What I Wore Running the Marathon

2016 Boston Marathon Race Recap

I got some questions about what I wore when I ran the marathon so I figured I throw up a quick post with the details. Heads up–most of the links in this post are affiliate.

TWAV Singlet

Nike High Impact Sports Bra | Nothing fancy, but I love this thing because it pancakes your boobs so tightly to your body, nothing even has the remote chance of jiggling (I can not handle boob bounce when I work out!).

Lululemon Speed Track Short | I bought these the weekend of the marathon and LOVE them. They’re high-waisted with a thick, comfortable waistband and are long enough to stay in place without riding up and giving you a perma-wedgie. I hate having to constantly pull down my shorts when I’m running and I didn’t have to do that once on marathon day. Highly recommend! They have ruched pockets on the sides which are kinda weird for everyday wear (not too flattering), but proved really practical for race day. I kept a couple gel packs in each!

Under Armour Play Up Shorts | Usually I’m all for as few waistbands as possible, but the team singlet wasn’t very long so I knew I’d feel more comfortable with a loose pair of shorts over my Lululemons. This UA pair is super lightweight with a looser waistband so I didn’t even notice they were on.

Nike Free Distance | People actually laugh in my face when I say I run distance in Nike Frees. It’s usually a laugh followed by “Ouch.” Hate on haters. Frees SAVED my achilles tendonitis a few years ago and I haven’t found another running sneaker that’s worked for me as well since. The new(ish) distance version of the Free line is awesome.

Flipbelt | I bought one of these at the Marathon Expo after hearing Heather talk about hers. Since I already had two pairs of shorts on, it was a little overkill to have a third object around my waist, but it ended up being surprisingly comfortable and I was thankful for the extra storage space.

Not pictured:

Quay Sunglasses (old but similar look here) | I felt like a total bro wearing reflective sunglasses, but the lightweight rubber material of the frame is perfect for running (even though that’s definitely not what they’re intended for).

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Handheld Water BottleThis was another pre-race purchase. I don’t normally like to hold something while I run (for training runs I’d leave a water bottle by a bench along the Charles River and just sip out of it every time I looped by), but with the weather forecast looking so warm, I thought it better safe than sorry. I was happy to have it so that I didn’t have to deal with the chaos of water stations as often.

Thorlo CoolMax Padded SocksI love these socks–especially the added pads to the balls of the feet and heels. Because I run in a lightweight sneakers with less cushion than other more supportive styles, I appreciate any extra padding I can get.

What are your race day go-to’s?

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. Love this post! (Not that I’m planning on running a marathon anytime soon but ya never know!) I just bought a Flipbelt and so love it on long runs more than I thought I would.

  2. I live in Savannah, GA, where even when there are days when the heat doesn’t already start to worm its way into the morning hours, the humidity is felt. I am also very short and I have very ample “Greek girl hips” and am not always the easiest person to fit into clothes. And, as a Greek woman, I sweat LIKE CRAZY and take that into consideration. SO, given that, my most recent loves are:

    New Balance ice breaker tank top/singlet OR Under Armour fly by tank top OR Athleta striped chi tank top (it’s a bit lighter weight)

    Athleta Be Free knickers (I’m 4’11” so they fit like capris on me).
    (note: I wish Athleta had their Relay capris still available in the entire variety of petite sizes, but the website has said, for many months now, that only XXS is available…no bueno! I prefer the way the waist and hips feel on me to the Be Free, but I legit love the Be Frees…)

    EITHER Moving Comfort Fiona or New Balance Shockingly Unshocking sports bra

    Ballega hidden comfort socks

    Brooks Adrenaline running shoes (my ‘ride or die’ shoes since fall 2011 when I was fitted for the first time around the time of my first half)

    As for ‘accessories’–Mandarin Orange Gu or lemonade Huma gel. regular old earbuds that come with my iPod shuffle. SPI belt when I am running distances that require me to have gels. Bondi Bands heavy wicking headbands.

  3. i run daily to keep me fit. i never think about Marathon. But it will interesting to a part of it. Thanks for the post.

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