Arm Song Workout with Recycle Studio (Biceps + Shoulders Burnout)

This one-song workout uses a high rep - low weight format for a big arm burnout.Happy Friday friends! If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you were probably already notified of this new arm song workout video, but I wanted to post it here as well.

The first spin class I ever took in Boston was at Recycle Studio years ago and I immediately fell in love. I was totally off-beat, had no clue what a tapback was, and could barely make it halfway through the arm song without dropping my weights, but couldn’t wait for my next class. Fast-forward to today and I’m actually going to co-teach a class there this weekend (the arm portion anyway)! Details on that later on in the post, but for all my non-Bostonian readers, I wanted to give you a little preview of what you could expect from an “arm song” in class.

Lead instructor Emily Southworth (@emboslice on Insta) put together an arm burnout targeting biceps and shoulders, and you guys are gonna love it. Her classes always kick my ass—get to one if you’re in Boston!

This was my first time trying to make a video so that the workout was to the beat of a song I added in afterwards so bear with my C+ editing skills. 😉

Arm Song Workout

This one-song workout uses a high rep - low weight format for a big arm burnout.

If you’ve taken an indoor cycling class that incorporates an “arm song” or done barre, you’re well aware that those tiny hand weights can pack a big burn when used in a high-rep format. For this workout, you’ll need a pair of 2-4lb hand weights. Follow along to the video below and get ready for a biceps and shoulder burn! If you’re looking for a longer workout, go through the video twice.

In a real class at Recycle, the arm song would be a little longer than in this video and you’d have better music. I still haven’t found the holy grail of copyright-free music that I’m allowed to use on YouTube so I did the best I could. All the more reason to sign up for a class at the studio. 😉 Speaking of which …

Come workout with me this Sunday!

On Sunday, I’ll be teaching a class with Emily at Recycle’s Boston Common studio! Well, she’ll be teaching the class and I’ll just chime in during the arm song. Trust me, no one would be happy if they paid to have me attempt to teach spin (lol). PUMA is sponsoring the ride and offering free gear for riders (!!) and TIEM will be in studio for a trunk show all morning. Plus there’ll be raffles and rosé aprés! Not a bad way to spend your Sunday morning!

Book your bike HERE.

As of last night, the class was almost full but don’t be afraid to add yourself to the waitlist! It’s a Sunday—I guarantee at least a couple people will cancel.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. That’s an awesome video! I love it and the music. Love your blog, I’m a first-time visitor. See you next Monday.

  2. Arm workouts like this are always surprisingly challenging!! It burns so good 🙂 Great job at editing the video!! I know it’s not easy 🙂

  3. My family love your videos, especially my mom 😛
    Thank you, hope all the best to you 😛

  4. I started this post like “what’s an arm song?” and now I can totally see how a couple of small weights could give a very effective burn! Stay Fit!

    Tish, Physique57

  5. Hi. It would be nice if you could send “song suggestions”. I am in asia so can’t make it to Boston just yet

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