20-Minute BOSU Interval Workout

20-min-bosu-interval-workout-1Hopefully no one remembers when I excitedly announced I’d be posting BOSU workouts to the blog starting in Fall (of 2015) …

I’m the worst.

But let’s just focus on how exciting it is to add a new piece of equipment into the mix! I love using the BOSU ball for balance work, and hopefully you do, too because I’ll be posting more and more routines with it (in addition to all the usual stuff!).

20-Minute BOSU Interval Workout

Equipment I Used:

The focus of this workout is lower body, but there are lots of compound exercises that’ll hit your upper body and core as well. Set an interval timer for 20 rounds of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest. You’ll go through the following circuit of five exercises four times20-Minute BOSU Interval Workout - this one will focus on your lower body but uses compound exercises that engage the upper body and core as well

BOSU Squat Jumps with Pulses at Bottom | Pulse, pulse, jump; pulse, pulse, jump. Start in a low squat position on the BOSU, feet about hips width apart. In this lowest squat, pulse twice (up an inch, down an inch, up an inch, down an inch) while your legs work to stabilize you on the ball. After your second pulse, take it to a jump squat, pressing through the feet as you jump upward, and then landing softly back on the ball, fluidly sinking right back down into the low squat position. If you don’t feel comfortable jumping on the BOSU ball, just do a regular squat (pulse, pulse, squat). 

BOSU Torso Twist in Lunge (right) | Start in a low lunge position with front foot on the BOSU ball and a weight (dumbbell or med ball work) held in both hands, arm extended out in front of you at chest height. From this starting position, twist your torso over the front leg (if right foot is forward, twist to the right), keeping arms straight as you do. You want your whole upper half moving as one unit on this—imagine your waist is a wet towel that you’re wringing out as you twist. Twist back to center.

BOSU Torso Twist in Lunge (left)

BOSU Squat Hop Burpees | Start in a plank position with your hands on the BOSU ball. From here, hop your feet forward to the floor, releasing your hands so that you land in a low, wide squat position. Staying low, hop both feet up and onto the BOSU ball. Pause there for three seconds, stabilizing in your low squat. Then quickly reverse the sequence, hoping off the BOSU to a wide floor squat and then jumping the feet back as you land in high plank.

Everything should be done quickly except for the pause in a squat on the BOSU. Plank, quick hop floor squat, quick hop BOSU squat and hooooold, quick hop floor squat, quick hop plank, quick hop floor squat, and so on…

BOSU Truck Driver (flip the BOSU) | Flip the BOSU ball over so that the rounded part is on the floor. Start by standing on the overturned BOSU, squatting down, weight in your heels, hips down and back, core engaged and chest open. Hold a dumbbell on its ends, palms facing in towards each other, and extend arms straight in front of you at chest height. You’re going to maintain this position the entire duration of the exercise. From here, you’re just going to rotate the weight in your hands, tipping one end up and then the other, as if your hands were on a steering wheel. Try not to bend the arms or let them drop below chest height as you rotate them back and forth. 20-Minute BOSU Interval Workout - this one will focus on your lower body but uses compound exercises that engage the upper body and core as well

WEARING | Tank c/o Lucy (sold out but similar HERE) // Terez leggings / (use code nicole25 for 25% off any purchase) // Bra c/o Lululemon // Nike Flex Supreme TR 3 sneakers

What are your favorite BOSU ball exercises? Let me know and I’ll incorporate them into a future workout!


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  1. I use it a lot on my workouts. It is great to develop core stability. Perfect for ab work or chest press.

  2. I LOVE the Bosu! I tend to use it with most of my clients. So great for balance and stability. My favorite move is a shuffle over – shuffle across the top of the bosu. Cardio AND balance!

  3. PsychicKathleen says:

    I’ve only used the BOSU in the gym during a pilates class but I too really loved working on it! It’s great for core work and fun too 🙂

  4. Love my Bosu and don’t use it enough! Looking forward to giving this a try – particularly the squat hop burpees – they look intense!

  5. Love the YouTube videos! I just FINALLY started doing them too. Subscribed and looking forward to your next 🙂

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  6. Jennie G says:

    I have a Bosu and never know what to do with it. Do you have other suggestions?

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