4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 5): Full-Body

4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 5) - plank exercises that engage the whole bodyHello from the air! I’m on my way to Arizona for revitalize (so pumped!). For today’s plank challenge, we’re getting the low body in the mix. In some ways this can admittedly make it a tad bit easier for the core because legs can absorb more of the work, but that’s ok! It’s challenging in a different way and the explosive movements of the leaping mountain climbers and wide plank jumps get the heart rate way up there. I was STRUGGLING those last 20 seconds.

Plank Tabata Workout

A tabata interval structure is 20 seconds of work + 10 seconds of rest, 8 times. This tabata will be made up of four different plank exercises and you’ll go through them twice. During the 10 seconds of “rest” you can either rest OR hold a plank. If you choose to hold, you can do so from your hands or forearms. 4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 5) - plank exercises that engage the whole body

Forearm Plank Leg Lifts | From a forearm plank, lift the right foot off the floor a few inches, keeping the leg straight and squeezing into the base of your seat. Replace it and then repeat on the left. As you do these, make sure you’re not arching your low back down to the floor. It’s better to not get your leg as high and keep the spine neutral. Below shows the difference: Leg Lifts in Forearm Plank - correct vs. incorrect form. Don't let the low back arch towards the ground; maintain a neutral spine. This might mean your range of motion is smaller--that's OK!

Leaping Mountain Climbers | These are like mountain climbers meet jump lunges. Start in a high plank position and bring  your right foot to the floor outside your right hand. From here, jump your feet up, switching in midair and landing back in a plank with the left foot outside the left hand. You want to stay light on your feet and keep the pace up. Instead of hanging out in that plank-lunge, think of springing off the foot as soon as it lands.

Corkscrew Kick-throughs ISOLATE ONE SIDE | From a high plank position, crunch your right knee in towards your chest as tight as you can. This is your starting position. From here, you’re going to swivel your hips, twisting waist-down towards the left. Kick your right leg through the space between your left hand and foot. You want the leg straight but hovering off the floor. Reverse the movement, bending the right knee and swiveling back to center. The goal is to keep the right foot off the floor the entire time, but if you need to modify just rest it on the ground for a moment when you kick the leg straight.

The first time you do these, do just the right for the entire 20 seconds. The second time you do these, do just the left.

Wide Plank Jumps | From a high plank position, you’re going to jump your feet wide outside your hands and then quickly back to plank. You don’t want to shift all your bodyweight into your feet when you land in the frog-leg position so keep your hands on the ground and keep the pace quick. If you need to pause, pause in a plank. 4-Minute Plank Tabata Challenge (Day 5) - plank exercises that engage the whole body

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Enjoy the day and your weekend! My intent is to post the last two workouts in this series tomorrow and Sunday but I also want to soak in every moment of revitalize that I can so … we’ll see if anything gets posted. 😉


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