20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)

Today’s 20 minute full body workout coming to you later in the day than planned because I spent a solid two hours uploading the wrong video to YouTube (go me!). Hope you enjoy it and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my channel. 🙂

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)


This workout consists of high-intensity bodyweight tabatas and circuits with weights. You’ll alternate between the two: tabata, weight circuit, tabata, weight circuit. A tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. For this workout, you’ll do four exercises, cycling through them twice. For the weighted circuit, you do each exercise for 60 seconds and complete all six exercises back to back with no rest.

As with all workouts, always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed. Make sure to properly warm up beforehand and take time to cool down and stretch afterwards.

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)


Truck Driver Squats | Start standing with weight at chest. Squat down. Holding low in your squat, press the weight in front of you at chest height. Twist the weight to the left then to the right. Return to center, pull weight back into chest and stand up.

Curls to Balance (Right) | Start in a split lunge with right foot forward and ball of the left foot planted behind you. Holding low in your lunge, do two biceps curls. With weights by your side, shift your weight forward into the right heel as you hinge forward with your torso, bringing you left leg off the ground (picture your body is like a seesaw with your right leg as the base). Make sure you keep a soft bend to your right knee as you do this. Pause in the position and then return back to your low lunge stance.

Curls to Balance (Left)

Shoulder Hinge to Press | Start standing with one weight in each hand and you elbows bent to 90 degrees at your sides (as if you were doing a hammer curl). From here, lift your elbows up wide to shoulder height, maintaining the 90-degree bend at the elbows (at top, weights and elbows will be at shoulder height). From here, rotate to a goal post position, raising the weights up, still keeping the 90-degree bend. From here, do two shoulder presses. Reverse the motion back down to starting position.

Crossbody Squats | Start in a wide-stance low squat with toes turned slightly outward and weights at shoulders. As you drive up from your low squat, pivot onto the ball of your right foot and twist to the left as you press the weight in your right hand overhead. Return back down to squat and repeat in the opposite direction.

Sit Ups | Sit on the floor with one dumbbell at your chest and the other between your feet (that’ll help you stay in position). Do traditional sit-ups, lowering and lifting your back off the floor, keeping the weight touching your chest the whole time (resist the urge to press it away from your body for leverage).


Chest-to-Floor Burpees | Jump up into the air, arms overhead. Land and squat down, bringing hands to the floor. Jump feet back to plank and as you do, lower your body with control to the floor. Press back up to your feet.

Plank Jack to Bear | Start in a plank position with feet hip’s width apart. Jump your feet out wide, back to starting position, and then bend your knees, hopping your feet under your hips in a tabletop position. Jump them back out to starting position.

Squat Jack to Star Jump | Start in a narrow squat with feet close together. Staying low, jump your feet out wide then back to starting position. From here, jump up into the air, reaching your arms and legs wide in a star position. Land back down in your narrow squat.

Crab Kicks | These should burn those triceps! Start in a flipped tabletop position. Feet under knees, wrists under shoulders with fingers pointing forward. Kick one leg up straight as you bend your elbows. Switch the kick over to the other side, straightening arms, lifting hips and then landing down in the dip.

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)

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Let me know in the comments what equipment you’d like to see in workout videos this year! I’m thinking of buying a step bench, and have already gotten requests for more resistance band workouts. 🙂

xo Nicole

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  1. Great moves, girl! I love these and some of these I use with my personal training clients. Love these posts! 🙂

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