Quick, Intense Bodyweight Cardio Workout (10-Minutes)

This 10-minute bodyweight cardio workout is quick but INTENSE.This bodyweight cardio workout is proof that longer doesn’t always mean harder. In just 10 minutes, I was completely breathless and my legs were on fire–I’ve been doing that hot feet exercise since my elementary school basketball days and it still kills me!

This quick, intense cardio workout is high intensity and some of the moves are definitely high impact as well (lots of jumping). If you’re working with knee issues or just looking to dial down the intensity a bit, I’ll talk about modifications for all the exercises in the video.

10-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Workout

The first 9 minutes of this workout have an interval structure: 40 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest x9. During the 40 seconds of work, you have a primary exercise and then a secondary exercise you’ll do every 10 seconds. Here’s the breakdown:

40 sec Hot Feet, every 10 seconds do a Jump Tuck
20 sec Rest
40 sec High Knees, every 10 seconds Hit the Floor
20 sec Rest
40 sec Mountain Climbers, every 10 seconds do a Low Squat Snap
20 sec Rest

You’ll then do a 60-second finisher: 20 seconds Hot Feet, 20 seconds High Knees, 20 seconds Mountain Climbers.

This 10-minute bodyweight cardio workout is quick but INTENSE.

Bodyweight Cardio Exercises in This Workout

Hot Feet | You probably know these best as a basketball or football drill. You essentially run in place as fast as you can while in a wide-leg squat position. With your feet a bit wider than hip-width apart, squat down. Staying low, you’ll quickly run your feet up and down, staying on the balls of your feet and barely picking them off the floor (an inch or two) so that you can maintain the speed.

  • (every 10 sec) Jump Tuck | Jump up into the air, using your core to pull your knees up towards your chest. As you jump up bring your hands in front of your rib cage and try to hit them with your knees.

High Knees | Maintaining good posture (don’t hunch forward!), run in place, using your core to drive your knees up high as you do. Sometimes I like to hold my hands at about belly button height as a guide and drive my knees up to hit them. Keep these quick! If you have knee issues or need to modify, march in place instead of run (but still get those knees up high!).

  • (every 10 sec) Chest to Floor | Think burpee. Hands are going to come to the floor as you bend your knees and jump back into a plank, bending your elbows and lowering your chest to the floor with control. Once you hit the floor, straighten your arms, pressing your body back up through plank and then onto your feet.

Mountain Climbers | These are like doing high knees in a plank position. Start in a plank, hands stacked underneath shoulders, core squeezing in tight (don’t let your low back sag or your butt stick up in the air). From this position, drive one knee at a time up towards your chest, like running horizontally. The pace on these should be quick.

  • (every 10 sec) Low Squat Snap | From your plank position, jump your feet up and outside of your hands as you release your hands from the floor, landing in a low squat position. Stay low and just quickly bring hands back to floor and snap back into a plank.

This 10-minute bodyweight cardio workout is quick but INTENSE.

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This workout could absolutely be used on its own if you’re looking to fit in a whole lot of sweat into a short amount of time on busy days. It also makes for a great quick cardio finisher to weight lifting sessions or other strength-focused workouts. Here are some pairing ideas:

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  1. Looks like a great workout for when I don’t have enough time to get to the gym.

  2. I did this today and it killed me…Thanks! I’m going to check out more of your videos on youtube 🙂

  3. This workout looks intense, but so good! Those bodyweight exercises are always the one’s my group fitness class participants don’t like! Hah! That means they are the best 🙂

  4. This was crazy intense for just 10 minutes. Thanks Nicole!

  5. I love quick, intense workouts that don’t involve any equipment. Can’t wait to give this one a shot!

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