Fall Activewear Trends I’m Eyeing

I know we technically have another full week of summer left, but I’m all about these fall activewear trends right now. I go through phases where I won’t even think about buying new clothes and then other times when I can. not. stop. the online shopping. Luckily for my bank account, I’m a big Wishlist and Add-to-Cart girl but I usually hold off on checking out (online window shopping, if you will).

To take this train of thought on a tangent, I actually read somewhere that your brain has the same pleasure response to adding clothes to on online wish list as it does when you actually purchase the items. A free shopping high? I’m into it.

Anyway, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items and trends from my recent activewear (window) shopping sprees. Happy scrolling!

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Fall Activewear Trends


1. Ideal Long Sleeve Top by Alo Yoga / 2. Interlace Tank by Alo Yoga / 3. ENZO Hoodie from NSF / 4. Tied Up Leggings by Blue Life / 5. Lace Up Sweats from Monrow / 6. Marissa Sweatshirt by Chichi

I love this trend—especially a top with a big chunky lace-up like the Alo Yoga one above (#1). The side lace-up of the NSF hoodie (#3) is another twist on the trend I can’t get enough of.


1. Ground Anorak Jacket by KORAL / 2. Surrender Bra by Chill by Will / 3. Rose Leggings by Carbon38 / 4. Takara Leggings by Carbon38 / 5. Lustrous Legging by KORAL / 6. Metallic Woven Jacket by Alala

I’ve been seeing a ton of leggings with a metallic sheen lately. And because the moto style is always a favorite, I especially love the Rose leggings (#3).

Cropped Sweatshirts

1. Logo Boxy Cropped Hoodie by Ivy Park / 2. Where I’m At Hoodie by Free People / 3. Dry Top Long Sleeve by Nike / 4. Stance Hoodie by Alala / 5. Oversized Crop Hoodie by Monrow

Throwing a cropped sweatshirt over a tank and high-waist leggings is perfect for walking to and from the gym. Bell sleeve are another fall trend I’m loving so the Stance Hoodie (#4) is a standout for me.

Cut-Out Elbows & Knees

1. Axel Hoodie by LNA / 2. Ajax Legging by Olympia / 3. Open Elbow Cardigan by LNA

LNA is the king of cut-outs and I’m especially loving them around the elbows and knees. I’m curious how functional cutout knees are during a workout (can anyone confirm if it’s comfortable?) but in long-sleeves and sweaters I’m all-in.

What fall trends are you loving?

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  1. I’m a hoodie person, and I’m loving the Stance Hoodie by Alala. Red is my fave color as well.

  2. The cropped tops are definitely on the top of my list. Love the examples you put in the post!

  3. Diane Oui In France says:

    Love the cut out look the best, especially pants. It’s starting to feel like fall around here and it’s a welcome change. Have a great weekend!

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