4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 4): Slider Exercises

4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 4): Slider ExercisesComing at you a little later in the day with our next plank tabata challenge! We’ll use sliders for these (dish towel works, as do Swiffer dust pads). Before I get to the workout though, I want to share a bit about my upcoming weekend.

I am beyond excited to be attending revitalize in Arizona! Revitalize is mindbodygreen’s invite-only annual event/retreat that brings together wellness leaders from around the world and I have absolutely no place being among them but you bet your ass I said “YES!!” when invited. 😉 I can already tell it’ll be a humbling, inspiring and transformational weekend for me. I’ll share all the details on the blog next week but if you want it in real time, follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (@nicoleperr on both).

4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge: Slider Exercises

A tabata interval structure is 20 seconds of work + 10 seconds of rest, 8 times. This tabata will be made up of four different plank exercises and you’ll go through them twice. During the 10 seconds of “rest” you can either rest OR hold a plank. If you choose to hold, you can do so from your hands or forearms.

4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 4): Slider Exercises

Wide Forearm Bear | Start in a forearm plank position with your feet wider than hip’s distance apart. From here bend you knees, sliding them forward towards the outsides of your triceps and straighten them back out to your starting plank position. It’s ok for you bum to be a couple inches higher than your shoulders given your down on your forearms, but don’t pike the butt into the air.

Corkscrew | Start in a plank position with your feet on sliders or a dish towel. From here, bend your knees and slide them towards the right elbow, twisting from the waist. Slide back to plank and then crunch the knees in towards you left elbow, again twisting through the waist. As you crunch side to side, try to keep your hips at shoulder height (don’t sit your bum down towards your heels; you want the target oblique engaged and holding your hips up).

High Plank to Pike | Start in a plank position with your feet on a towel. Keeping your legs straight, pike your hips up into the air, bringing your body into an upside down “v” shape. Try to keep your heels lifted as you do this, sliding on the balls of your feet. Once you hit your peak (if you have tight hamstrings, you may not be able to get your hips up very high—that’s ok!), slowly lower back down into plank position.

Sliding Crossbody Mountain Climbers | Start in a plank position with hands stacked under shoulders and each foot on its own slider or dishtowel. Slide your right knee across your body towards your left elbow, trying to make physical contact between the two if you can. Slide the right foot back into your high plank and then repeat on the other side, left knee to right elbow. You want the pace to be quick.

4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 4): Slider Exercises

WEARING | Alo Yoga Goddess Ribbed Leggings // Sweaty Betty tank (old, shop current selection HERE) // Champion Absolute Sports Bra

Enjoy your evening! If you’ve been following along at home, let me know which day of the challenge you’ve found the hardest. I actually thought today’s was a bit easier than the other three? Anyone else?


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