Workout (and Everyday) Playlists to Follow on Spotify (+Giveaway)

Workout (and everyday) playlists to follow on Spotify

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I go through phases with music sources. I used to be a diehard SoundCloud user, but I feel like Spotify has seriously stepped up its remix game so that’s what I’ve been using for music lately. I don’t have time to spend hours going down the rabbit hole of music suggestions (when I taught spin I could spend an entire DAY doing this), so instead I find new music by following fellow fitness instructors and Spotify’s curated playlists.

For myself, I organize my music into a handful of large playlists to which I continuously add music each week. So the following playlists of mine have music in them from over the past several years. As you scroll down, you get the newest stuff. And if you choose to follow them, you’ll always be seeing new songs added that fit the general genre.

Workout Music for Teaching at Btone

The songs on this playlist are upbeat but not too intense. Some Top 40, but mostly remixes and dance music that falls shy of the stuff you’d hear at a nightclub to (hopefully) appeal to a wider range of clients.

My Personal Workout Music

This one has more nightclub-y stuff (not all though). The turned-up version of my teaching workout music. Not all the songs are EDM and dance music, but most of it is as that’s my favorite for my own workouts.

Music to Play at the Studio before Class Starts

Songs on here are upbeat but a bit more chill than what I’d play during class. Some throwbacks, Top 40, mellow(ish) dance and even alternative songs thrown in. This is what I play in the studio as clients arrive and in between classes.

Cool Down Songs

Chill, mellow music to play while stretching after class.

Everyday Music for Workout, Running Errands, Long Car Rides, Etc.

There’s a lot of overlap between this playlist and my Before Class playlist. I listen to this one on shuffle almost every day.

Again, the first songs you’re going to see in those embedded playlists were added years ago. The newer stuff get populated at the bottom. 🙂 Now speaking of working out …

I’m giving away a workout with Shaun T!

If you live in the Connecticut area, I’ve got an awesome giveaway for you over on Instagram! This Sunday, Shaun T (you probably know him from his Insanity workouts) will be at Mohegan Sun for a “ShaunTervention” that includes not just an hour-long workout but Q&A and chance to meet and take photos with Shaun T. Full event details HERE.

Enter to win by leaving a comment on my latest Instagram post, embedded below. Your comment is just your favorite emoji (easy!) and then follow @SamsoniteUSA (they’re generously providing the ticket) and you’re entered. Because of the location barrier, there won’t be too many entries so your chance of winning is a lot better!

If you’re hesitant because the giveaway is only for one ticket and you don’t want to go alone, fear not. I’ll be there! We can arrange to meet up beforehand and workout together. Winner will be contacted tonight.

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  1. I LOVE your playlists and was recently inspired to start sharing the many cycling playlists I’ve created. I especially love that you have a playlist to play prior to class! I have a pre-class playlist to set the mood and get some energy in the room before the workout begins.

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