Stair Pyramid Workout

Stair Pyramid Workout - bodyweight exercises and stair sprints

Heads up: If you’re local, make sure to read through to the bottom of this post–I’m giving away a bib to run the Falmouth Road Race!

This workout was a no-brainer–I have to take advantage of the stairs in my apartment while I’m here! No equipment is needed and you can get creative–if you don’t have a staircase, you could go outside and replace the stair sprints with hill sprints and just use a bench for the other exercises.

Stair Pyramid Workout

You’ll complete 10 reps of each exercise, then 9, then 8, and so on, finishing with one rep of each exercise. Go through the pyramid circuit as quickly as you can without sacrificing proper form.

Stair Pyramid Workout - bodyweight exercises and stair sprints

Stair Hop Burpees | Start standing about a foot and a half away from the bottom of your stairs. From here, squat down, bringing your hands to the floor. Hop your feet back out into a plank. Hop them back up towards your hands, releasing your hands from the floor and coming upright into a low squat position. From here, hop both feet onto the bottom step, landing in a low squat and quickly jump back down to the floor in your starting position. That’s one rep.

Stair Step Taps (RIGHT) | Start with your right foot on the second step and your left foot on the floor. Squat down, sliding your hips back as you bend your knees. Your goal is to stay this low on the right side throughout the entire exercise. From this starting position, shift your bodyweight into that right heel and tap your left foot to the first step, back down to the floor, to the second step, and back down to the floor. That combo is one rep.


Stair Step Taps (LEFT)

Stair Push Ups | This is just a traditional push up but with your feet on a step. The higher the step, the harder the push up.

Stair Sprints | Sprint up, jog down. That’s one rep. On the even-rep rounds (10, 8, 6, 4, 2), take the stairs two at a time on the way up. On the odd-rep rounds (9, 7, 5, 3, 1), take the stairs one at a time as you run up.


Stair Workout - wearing Booty by Brabants leggings & Athleta tank

WEARING | tank c/o Athleta (old – shop current selection here) // Booty by Brabants leggings // sneakers c/o PUMA

Enjoy your day! I went to see Guns ‘N Roses last night at Gillette Stadium so I’m off to a slow start–totally worth it though! I rarely go to Patriots games because Gillette is such a pain to get to but to see Slash and Axl in person … hell yes I’ll sit in traffic until 1AM.

And before I end this post, I’ve got an exciting giveaway for local readers!

Falmouth Road Race Giveaway


One lucky reader will win:

Enter using the widget below. Winner will be randomly selected this Friday.

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I’ve run the Falmouth Road Race once before and it’s so fun! Great excuse to get down to the Cape for the weekend (as if you need one). 😉

Good luck!


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  1. I haven’t run the Falmouth road race but I’ve always wanted to!

  2. sarah c says:

    I’d love to run the Falmouth Road Race! I’ve never run and always forget to enter the lottery!

  3. Always wanted to run Falmouth Road Race!

  4. I’ve never done the Falmouth race but have run other ones in the Boston area.

  5. I’ve always wanted to tun the Falmouth Road Race! Thanks Nicole!

  6. Katie C says:

    I have also wanted to run Falmouth! Waaaay more manageable than the ol’ marathon. Thanks!

  7. I’ve never run Falmouth, but would love to!

  8. I love the idea of this workout! It’s a great way to use what you have and not need to spend money on a ton of equipment or on a gym membership. Leaves no excuses!

  9. It is great to utilize what you have. Awesome workout.

  10. I would love to run Falmouth and need a kick in the butt to up my mileage! Ty

  11. Wendy Price says:

    Love the Cape and running so what a way to enjoy both:)

  12. I haven’t run the Falmouth, but it would be a great excuse to get to travel!

  13. This would be my first time running the Falmouth Road Race, but I’ve heard so many great things about it and you’re totally right, what a great ‘excuse’ to go to The Cape in August!

  14. Just did this workout this morning. Phew! That got my heart racing and dripping in sweat! Thanks so much!

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