My Favorite Things: October

Happy Friday! A few days late on this, but let’s round up my favorites from October.

Favorite Products & Services

Coola Sunless Tanner Products

It’s moments like this when I really wish I could blog in emojis. I need the hallelujah jazz hands emoji and the sassy hand-flip girl emoji with tan skin. 

After an event I co-hosted at Credo, I was gifted two organic sunless tanning products from Coola with which I am now OBSESSED. The Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist is super easy to apply. I mist a thin layer over one body part at a time and then rub it in before bed. I usually can’t stand the smell of sunless tanner but this product is super mild. The next morning I have a natural looking glow. So easy! The Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum builds gradually. You can apply a couple drops in your regular face lotion or just apply it like you would any other serum. I put it on before bed a few days in a row and then have the perfect color. It’s November in Boston—I’m not trying to look like I just got back from the Caribbean—so I love that these products are so gradual and easy to control.

Credo is actually having their Friends & Family sale this weekend so you can take 20% off these products (and their entire website of clean beauty products)! Use the code CREDOFAM at checkout.

Reebok Oversized Crew Neck Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is so cozy! I got it during a photoshoot the other weekend and have been wearing it nonstop ever since. It looks really good paired with tight leggings and has become my go-to when walking to and from the studio to teach. Joe calls me Kayne West when I wear it because it has the oversized look of his Yeezy clothing line (lol).

Favorite Workouts

Barry’s with Friends

with Blair & Ana

In October, Barry’s Bootcamp did a special where you could get a free class for bringing in a new client. I loved getting to exploit my friends for free workouts! 😉

Aerial Yoga at Swet Studio

I finally tried aerial yoga this month! I took two classes at Swet Studio in the South End: their First Time Riders intro class and then their Restore class. The intro class was a good introduction to the silks, and while there is a lot of standing around and instruction, you get to come into some great positions and finish the class by going upside down. Hanging upside down on the silks feels AMAZING. It’s the sweetest relief for my neck and I’m seriously craving the next time I can do it again.

For the Restore class, the silks hang low towards the floor and you are laying down most the time and it’s so incredibly relaxing. I will definitely be back and can’t wait to try their regular aerial class as well.

25-Minute Lower Body Circuit Workout

25-Minute Circuit Workout with Cardio Blasts: Butt & LegsIf you missed the workout I posted last week, be sure to check it out! The reviews are coming in and seems like you all love it (glad I’m not the only one who got my ass kicked by this one!). 😉

Favorite Things I Watched

American Vandal | This Netflix series making fun of all the true crime documentaries that are so popular these days is HILARIOUS. Joe and I finished it in just two days because we couldn’t stop watching. The Dylan Maxwell and Alex Trimboli characters KILLED ME. Ahhh it’s so good, just watch it.

How to Fix Rounded Shoulders | This is a great YouTube video on fixing rounded shoulders and improving posture. It’s something I’m currently working on myself!

Favorite Moments

Long Weekend in Maine

I spent a long weekend up in Rangeley at my parents’ home and it was a much-needed dose of nature. We went leaf peepin’ on the lake, walked through the woods, fed the birds and relaxed. I posted more pics on my Insta if you’re interested.

Reebok Photoshoots

with Blair, Sarah & my Btone fam

I got the chance to do not one but two awesome photoshoots with Reebok. The first was around the Seaport and the second was at Btone. So grateful for Reebok including me!


I kinda threw in the towel on a costume this year and just grabbed some stuff from Forever21 and called myself a hippie. Joe put a little more effort into his Riff Raff costume (side note: very proud of my braiding skills). Not as good as our Napoleon and Pedro costume last year, but still a fun time with friends!

My monthly favorites posts are never sponsored, however they typically contain a few affiliate links. I get sent a lot of free products, and the first section of this post might highlight a couple of my favorites. I’m never required to or being paid to feature these freebies and only share the ones I truly love and think my readers will enjoy as well.

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