this (with the added “bonus” of cleaning your floor as you workout).

Watch the Video

Let’s do the workout together! How exciting is this?? Watch the workout below in real time and follow me on YouTube.

15-Minute Legs & Butt Slider Workout

Equipment I Used:

  • Slider (I used a Swiffer duster pad but you can use a dish towel or anything that glides across your floor)
  • Exercise mat

FYI This workout is going to make waaaaay more sense if you follow along with the video. But in the best way I can describe it through writing, the workout is made up of a few exercises, with variations within each move. For example, you’ll do a lunge for two minutes but within those two minutes there’ll be pulses and slides to switch it up. I’m calling the major exercise grouping “complexes” in the below descriptions. 15-Minute Slider Workout - focus on legs & butt | pumpsandiron.com

Squat Complex

Numbers indicate seconds (how long to stay on each part).

  • [30] Squat 
  • [15] Pulse | Hold the bottom of your squat and from there, pulse up an inch and down an inch
  • [15] Hold | Hold your lowest squat point.

Single-Leg Squat Complex on the Right

Do this twice through (numbers indicate seconds):

  • [30] Single Leg Squat | Start standing with your  right foot on the exercise mat and your left foot on the towel. Sink down in a squat on the right side, bending the right knee and shifting your weight into the heel as you shift your hips back and down. Your left leg will stay straight as you slide it out to the side. Try to keep the weight of your torso over the right heel (don’t transfer weight into your left foot). To accomplish this, picture you’re sitting straight back into a chair on your right side; don’t let your hips shift out to the side with the left foot, press them back and down over the right heel. When you’ve reached your lowest squat on the right side, push through the right heel to stand back up, stopping with a soft, micro-bend in the right knee.
  • [15] Pulses | Hold the bottom of your squat and from there, pulse up an inch and down an inch by pressing up through your right heel. The non-target leg should slide a little across the floor as you pulse up and down on the right leg.
  • [15] Skate Non-Working Leg | Hold the bottom of your squat and keeping your bodyweight in the right heel, bend your left knee, sliding the left foot in towards the right and then extending the leg back out straight to the side. Keep your left foot light; just gingerly slide it across the floor, focusing on the isometric hold on your right, target side.

Lunge Complex on the Right

Do this twice through (numbers indicate seconds):

  • [30] Sliding Back Lunge | Start with your right foot on an exercise mat and the ball of your left foot planted on the floor a few inches behind. Keeping your bodyweight in the right heel, start to slide backwards into a deep lunge, bending the right knee as your hips slide back and down and your left foot glides straight back behind you. When you reach your lowest point, press through the right heel as you straight the right leg and rise back up. Don’t lock the knee out straight at the top; keep a soft micro-bend in it and then slide right back down into your next lunge. Back left heel should stay lifted the whole time.
  • [15] Pulses | From your lowest lunge point (right knee should be at a 90-degree bend if possible), pulse up an inch and down an inch by pushing up through your right heel. It’s a tiny straightening and bending of the right knee, not a dipping of the back knee.
  • [15] Back Knee Pulls | From your lowest lunge point (right knee should be at a 90-degree bend if possible), hinge forward at hips slightly so that the weight of your torso is over the right leg rather than completely upright. Keeping your bodyweight in your right heel and staying low on the right leg, bend your back left knee as you slide the left foot forward and then extend it back out behind you. Try not to transfer your bodyweight into the left foot as you do it—keep it light as it slides across the floor.

Finish with

  • [15] Long Jump Hold | Hold your lowest lunge point (right knee should be at a 90-degree bend if possible) and hinge forward with your torso until your chest hovers above your thigh. Extend your arms behind you. Hold the position.

Single-Leg Bear Complex on the Right

  • [45] Single-Leg Bear | Start in a plank position with your right foot on the slider and your left leg hovering in the air. Do a bear crunch with the right side, sliding your right knee in towards your elbow and then extending the leg back out in a plank while your left leg hovers. Torso stays in tabletop as you do this (you should feel your quad work).

Modify it. This one is a killer. To make it easier, hook your left foot over your right ankle as you do it. I personally alternate between the advanced version and this modified version throughout the 45 seconds. 15-Minute Slider Workout - focus on legs & butt | pumpsandiron.com

  • [15] Single-Leg Bear Tabletop Hold | Stop the movement with your right knee bent at 90 degrees, knee hovering a couple inches off the floor, body in tabletop. Your left leg is hovering extending out straight behind you. Engage your core and close your eyes if needed–that right quad should be on fire holding this position after everything you just did!

[60] Forearm Plank

Repeat from Top on the Left

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I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative (as long as  you’re not a dick about it haha). I want these videos to be helpful so let me know what you’d like to see from them moving forward if this one isn’t cutting it!

Any old workouts from the archives you’d like in video form? I plan to post new workout videos every Tuesday but I’m also happy to go back and make videos for workouts that I’ve already posted. If there are any that you found too confusing to follow via pictures, let me know in the comments!



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  1. Ah, Nicole! I love it! You rocked it 🙂 Can’t wait to see these roll in!

  2. Umm Salma says:

    Wwhhhyyyy did I do this after doing one of your lower body workouts??!!!! Buuurrrnnn!

  3. Love!! You did great and I can’t imagine how much time this post and video combined took you! 😯 See you tomorrow in class!!

  4. This is a great routine, I love using gliders! The lunges make my entire leg burn. I love doing dolphin presses on them too 🙂

  5. Elizabeth says:

    YAY videos! You rocked it, and my legs are totally going to feel this tomorrow. Thanks for a great workout!

  6. I have been following your blog and using your workouts for a few years now, but this is my first time commenting 🙂 I have never been a big fan of workout videos, but I must say this changed my mind. I just did this workout following along with your video, and will definitely do any future ones you post. Don’t feel pressured to get the production, editing, or whatever perfect. Your content is wonderful and that speaks for itself!

  7. This is so great Nicole, my legs/butt are officially “on fire!”
    Your “first” video is great, keep up the awesome work.

  8. That’s quite an outfit

  9. Absolutely love sliders.Haven’t used them in awhile so thanks for the reminder. Thank you for sharing the workout. Great video. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. 15minutestofit says:

    Love the video and the workout! Fantastic job!

  11. Nicole you killed it!!! That was wayyyyy better than my first, like, YEAR of videos haha. I used to do voiceover too (but it got so time consuming and then I finally upgraded to a wireless mic which comes with its own annoyances) but anyway the best tip I can give for voiceover is to drape a blanket over your head when you speak – haha I know it sounds nuts but I’m totally serious – it will mute out EVERYTHING in the background and make your voice sound like you’re in a recording studio. Great job and feel free to reach out if you ever have any specific questions! Xo

  12. Can you show how to do lagree moves using the resistance band? Sort of like this http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/abs/express/flat-abs-fast-core-sculpting-resistance-workout/?page=8

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