My Favorite Things: January

January FavoritesUsually I start these posts being like, “Whoa, where’d the month go?! Can’t believe it’s over! Flew by!” But January has actually felt very time-appropriate. Like that was a MONTH. A full 31 days. And I quite liked it.

Favorite Products/Services

UGGs Slippers

Santa read my mind when he brought me these slippers! Just kidding. I brought my mom to the UGGs store on Newbury and told her the exact ones I wanted. I was still excited to unwrap them though! Slippers are a wardrobe essential when you work from home and have permanently cold feet, and you just can’t get much comfier than a good pair of UGGs.

P.S. They’re currently on sale at Nordstrom for $70 (normally $120)!

Phone Cord Hair Ties

I’ve seen clients wearing these phone cord hair ties in class for a few months now and finally got some of my own. They don’t leave a crease in your hair which I love! I ordered the invisibobble brand off Amazon (they come in all different colors). Great for everyday wear and low-impact workouts. Wouldn’t hold up during a run though.

Kiss My Face Sensitive Toothpaste

Ok I love/hate this toothpaste from Kiss My Face. If you have sensitive teeth, I definitely recommend it. I have this one tooth that is weirdly rotated and the gum has started to recede on it and I can’t even explain the level of sensitivity. I flinch and cringe when I brush my teeth, drink cold water or even breathe in cold air. Since using this toothpaste, I haven’t had ANY issues. I can brush right over the tooth with no problems. Uh-mazing.

But there is a big downside to this toothpaste. The flavor. Orange Mint. Let that sink in for a second.

Orange and mint.

Now I want you to reflect back on your childhood real quick. What was the absolute worst thing to drink after brushing your teeth? Orange juice. Duh. Toothpaste and orange juice do not go together. So why Kiss My Face decided to basically put orange juice IN their toothpaste is really beyond me. It tastes mildly of vomit but it works really well so what the heck, let’s add it to this month’s favorites.

Favorite Workouts

I’m nearing the end of a six-month contract membership with ClassPass, and am going to cancel when it’s done. At this point, I know what I like in Boston and I find myself using my CP membership at the same two studios every month (Barry’s and EBF). Yes, it’s way more economical than buying classes at the two studios, but I’m so sick of not being able to go to Barry’s at the time of day I want (6/7AM). I could do a whole post on my love/hate relationship with ClassPass, as both a user and an instructor on the flip-side of that (maybe I will?) but for now, I want to share the classes I love and do (almost) every week:

  • Train 360 @ Everybody Fights – This is a circuit class mixing boxing stations with rowing/strength exercises/battle ropes/etc. I usually take Shane or Reid’s class at the FiDi location.
  • Bags x Body / Bags x Fight @ Everybody Fights – This class is 12 rounds of boxing with bodyweight exercises mixed in. The Bags x Fight is little more technical than Bags x Body. I usually take George’s Fight class on Friday mornings or Shane’s Body class.
  • Butt & Legs @ Barry’s Bootcamp – Between the weights and the treadmill sprints, this is easily one of the best lower body classes around. If you’re unfamiliar with Barry’s, you alternate between treadmills and the floor (weights, benches, resistance bands, med balls, etc.) throughout the class. Each day has a different muscle group focus. I usually take Derek’s class (<– lethal, in the best way possible).

Favorite Things I …


  • SMILF | Maybe I’m biased because it’s set in Boston, but I loved this show! Joe and I watched the whole series in a week—couldn’t stop!
  • Siesta Key | If you follow me on Instagram stories, you already know this is my current guilty pleasure. It’s so bad. But so good. It’s a modern day Laguna Beach/Hills and I’m Here. For. It. Season 1B just started a few weeks ago and it’s way juicier than 1A, so if you were on the fence, give it another try. ALSO you must read Spencer Pratt’s recaps after each episode—they’re hilarious.

Listened To

  • [PODCAST] Dirty John | I shared this on IG stories a while ago, and it’s worth including here. If you like true crime/scandalous stories, you’ll love it.
  • [PODCAST] Atlanta Monster | This one started out slow for me, but I wanted to give it a try because it’s from the same guy who did Up and Vanished (<– obsessed). Without giving anything away, it’s gotten to the point in the narration where they suggest they got the wrong guy behind bars, so now I’m way more into it.

Favorite Moments

Turning 30

P.E Nation crop

My birthday was early this month, and while I’m not big on celebrating birthdays, I do welcome growing older. Each year, I understand myself a little better and like the person I am a little more. Growing up is great! I could do without the creases my forehead now makes when I raise my eyebrows, but whatever. I think my Instagram modeling career will survive. 😉

What were your favorites from January? Any other Siesta Key fans out there? Got any good podcast recommendations for me? (<– don’t say My Favorite Murder, I’ve tried and just can NOT get into it)

xo Nicole

My monthly favorites posts are never sponsored, however they typically contain a few affiliate links. I get sent a lot of free products, and the first section of this post might highlight a couple of my favorites. I’m never required to or being paid to feature these freebies and only share the ones I truly love and think my readers will enjoy as well.

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  1. Honestly LOL’ed about the toothpaste. You’re SO right, that’s the worst flavor combo in the history of all time!

  2. Oh man, I’m all about the Siesta Key…I’m so invested! Not sure if you’ve heard of this but In The Dark is an incredible interesting podcast (though sad), also Homecoming is really as great as they say it is even though it’s fiction. Loving it! Have an awesome weekend <3

  3. Nicole – You’re the reason I got stuck in a Siesta Key Black Hole this past weekend and wasted my whole life away. I blame you, but I might also thank you? Love/hate sorta feeling.

  4. Lindsey Giles says:

    Have you listened to “Missing Richard Simmons” yet? I’m on the last episode and it was a quick listen. I also love “Happier in Hollywood” and “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” and recently started listening once a day to a 5 minute affirmation from “AffirmationPod” (the lady has the best voice). Oh and how about S-town? I need to join a podcast club, like a book club but for podcasts cause I need people to discuss with!!! Also, on an unrelated note, I did the lower body strength/tabata workout your recently posted and it was awesome. You’re awesome!

  5. I’ve been listening to the podcast Selfie here and there and it’s a good self-help type podcast. I second podcasts Lindsey mentioned. Ologies, Bitch Sesh and Totally Married are my other favorites (TM is not a marriage podcast, it’s sometimes about relationships but not marriage specific)

  6. This is totally not crime related, but I love the podcast “Grownups read things they wrote as kids.” Some episodes are better than others, but they are usually funny and light. Some can be deep…. Also, it’s a live show in Canada so some of the accents crack me up.

  7. Caroline P. says:

    Great idea as a potential blog idea for classpass. Recently they were offering five classes for free. A friend in NY and I were chatting if it’s worthwhile or not. She’s more flexible on workout times and I am more structured. Would love to know your views as an instructor and user.

    • I second that! Both thoughts in general and as an instructor would be interesting. Part of me feels like I should hide when I’m there through CP because it’s somehow insulting to my instructor I didn’t outright buy classes to see them – totally normal reaction that is not at all overthinking the situation…

  8. Haha! I’m literally obsessed with Siesta Key too!

  9. I know you asked for podcast recommendations but Im going to throw a couple tv shows out there anyway. If you’re looking for a feel good show on Netflix, give Offspring a try. It’s Australian and I never would have found it if I didn’t have an aunt in Australia tell me about it. It’s been a lonnnng time since I laughed out loud watching a tv show the way I did with this one but will also make you cry. I feel like from seeing your sense of humor through social media you’d truly appreciate how the main character can’t get out of her own head. Disclosure: it could give you baby fever OR make you never want a baby. Lol If you want more of a whodunnit the British show Broadchurch was a pleasant surprise. All 3 seasons ended up being great, actually. Lots of red herrings. Just some cold weather recommendations for something different 🙂 side note : if you’re bad at understanding accents, you’ll probably require subtitles

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