Stitch Fix Review: November

Stitch Fix Review: NovemberI usually wait a little longer between fixes (you can check out my October review here), but going on now until the end of January, Stitch Fix is waiving the styling fee on your first fix and I wanted to spread the word! I guess I could have spread the word without getting a shipment of clothing for myself but shhhh. 😉

Normally, there is a $20 styling fee when you schedule a fix. If you keep at least one thing from the five items you receive, that $20 fee is deducted from the price of the clothing so it’s basically like it didn’t even exist. If, however, you send all five items back, you are still charged that $20 fee. I get that can be a bit of a deterrent for first-timers, especially as it can admittedly take a fix or two for your stylist to really nail your style. So now’s the time to give Stitch Fix a try if you’ve been curious about the service—no styling fee, no risk.

To take advantage of the waived styling fee, make sure to use this referral link (or any Stitch Fix link throughout the blog post). It’ll bring you to their home page and you’ll see a banner at the top saying “Your 1st Styling Fee Is on Us!”

November Stitch Fix Review


Bonay Fringe Detail Duster Cardigan by Central Park West ($138)

Stitch Fix Review: November - fringe detail duster cardiganStitch Fix Review: November - fringe detail duster cardigan

I requested a duster-length cardigan in this month’s fix and my stylist did not disappoint! I love the fringe details and the fit of the material. Keeper! Stitch Fix Review: November - fringe detail duster cardigan Stitch Fix Review: November - fringe detail duster cardigan

scarf and jeans are from old fixes and boots are Sam Edelman (old but these new ones are similar in suede)

*Almost* Keepers

I ended up only keeping the above cardigan, but some debate when into the decision.

Santeen Cable Knit Pullover by Line and Dot ($68)

I was really into this sweater. The material was so soft and cozy and I loved the pattern of the knit. I wanted to keep it, but I already have a very similar gray sweater in my closet and just couldn’t justify it.

Stitch Fix Review: November - gray sweater Stitch Fix Review: November - gray sweater

booties are from Aldo (old, similar style/price by Dolce Vita) and leggings are from Primark (not available on their website but I just got them so they’re probably still in stores and ridiculously cheap) – similar style/price at Forever21

Samaria Off the Shoulder Ribbed Knit Dress by Line and Dot ($78)

Stitch Fix Review: November - bell sleeve off the shoulder dress

When I took this out of the box I was excited because I have a wedding in February to go to and at first glance this seemed perfect. It’s very cute on and I’m all about the current bell sleeves trend, but every time I moved in it, the material would bunch up around my midsection (it’s a very stretchy, thicker fabric). Maybe a size down would have worked better for me (I would probably suggest sizing down if you’re going to request it in your fix), but I could just see myself spending the whole night tugging at and adjusting the dress so I ultimately decided to return it.

Also, just a note that Stitch Fix does offer an exchange option. Had I been absolutely in love with this dress, I could have exchanged for a size down if needed.

Stitch Fix Review: November - bell sleeve off the shoulder dress Stitch Fix Review: November - bell sleeve off the shoulder dress

shoes are Aminah Abdul Jillil – pricey, but I invested in a pair a few years ago and LOVE busting them out on special occasions – lots of color options, too


Watch Tower Button Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress by Bailey44 ($198)

Stitch Fix Review: November - button sleeve sweatshirt dress

Eeeek. Maybe if the dress was longer the banded hem wouldn’t look so unflattering, but … my shoulders go straight down to the bottom of my butt. Not my best look (lol). The quality of the dress is very high—so, so soft—but the fit doesn’t work for me.

I requested a sweatshirt dress in this fix because I *finally* got a pair of over-the-knee boots that actually fit my legs and I want to rock this look and pretend I’m as cool as Hailey Baldwin: 

I think the key is an open hem instead of a banded hem. The hunt for a sweatshirt dress continues!

Everitt Cold Shoulder Knit Top by Nine Britton ($46)

Stitch Fix Review: November - camo shirt with cut out shoulders

Love camo, love cut-outs, can’t do banded waists. They create a sort of bubble from my boobs to my hips with no shape in between.

So I only kept one item, but still excited for my next fix. Honestly, as we go into holiday shopping season, it’s probably best I didn’t want to buy all five (lol). If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix, again, here’s the link to schedule your first fix without a styling fee. Woop woop!

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