Stitch Fix Review – Help Me Decide What to Keep!

Stitch Fix Review

Hello from the air! Guess who has the ENTIRE ROW OF SEATS TO HERSELF?! When I arrived at the gate this morning I noticed it didn’t seem to crowded, but I wouldn’t let my mind even entertain the possibility. No, don’t even think it. As I boarded the plane and slowly made my way down the aisle, eyes scanning the rows of seats just lightly peppered with passengers, I again told my brain to shut up. Stop–STOP!–you’ll jinx it. I approach row 26. I double check my ticket. I double check that I’m actually at row 26. I triple check. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

I put my bag overhead and sit down, eyes fixed on the passengers who have yet to claim their seat. What if?! A women juggling two small children and a bag that definitely exceeds carry-on size ungracefully thuds down the aisle towards me. Sonofabitch. She glances down at her ticket. She glances up at the row numbers. A single bead of sweat drips from my left armpit.

She walks passed.

GOOOOAAALLLL!!! I silently cheer with the enthusiasm (and accent) of a European soccer announcer.

Just a few more unseated passengers to survive. The possibility is too real now. I need this. This row is mine. Still, I dare not buckle my seatbelt just yet.

Next to approach: Middle-aged man resembling a short Brian Cranston. I can’t help it–I’m glaring. I dare you to have seat in row 26 you blue meth-cooking motherfucker. Again, THAT PAUSE. That awful pause where he looks down at his boarding pass and up at the row number. It lasts a lifetime.

Row 25.

YAAASSSSS!!!! I’ve gone from Real Madrid’s number one fan-turned-announcer to RuPaul watching a flawless lip sync of Cher’s Believe.

Last passenger to board. Twenty-something blonde girl. Looks clean, doesn’t take up much space, only a small purse with her. I can’t help but think it wouldn’t be bad to share a row with her. You shut up you quitter! Stop that right now! Manifest this empty row, damnit!! Back on track.

I’m trying to visualize my empty row all to myself as she approaches.  Are my eyes closed? Are my hands held together at my chest in prayer? Am I chanting “empty row”? Are people staring? I’m too focused to know.

She walks passed row 24.

She slows at row 25.

She stops at row 26.


So here I am. Sprawled out in my row, belongings unnecessarily strewn across the vacant seats, all three tray tables down, shoes off, fly unzipped. Life is good my friends. Life. Is. Good.

Stitch Fix Review

Welp this post got off track.

I’m doing things a little differently with this Stitch Fix post because I am having the hardest time deciding what to keep. Help me! I got an awesome Stitch Fix but it was also uncharacteristically expensive. Each item was in the $120-$230 range. I designated a pretty wide price range when I made my SF profile because the older I get the more I appreciate quality over quantity. I’d rather own fewer things and have those few things be high-quality pieces that I love and wear all the time. So I’m not frustrated by this fix–I’m excited by the caliber!

That being said, I should only buy one of the five items from my fix. Which one?? Help me decide!

Greylin Tremaine Off The Shoulder Top ($118)

Greylin Tremaine Off the Shoulder Top from Stitch Fix

Such a cute warm-weather top! The boho-meets-preppy vibe is the perfect mix of my personal style with classic New England summer attire. If I’m being picky though, I don’t think it’s super flattering from the side? I don’t have big boobs by any means, but I find that having any sort of chest in flowy tops like this can make you look bigger than you are. Not a big deal I guess if you pair it with a skinny jean/shorts or have your hair up to show off your shoulders.

Yumi Kim Hidee Silk Midi Dress ($228)

Yumi Kim Hidee Silk Midi Dress from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix carries Yumi Kim?? I usually don’t recognize the brands I get in my fixes so this was a cool surprise! The dress is gorgeous and could be a good option for a wedding/bridal shower/other event that requires me to dress on the conservative side (haha). Usually when I spend over $200 on a dress, I’m drawn to stand-out pieces though. Something that has a wow-factor (unique cut-out, open back, bold slit, etc.). This doesn’t have that, but on the plus side, I could definitely wear it on more than one occasion.

Rory Beca Alecia Off Shoulder Dress ($184)

Rory Beca Alecia Off Shoulder Dress from Stitch Fix

Hmm I adore this dress is pictures. In person I found it to be a little shapeless though? But now I love it??

Cooper & Ella Bakari Lace Back Detail Blouse ($158)

Cooper & Ella Bakari Lace Back Detail Blouse from Stitch Fix

I think this blouse is one of the front runners for me? The pictures don’t do the quality of the material justice–it’s awesome. And I think I’d get a ton of use from it because it can be dressed up or down pretty easily. But my entire wardrobe is black and white. Maybe I should switch it up?

Lavender Brown Elanor Lace Overlay Top ($134)

Lavender Brown Elanor Lace Overlay Top from Stitch Fix

Another boho-preppy piece. This would be a great summer go-to and could be paired with a blazer for dressier occasions so I know I’d get a ton of wear from it. But it’s not a “wow” piece so maybe I stick to one of the other items? Decisions, decisions.

Side note: If you’re a Stitch Fix member and want to request any of these items, the best way to do it is to pin one of the above images to the Pinterest board to which your SF account is linked. I’ve included the item name in the picture description so that when you pin it should automatically fill in the info.

Which one of the five pieces should I keep??


Heads up! Links to Stitch Fix in this post are affiliate. 🙂


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  1. Keep the lace top!

  2. Definitely the off the shoulder dress!

  3. The Yumi Kim dress is probably the most practical – it is flattering and could be used for many occasions, but the Off Shoulder Dress definitely has the WOW factor. That would be my vote. The shirts are all cute and look fabulous on you as well, but the dresses seem like a better value for the money to me.

  4. I love the Yumi Kim dress on you! I think it is a dress you would have for years. I also love the last tank top. It is a great piece you could wear with a million different things. I think the other items are all cute as well, but a bit shapeless in fit. That is my two cents!

  5. lace back detail shirt and the two off the shoulder pieces!

  6. I like the dress or the lace top. The prices are a bit more than I like them, however.

  7. Marissa says:

    I really like the Off the Shoulder Shirt

  8. I agree the off the shoulder dress looks great and you could wear to the showers and other events..all the others are just ok…some look like anything you could find in Marshalls or Tj’s

  9. Yumi Kim!!!

  10. jen wearing says:

    off the shoulder dress for sure.

  11. Cynthia says:

    My pick for you- the blue lace off the shoulder top.

  12. Love all of these items since I’m lovin’ all of the off the shoulder styles & lace. I’d go with that dark blue dress though, pretty!

  13. Yum Kim. The fit on you is amazing – shows off your figure. It is classic but still has style and a bit of edge thanks to the cut. You’ll have it forever while the off the shoulder things are this-season-only AND you can easily find cheaper versions. If u want higher quality, the Yumi Kim. That being said, the white blouse is awesome and the clean lines also make it classic with unexpected details. Camisole is a little pricey for what it is but you’d also have it forever.

  14. hahahahaha Nicole that story was amazing. I think the EXACT same things at a time like that, but it doesn’t seem to work out for me the way it did for you. That woman with the two kids – she would definitely be beside me.
    and you MUST keep that blue top. and if you dont, plz send it my way. thanks xx

  15. Love the blue crochet top, I hope I get that in my fix this month. Also like the beige crochet top and the off the shoulder dress. Not a fan of the long dress or black/white top.

  16. off the shoulder dress FO SHO

  17. ALL of the items in your fix look incredibly good on you, but:

    The black floral dress is gorgeous on you, but it’s REALLY conservative print, and it’s a lot of money. If you are willing to spend like $220 on a dress, go to the kate spade outlet (or hit up the store when there’s a big sale) and get something timeless you’ll wear forever. Or spend that money on something you find on a traipse down Newbury Street or as you walk through Lord & Taylor or one of the fancier stores in Copley Place, especially if you’re really interested in investing in quality pieces.

    The blue eyelet top with the exposed shoulders and the off the shoulder dress are a LOT of money for items that will be dated and entirely off trend–not wearable, to be honest–within a couple of years’ time. Investment in quality, I think, matters, but the ability to get a lot of wear out of the items over the long haul is just as important.

    The last two tops in your sequence are gorgeous and flatter you. They’re also very fun and I think will be wearable in the long haul. Either of them would make a great investment piece that you likely won’t have to question.

    Just my thoughts! I also value investing in really high quality pieces, and I want those things to be timeless. I’d rather really invest in the one perfect black dress that will always look good on my body and that would have fit in with any of the ‘fashion trends’ of the last 10 years (which to me serves as promise of fitting in with the trends of the NEXT 10-15 years…) instead of making an investment only to toss it aside in three years and have to make ANOTHER investment. SUPER trendy things I am happy to spend less money on–if I only spend, oh, $40 on a dress that may or may not last beyond this year, it seems like the appropriate amount f money for me to spend on something that i really will only wear, oh, 10 times or so…

  18. The lace top and off-the-shoulder dress are both gorgeous on you!!! Love them!

  19. Lynn Pronger says:

    love the flowered dress and the white blouse with the black lace back. Hate that powder blue lace off the shoulder and not totally fussy on the short navy off the shoulder dress either. If you can only keep one it would be the flowered dress, very flattering.

  20. So that story is hilarious and perfectly articulates what everyone has gone through on a plane… although usually the ending isn’t as happy.

    I love the off shoulder dress but I always feel awkward wearing those, like if I move my arms too much it will just slip off. My vote is for the lace back shirt – a classic piece but also super cool!

  21. The Yumi Kim dress is gorgeous — very flattering, and different without being ridiculous. I also love the lace back blouse. It’s really versatile — you could dress it up or down easily. You don’t look as comfortable in the off the shoulder top as you do in the rest of the pieces. The last lace top is pretty, but I think you could find a very similar top at a lower price point.

  22. Jamie K says:

    I would have to vote for either the dress or the lace top as I think you’ll get the most longevity out of them. I feel like the two off-the-shoulder items are pretty trendy…spending that kind of money on a “trend” piece isn’t a choice I would make as next year off the shoulder might be dated! The white top is also a bit on the trendy side due to its length but if it makes you feel great, it looks great!

  23. The off the shoulder dress is my #1 for you by far! The second is the yumi kim dress 🙂 I actually got the off the shoulder dress in my stitch fix but i’m 5’4 and it looked a lot longer on me. it fits you perfectly!

    x Sarah

  24. It really is hard to decide……everything looks great. Off the top of my head though, definitely the lace top and the midi dress.

  25. 50Plus says:

    Yumi Kim!

  26. Yay for getting the row to yourself! Keep the two dresses those look fabulous. But dang those are some big price tags quality over quantity that’s for sure

  27. The Rory off-shoulder dress is the most flattering IMO, and could be worn for a variety of functions events.

  28. I like the lace tank the best, but it does seem to be a bit overpriced! My second choice would be the off the shoulder dress. Let us know what you choose 🙂

  29. Off the shoulder dress!

  30. Without question, this one!! Rory Beca Alecia Off Shoulder Dress

  31. Hmmm, sorry bu I think pass on all. Maybe next time…

  32. Love the Rory Beca dress and super LOVE the shoes! What is the brand?

  33. Bonnie says:

    Definitely the lace back detail blouse. Definitely.

  34. The yumi Kim …And lace top

  35. The lace overlay top! It’s so pretty and summery!

  36. The Yumi Kim dress or off the shoulder dress for sure! They’re both super flattering on you! The black and white lace back blouse looks too short or something- something is off in fit, the Greylin top is so cute from the front, but I agree with you about it sticking out oddly if you look from the side, and the last top, the lace overlay, looks like something you could find anywhere, less expensively. That Yumi Kim is amazing on you! The off the shoulder dress is very flattering too.

  37. Avery Doyle says:

    Love the lace back detail blouse!

  38. lace back shirt and off the shoulder dress

  39. rusticfarmgirl says:

    you must keep two. seriously. the lace tank and the white/black lace cut out top. both at stellar and you will get TONS of wear out of each!!

  40. Anna W says:

    The dark blue off-shoulder dress or the lace overlay shirt! Those are the stand-outs.

  41. My vote is for the off-shoulder dress. It looks so good on you!
    Second choice would be the lace overlay top, but that price! Yikes!

  42. oatsandrows says:

    Either the white blouse or the off-the-shoulder blue top 🙂

  43. I got the whole row to myself 2 days ago too. Just that it had only 2 seats. And a mom and her 2 toddlers were on the row behind – the oldest was behind me and she kept on telling him to be quiet. Meh, didn’t keep me from sleeping through my incredibly long 2 hour flight (yeah, I ‘m that person who falls asleep before take-off, wakes up for food and blacks out again until everybody has already unbuckled their belts, haha).
    Anyway, I LOVE the Yumi Kim dress. The white blouse is nice too, but I think the other pieces are a bit too pricey for what they are (and yes, I do think that the off-the-shoulder dress has a bit of a bag shape). The flower dress on the other hand is IMO a sprain/summer staple (flowers are ALWAYS around), the cut looks great and classy but cool enough to throw a boxy sweater on top… Too pricey for me though, back to thrift shopping 😉

  44. Carrie Rae says:

    I’m keeping the off shoulder dress too. I have heard rumors on a SF FB group that they are trying to push the limit and send more expensive pieces. I, too, have a lot of high dollar brackets selected because I also value quality over quantity. I don’t really like that threw so many high dollar items in my box….I think I would have liked it more if they sent me some of your choices….especially that blue top! It just makes me less likely to buy the entire box.They pushed their limits last time by sending me over a $500 box (it had a pair of awesome jeans, a pricey top, and everything else was reasonable). I bought the entire box because it was worth it..especially at 25% off. This time around, they sent me a $750 box and 2 of the tops were extremely plain and generic. I felt like they were trying to get as much money as possible….not cool SF….not cool.

    PS – I love Yumi Kim….I have a few of their dresses!

  45. I would say go with the beautiful Yumi Kim dress if you have quite a few occasions to wear it for this summer, since it’s lovely on you and you wouldn’t have to go shopping for a dress. Win/win. If not, I’d say the lace back detail blouse. It incorporates a trend, but wouldn’t feel dated when you pulled it out again next year. My thinking about the cold shoulder trend is that it’s geared more for very youthful women (and you certainly look lovely in them), but likely won’t be a long term trend. At least I hope not. 🙂

  46. I would pick something you love and feel fabulous in. The Yumi Kim looks great on you and shows off your shoulders and legs, but you have to love the pattern or else you probably won’t wear it. (Preferences for pattern seem to be very individual.) The black lace-back top is unique, interesting, looks good on you and comfortable, and it’s the only picture in which you have a big smile and look playful, so maybe that shows how you feel about it. Those two would br my first picks.

  47. I think you would get more wear out of the yummie kim dress. It looks great on you and has enough wow with the open front and the nicely fitted top. the others hang on you and look too big.

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