On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes (+$100 VISA Giveaway!)

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

This post is sponsored by ASICS. All opinions—as always!—are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible. 🙂

Let’s talk about running. After finishing the 2016 Boston Marathon, I had zero motivation to go for even a short run. Here and there I’d go out for 3-5 miles when the weather was nice, and some of those easy runs left me with the itch to get back into it, but ultimately it hasn’t been a regular part of my workout routine in the last year and a half. At least, not on its own.

Now I find I really enjoy incorporating shorter, quicker run intervals into strength-training workouts. It’s a far cry from the slow, steady long-distance runs I used to do. I go to Barry’s Bootcamp classes once a week, and love incorporating a similar format into at-home workouts as well, taking the running portion outside. During all the holiday travel, when I’m at my parents’ place or Joe’s mom’s, sometimes running and bodyweight exercises are all I have at my disposal—but that’s plenty! The treadmill workout I’m sharing with you below could also be done outside on a track or really anywhere if you have a watch or app that’ll track your mileage.

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

Before we get to the workout, let’s talk about running shoes. ASICS sent me the newest model of one of their most-loved running shoes: the Nimbus20. If you’re looking for a more supportive sneaker, I think this would be a great choice! The FlyteFoam® cushioning provides a bit of bounce, making for a comfortable run—something that’s really important to me now. I used to be convinced that the more barefoot-feel running shoes were better for my gait, but they did a number on my feet. After every run, my feet would ache. I do still look for lightweight shoes (which these are!), but they need some cushion. On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

Overall, the improved fit of the Nimbus20 is great. I have a narrow foot, but these fit like a glove. That supported feel comes from ASICS FluidFit® upper technology, which combines stretch mesh and reinforcements that adapt to your foot. The use of seamless materials further adds to the comfortable fit of this sneaker.

Last but not least, I love that they come in black. It might be trivial, but I love a sleek, simple sneaker that goes with everything. Yes, function is the most important thing, but as a wannabe sneakerhead, I appreciate appearance when walking to and from the gym.

As the holiday season comes to an end, I’ve got one more gift to give. ASICS is providing one of my readers with a $100 VISA gift card (entry rules at the bottom of this post). Maybe you even treat yo’self to some new running sneakers with the winnings. 😉

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

As the title implies, we’ll be hopping on and off the treadmill for this workout. If you want to do the running portions outside, you’ll need either a track or a watch/app that calculates your mileage. You’ll do two treadmill sets and two bodyweight circuit sets, alternating between the two. If you’re looking for a longer workout, repeat a third time.

As with all workouts, make sure you’re properly warmed up beforehand. Always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed. Exercise details below the pictures.

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes


The treadmill portions of this workout are set up like an EMOM (every minute on the minute) except it’s every two minutes. When the clock starts, you’ll run a quarter mile as quickly as you can—I’m talking sprint/push pace. When you hit that .25 distance, recover (walk or, if you’re an advanced runner, jog) the remainder of the two-minute interval. As soon as the clock hits 2:00, you’re off again, running another quarter mile as fast as you can. You do that three times total (6 minutes) before hopping off the treadmill for the bodyweight circuit.

To give you an idea of how hard you need to push yourself: If you run at 10mph, it’ll take you 90 seconds to complete a quarter mile, giving you 30 seconds to recover (walk or jog). I was able to do the first one at 10mph and then for the second two, I started at 10mph and dropped down to 9mph towards the end. If these speeds seem way too fast for your current running level, don’t fret! Increase the interval to give yourself enough time (every 2.5 minutes or even every 3 minutes). It *should* be challenging though. You *should* feel like you barely had enough time to recover. The goal is to push yourself, so adjust accordingly.


Complete the following circuit as quickly as you can (without sacrificing proper form!).

  • 20 reps Back Lunge to Lunge Hop (Right) | Keeping your right foot planted on the floor, step your left foot back into a lunge. From that low lunge position, hop both feet a few inches off the ground, landing softly back in that low lunge. Keeping weight in the right foot, stand and bring your left knee up to your chest.
  • 20 reps Side Lunge to Knee Up (Right) | Step your right foot out wide to the side, bending the knee and sliding your hips back into a side lunge. This is your starting position. Keeping your left leg straight, push off the right foot, coming into the air high enough to crunch the right knee in to meet your hands at chest height. Land back down low in your side lunge.
  • 20 reps Back Lunge to Lunge Hop (Left) 
  • 20 reps Side Lunge to Knee Up (Left) 
  • 20 reps Jump Squat with Pulse | Squat down low, weight in your heels, core engaged, butt and hips down and back, chest open. Do a pulse in this low squat position then jump up into the air. Land back softly in your low squat position.

$100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway

–UPDATE: Giveaway has closed and winner has been e-mailed—thanks for entering!–

To celebrate the GEL-Nimbus20, ASICS is generously offering one lucky reader a $100 VISA Gift Card! To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post. In the comment, tell me what you’d buy from ASICS if you won. I’ll pick a winner Tuesday evening, January 2nd (date has been extended because of the holidays). Open to US residents only (sorry, International friends—next time!).

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

Good luck to everyone who enters! For more, you can follow ASICS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ASICS. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I think I would put the card towards the Lite Show Jacket, love the look of it and it would be perfect for morning runs. Thanks for the chance 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. I’d buy new running shoes! (love my gel-nimbus!)

  3. I love the Kanmei running shoe! I now run only shorter distances, so a lightweight shoe is just right.

  4. I would love to try out the Nimbus20 running shoes!

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  6. I would get some of their cold weather gear. Gotta keep warm on those morning runs.

  7. Nimbus20s! I’d love to give them a go!

  8. I would get either the reversible vest or the Tech FZ jacket! Both essentials for outdoor running 🙂

  9. Lucy Squeo says:

    I love the Gel-Kayano 24!

  10. I would love to try the GEL-Quantum 360 CM.

  11. I’m in need of a new pair of running shoes, and have never tried ASICS! I would definitely go for a pair of the Nimbus20s!

  12. I’m on my 20th pair of Asics Gel-Kayano’s. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it so I’d grab another pair of those!

  13. I’ve been looking for running shoes, so would try ASICS for something new!

  14. I would love a pair of the GT-2000 6 shoes!

  15. Samantha Pratt says:

    I would love to use the gift card towards a pair of the 7/8 paneled tights. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect workout tights that don’t slip down and don’t become see through when doing squats. Added bonus the design is super cute!

  16. I’d get new running shoes for my fiancé!

  17. Krista Landenwich says:

    The MetroLyte

  18. Seems like a good workout. I like adding TRX on the go. So easy and really forces the whole body to work. (No I do not work for TRX). For me ASICS are the best runningshoe. Thanks for the workout.

  19. I start training for my first marathon (RnR Nashville) in January and I would love a pair of the Gel-Kayano 24s! I just need to decide on a color…

  20. New shoes, after having to take almost an entire year off of running due to a ghetto knee. Now I’m back it, but got rid of all of my running shoes during a particularly low point :)-

  21. I’ve been running in asics for years and I swear they are hands down the best running shoe! Im in need of new pair so I would totally get the new Nimbus 20, love them!

  22. Cassidy Stalley says:

    I am a Saucony fan but would love to give the Nimbus20s a chance.

  23. Absolutely a new pair of sneakers — Asics have such a great reputation, and I would love to be able to try them out.

  24. Stacey brito says:

    I’d love to try out the Nimbus shoes. They look awesome and I like to think they would be magical like harry potter’s nimbus 2000. xD

  25. I would buy the Everyday sport shorts.

  26. Sign me up for that funnel hoody… color blocking in black & gray? It’s like they know me.

  27. I haven’t worn Asics since my high school volleyball days, but I’d give the Nimbus20s a try!

  28. Shoshana Rose says:

    I would definitely buy a new pair of cross trainers – even though I don’t need one at the moment, I know I will eventually!

  29. Cara Murphy says:

    I could use new running sneakers and would love to try the GEL-Nimbus20 🙂

  30. I would love to get the Storm Shelter Pants.

  31. I would love to buy a new pair of running shoes for the new year!

  32. I need some new tights desperately!

  33. I would love to try the nimbus 20 in black also. It’s always nice to be able to throw on some black tights and shoes and go.

  34. Jump squats are so tough for me, I typically avoid them unless they’re in a workout like this. Haha I need someone else to tell me to do them!

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  36. I’ve had many pairs of Asics running shoes, and would love a new pair to kick off 2018!

  37. Elizabeth W says:


  38. A pair of seamless leggings, time for a new pair!

  39. Ooh I just got some shoes from asics (and am forgetting the exact kind right now) but am liking them so far, so I’d probably put it towards my next pair!

  40. I love this workout! Thank you–it will take me through the holidays perfectly. I love Asics and would update my Asics GT2000.

  41. I would love to have these Asics !!!! Gel-Nimbus20!! Once I tried gel, that was it, a requirement, and Asics are my fav. The color is perfect, too.

  42. I love the coloring of the Gel-Nimbus 20, Indigo Blue/Indigo Blue/Opal Green! They are beautiful! I would get them!

  43. I love my Asics running shoes! I would definitely buy another pair as I am always needing new running shoes at some point!

  44. Caroline P. says:

    Gel Kayano or GT-2000. Genetics did me a disservice with my extremely flat feet. After a sneaker consultation it was deemed ASICS Gel Kayanos offered the support I needed. I have been alternating between those two models and would love a new pair.

  45. I’m loving the Gel Quantam 360 Shift in grey/white/carbon!! ♥

  46. I am always looking for good shoes! I’d def get what you got!

  47. I really need a new pair of training shoes- mine are so old!

  48. I’d definitely get new running shoes!

  49. I have been running in ASICS for over two decades–they are the only running shoe I’ve ever felt comfortable in. Right now I’m in the Kayanos and loving them; I would get another pair of those for sure!

  50. I’d get some new cold weather leggings.

  51. New shoes for sure!

  52. GEL-Nimbus are cute shoes!

  53. I’d get the GEL-Kenun in Phantom/Black/White!

  54. An amazing new pair of running shoes obviously! Especially one from the GT line-they carried me through my last two marathons!

  55. I definitely need some new running tights to motivate me right out the door and onto the track.

  56. I would like to try the storm shelter pants.

  57. I’ve had several Asics over the years! I’d get a pair of Nimbus20s!

  58. I’d buy some cold weather gear. It’s cold here in Ky!

  59. Definitely swooning over the “fuzeX Rush Kaleidoscope” shoes, the “Retro Rider Bomber” and the “Panel 7/8 Tight”!

  60. i would buy some new shoes and workout pants.

  61. Lindsey Giles says:

    I’d get my hubby the thermal xp slim pant.

  62. I’m already an asics runner! I’m all about gel kayanos when I’m running long outside so that’s what I’d get.

  63. I am due for a new pair of running shoes, so I would definitely check out the Nimbus20!

  64. Would love a pair of the jogger pants and these Nimbus20! I really need a new pair of black workout sneakers, like you said it’s so nice to have them in black and not a million highlighter colors!

  65. I am in desperate need of new trainers so I would def have to try a new pair and I am eyeing the Nimbus20!

  66. I would buy new sneakers for working our for sure I’m due for a new pair Thanks for a chance and Happy New Year!

  67. I would get a pair of the everysport short or the PR Capri II. Or both

  68. brandy hymas says:

    I can’t wait to try this workout! I would get the Nimbus 20 running shoes! They have been on my radar for a bit and I would love to get a pair!

  69. Actually, I use the Gel-Nimbus as my cross-training shoes! They work so well to provide my feet with the kind of cushioning that feels best on my feet during cardio work that is *not* running, and since I got my first pair of Gel-Nimbus in early 2014 when I desperately needed SOMETHING to replace a worn out pair of athletic shoes, I have no turned back. If I was so lucky to get Visa gift card, I would buy my next pair (perfect timing, too–the Gel-Nimbus I have been wearing for a bit over a year now needs to be replaced soon…)

  70. The all black GEL-Kayano 24 running shoes! Just getting back into running after a marathon literally 4 years ago put me off. Love your blog! I used to work at Barry’s downtown and you came in once and I was too nervous to say hi bahahaha

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  72. i think i might get the GEL-Fit Tempo 3

  73. I’d like to run again so I would buy these

  74. catherine l. says:

    I would love to put the gift card towards a new pair of GT-2000’s!

  75. Jessica Meiley says:

    I need some outerwear gear, I am really liking the Reversible Vest!

  76. I would buy new running shoes!

  77. Ooo, those shoes! I’ve been wanting to try those…

  78. Zella Upshaw says:

    Hi Nicole, I def would be getting new running sneakers. I try to change out about every 3 months and I’m past the time limit on the sneakers I’m wearing now. I haven’t tried ACIS in a while. Love the blog!

  79. I feel comfortable after doing your excercises. Thanks for sharing me something helpful for my health!

  80. I’d buy running shoes and compression socks – I hear they make all the difference!

  81. I would love to try the Nimbus20!

  82. This sounds like a great way to make the treadmill less boring!


  83. I would love to try the ASICS Nimbus20 shoe. They sound like they would be the right shoe for my feet. I also need some ASICS apparel for the cooler running temperatures. Asics compression tights are awesome! My current running jacket is falling apart. I really want the Asics Thermo Windbreaker! Thank you for the opportunity! Happy New Year! 🙂

  84. Kailey Schneemann says:

    I’d definitely get new running shoes! (long overdue!)

  85. I’m really liking the look of those Nimbus20 running shoes and I need a second pair so I can alternate! *-*

  86. I love asics’ GT-2000s, I’d get the trail version

  87. I would put the $100 towards new running sneakers! I run in only ASICS and love them!

  88. I’d use it for a new pair of workout tights- love the ASICS ones!

  89. Melissa Rockman says:

    I would use it to buy a monthly membership for the new Asics app! If that’s not allowed then some new running shoes would be nice!

  90. I have problems with my feet, the support yoi described about the Gel Nimbus sounds like it might work for me. Otherwise I would buy some winter gear!

  91. Jessica F says:

    I’m a sucker for vests and would love to try the reversible runners vest.

  92. I would get the lite-show s/s tee and the Emma tank top.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. This looks like a great workout! I’ve been looking for something that incorporates the dreadmill 🙂 If I won, I would buy those exact shoes!

  94. I would get the MetroLyte in Mid Grey color.

  95. I’d buy a new pair if ASICS gels

  96. I would use it towards new running shoes like the nimbus20 in Indigo Blue/Indigo Blue/Opal Green
    , or I would get a nice sports bra! Thanks!

  97. I would use it for some new cold weather leggings! This weather calls for bundling up. I also am a loyal Asics sneaker girl so might get a new pair of gel kayanos. Great giveaway:)

  98. Quedessa King says:

    I would buy a new pair of running shoes for a high school kid that needs them, but cannot get them, for the track team this year. THANKS for the workout!!

  99. I’m digging the lite show thermal tight in prune! Awesome giveaway!

  100. I need a new pair of running shoes & Id definitely try out the Nimbus 20!

  101. I would buy the nimbus with it! I’m so excited to try the 20. The 19 just didn’t cut it. Plus they look really awesome now so that’s always a plus 😉

  102. I would pick up the new nimbus20, because this sneaker is actually my ALL TIME favorite running shoe.

  103. I swear by ASICS! Would love to try out the nimbus20s!!

  104. This workout looks great! I would buy the new GelNimbus 20- trying to run more as part of my 2018 resolution!

  105. Gel-Kayano has always been my go-to choice. But I would love to give Nimbus a try.

  106. As a distance runner I go through many pairs of shoes! I’d go for the Asics GEL-DS Trainer 22!

  107. I’d get a pair of Kayanos. Even though I can’t run anymore due to injuries, I find they’re great shoes for walking at high speeds and longer distances.

  108. I would love to try the new Nimbus running shoes! I’ve been slacking on my running as well this past year and am wanting to get back into it again.

  109. Stephanie Crabtree says:

    Need new running shoes to start 2018’s runs!!! Would be so excited to win!!!

  110. I’d get any of the winter tights–it’s cold out there!

  111. I would buy some cute workout clothes! I don’t know what, specifically, but you can never have too many of those!

  112. I’d love to get the Lite-Show Thermal Tights. They are so pretty and warm!

  113. I’m digging the GEL-Fit Tempo 3.

  114. The Paneled 7/8 Tights and the EverySport Shorts is what I’d get.

  115. East Coast Appetite says:

    It’s cold enough for the Liteshow Thermal Tights for sure. Prune instead of black to mix it up a bit!

  116. Boston is currently colder than the Arctic Circle so I’d use this gift card for the Lite-Show Thermal Tights and Puffer Jacket. Bring it on mother nature, you can’t stop us Boston runners!

  117. If definitely use the gift card to purchase new shoes for my at home gym we just put together. I’m a germaphobe so I can’t mix outdoor shoes on an indoor gym. So I need new sneaks to workout in!

  118. I am in need of new running sneakers! These sound like they’d be perfect.

  119. I’d get some winter running tights

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