Rowing + Burpees Pyramid Workout

Rowing & Burpees Pyramid WorkoutI’ve got a simple but super challenging workout for you guys today. But before we get to that, let’s talk about what I’m wearing (priorities!). In a past life, I think I was a trendy teenage boy who slept outside specialty sneaker stores the night before the freshest new kicks dropped. There’s no other explanation for the way in which my vernacular morphs from grown adult to teenager when I see a pair of sneakers I like. Dope. Fresh. Ill. Who am I?? Not to mention I was first introduced to the PUMA Fierce because I follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram. I’m 28 going on 18.

But c’mon–these sneakers are dope. Puma Fierce Collection

The Fierce is a lightweight trainer and PUMA’s most progressive and design-driven training product yet. It fills the needs for both fashion and performance. I love the look. Sleek but bold, and the high tongue is totally on-trend. The looped tabs on the tongue and back of the shoe make them easy to slip on and off, and while I was initially worried they wouldn’t fit tight enough without laces, I actually love the no-lace design. Easy to put on and remove, and so comfortable. I have narrow feet, so the fit is slightly looser than I’d normally wear lace-up sneakers, but I’ve tested them out in a couple boxing classes and HIIT workouts and my feet feel totally secure in them. I probably wouldn’t wear them for a workout with a ton of extreme, quick lateral movement changes (basketball for example), but other than that they’re great.

Also from PUMA are the leggings, tank and bra I’m wearing. I love the sheer detailing on the back of the leggings, and the high waist makes for a flattering fit. The bra has a fun strappy back and removable bra cups for added support if you want it (I always take those things out immediately though). And low arm holes = obviously I’m into the tank. 😉 Puma Fierce Collection Puma Fierce Collection

You can easily take the PUMA Fierce shoes and PUMA apparel from the gym to the street. Layer a leather bomber jacket over a hoodie, throw on a hat and you’re good to go for brunch with friends.

Rowing + Burpees Pyramid Workout

If you really hold yourself accountable to pushing through this workout as fast as you can (without sacrificing proper form) it is a total butt-kicker. It’s pretty simple: You’ll alternate between rowing sprints and burpees. The distance of the sprints and number of burpees gradually decreases as you go in a pyramid structure. Here’s the breakdown:

700m row sprint
20 burpees
500m row sprint
15 burpees
300m row sprint
10 burpees
100m row sprint
5 burpees

Rowing & Burpees Pyramid Workout

ROW SPRINTS | THIS is a super helpful video on proper row form. For my competitive friends, my personal fastest times for those sprint distances are: 0:17 sec 100m // 0:57 300m // 1:48 500m // 2:35 700m (<– I don’t do this distance often but gahhh it’s awful in a good way).

BURPEES | There are a ton of burpee variations–let’s do chest-to-floor burpees for this workout. From a standing position, squat down, bringing your hands to the floor. Jump your feet out to a plank, fluidly lowering your chest to the floor. Press back up through plank, hopping your feet up towards your hands and then jumping up into the air. Puma Fierce Collection

What does being #ForeverFierce mean to you? Show me your fiercest looks in and out of the gym on social and share using #ForeverFierce.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PUMA through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about PUMA, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the clothes. So cool. The workout is awesome and you look fabulous doing it! xo Lauren

  2. THANK YOU for posting an instructive video for rowing. I rowed for a year in college, and I cringe every single time I see someone on a machine at the gym because maybe 1 person does it correctly. I had to stop rowing because of an overuse back injury and proper form is crucial (and helps you get the best workout! use those legs!).

  3. I’ve never done burpees before. I wasn’t even sure what they even were either!!

  4. Maureen Newman says:

    Curious: although the workout gear is from Puma, what about the hoodie/leather jacket you are wearing in the pictures?

  5. Cool sneakers, great pics!

  6. Those kicks are fierce! My husband is the biggest Puma fan ever, but I can never seem to find a cute pair. I love those! This looks like an awesome workout! I love me some burpees!

  7. waiting for marathon recap! Hope you had an awesome day! <3

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