Keeping Your Skin & Hair under Control: Tips for People Who Love Working Out

Hair & skin tips for people who work out a lot

I mean, I’m just going to get sweaty again in the morning, is it really even worth showering tonight? – Me, every night before going to bed

The next MegaFood product I’m going to feature is their Skin, Nails & Hair tablet, so I figured we’d talk greasy hair and breakouts today! When I transitioned to working in the fitness industry full time, my hair and skin freaked out. I sound overly dramatic but I really did have to adjust my whole hygiene routine, and it was tricky because it’s not necessarily good for your skin and hair to wash them multiple times a day but it’s also not necessarily good to marinate in your sweat. It’d be one thing if I was just doing one workout each day like most people, but I’d do my own workout and then later that day teach workouts so it was just one nonstop sweatfest. What’s a girl to do??

I’ve found a rhythm with balancing daily (often twice daily with teaching) workouts with my hair/skincare routine and thought I’d share some tips. I’d love for you to share your own in the comments!

Skin & Haircare Tips for Fitness Fanatics

Go High, Go Low — Switch It Up!

Hair & skin tips for people who work out a lot

wearing PUMA tank

I started to notice a lot of breakage in the spot where I’d tightly wind my elastic around my hair each day (I used to rock the high pony 24/7). I also noticed a cowlick type thing going on around the top of my head when I’d wear my hair down to go out at night. The high ponies had trained my hair to do this weird swirl thing–no bueno! Switching up my workout hairstyle has helped to fix this. One day I’ll wear a high bun, the next a pony at mid-scalp, the next a low bun at my neck. After binge-watching Kardashians, maybe even a couple boxer’s braids. 😉

Let Your Hair Breathe at Night

Hair & skin tips for people who work out a lot

This goes along with the above tip. I hate having my hair in my face while I sleep but the nonstop hair tie situation was causing breakage. At night, I’ll swirl my hair into a loose bun and secure with a loose clip on top of my head. If a clip makes laying down uncomfortable, I’d recommend using a scrunchie instead of a tight hair tie. Not only does this help with breakage, but it ensures I don’t have a tie crease in my hair the next morning if I want to wear it down.

Water, Water, More Water

Have you ever woken up after a big night out consisting of several adult beverages and looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “Holy Hell who is this elderly woman?!” *raises hand* That’s because you’re dehydrated AF–and it happens after healthy water-draining activities as well. If you’re working out a lot, you need to hydrate a lot.

Face Wipes FTW

Hair & skin tips for people who work out a lot

I’m never without face wipes in my bag now. I used to teach a row class followed by two megaformer classes and my skin had never been worse. I’d sweat through the row class and then go on to teach two not-so-sweaty additional classes and the sweat would just sit on my face for those hours. I was constantly broken out. If you’re unable to wash your face or hop in the shower after your workout, use a face wipe! I love Ursa Major (but kinda pricey), Acure and the grapefruit ones from Burt’s Bees. All three are great because they clean without drying out your skin or leaving you with a film of soap over your face.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

This is a hard one if you’re sweating heavily during workouts most days of the week but my hair is so much better now that I don’t shampoo it every day! I’ll probably never be one of those girls who can do a week in between washes (I have fine hair and naturally oily skin), but I go every other or every third day if I’m lucky and my hair is shinier and healthier because of it. Be patient with it–I felt like a greaseball for the first few weeks–eventually your hair’s natural oils will balance out a bit.

If my workouts aren’t too sweaty, my hair looks great going three days without a shampoo. Other weeks, well let’s just say top knots, braids and hats are my BFFs.

Monitor Your Hairline for Breakouts

Hair & skin tips for people who work out a lot

Especially if you’re in the process of getting your hair to adjust to less frequent shampoos, breaking out along your hairline is common. It was for me anyway! The oil from my hair was wreaking havoc on my forehead. To help with this, I did a couple things. If my hair is on the greasy side, I scrub my face wash about a half inch into my scalp when I wash my face before bed. Sometimes I’ll even wear a loose fabric headband while I sleep to make sure my hair stays away from my face.

Still Having Issues? Look to Your Diet

Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body. Your gut could be out of whack (check out the post I recently did on probiotics for more on this), hormonal imbalances could be at work, or you might need to cut back on or add more of something to your diet. A common dietary culprit behind breakouts is dairy. I did an experiment where I went completely dairy-free for a month and my skin has never been clearer. I’ve been eating a low-dairy diet ever since. I’ve heard of people solving their skin issues by quitting coffee as well but I’m just not ready to accept the negative side of my beloved morning cup of joe. 😉

Supplement a Healthy Diet with the Stuff Your Skin & Hair Wants

Hair & skin tips for people who work out a lot

Ok let’s talk Skin, Nails & Hair! As with all MegaFood products, the quality of ingredients is topnotch and it’s easy to digest (you can take it on an empty stomach no problem). It’s a multivitamin and herbal blend formulated to strengthen and nourish hair and nails as well as balance hormones and promote clear skin.* Ingredients include:

  • Vitamin E, Folate, Biotin
  • MegaFood’s Skin, Nails + Hair Beautifying Blend (think organic herbs like dandelion root, red clover blossom and chamomile flower)
  • Healthy Aging Antioxidant Blend (organic ginger root, rosemary leaf, turmeric root, blueberry, cranberry)
  • FoodState Farm Fresh Fruit Blend (organic whole oranges, blueberries, cranberries)

Hair & skin tips for people who work out a lot

Ok guys, now I want to hear from you! How do you keep your skin and hair healthy? Any favorite products or routines? If you’re a fellow fitness professional, how do you balance the constant sweat with your skin and hair routine?


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This post is sponsored by MegaFood. While I’m a paid ambassador for the brand, all opinions–as always!–are my own. I adore their products and truly think you will, too! 🙂


How to (Subtly!) Put in Hair Extensions: Before & After

How To Put in Clip-In Hair ExtensionsLets take a break from fitness and talk about hair today. When Irresistible Me reached out about trying their clip-in hair extensions, I was beyond excited. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, and I’ve always wanted to try using extensions to add some volume.

I ended up going with the Medium Brown color (which matched my hair PERFECTLY) and got 18” extensions, which is only a little longer than my real hair. Again, my goal here was volume—I’m not a fan of super long hair on me, and my biggest concern was a natural look. I wanted my hair, just a little more of it—and that’s exactly what I got! LOOK AT THAT VOLUME (!!!):

Clip-in hair extensions for added volume

I’m still a total novice when it comes to putting them in and arranging them, but I wanted to share with you all how I’ve found the best way to go about it is. This way adds volume and a bit of length, but is subtle enough that no one has once guessed that I’m wearing extensions. When the hair compliments come without the “is that your real hair?” question at the end, you know you’ve done it right. 🙂

Because I have fine hair, I have to be really careful about only putting a few in so that they don’t show through my real hair. That’s the worst—have you ever been out at a bar and spotted some girl with her clips peeking through her real hair? My biggest fear is being that girl. Well, my biggest fear is actually spiders, but you get what I mean…

Anyway, if you have thicker hair, repeat the steps outlined below with additional clips. As a reference, here’s a picture of all the pieces that come with the 200g 18” extensions. I only use the ones with arrows pointing at them. I’m sure a hair pro could get more on my head without the clips showing, but I’m only confident wearing a few at a time.

Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions

How to Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions

How To Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions (Pictorial)

  1. Part your hair horizontally, low on your skull (roughly around the top of your ears). Secure the top up with a clip or hair tie.
  2. Use a comb or brush to tease the hair that’s still down, right at the top along the part. Creating the tease will give your extension clips something to hold on to so that they stay put.
  3. Grab the largest hair piece you’re going to use. In my case, I used the four-clip extension. Make sure all the clips are snapped open.
  4. Line the clips along the part. Start with the center clips and then move outward. Sink the teeth into your teased hair and snap the teeth closed.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 a little higher up your head (make a new part), and with the second-largest hair piece you’re going to use (in my case, a three-clip piece). Make sure you still have enough hair left at the top of your head that when you let it down it fully covers the clip parts of the extensions.
  6. Add final touches with the small hair pieces (in my case, the two one-clip pieces). Add them on the sides of your head, closer to your face, to fill out the front of your hair (the previously applied pieces will have the back of your head covered).

How To Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions Before & After Pictures

As you can see in the below pictures, the difference is subtle—exactly what I wanted! Fuller, thicker hair that looks natural. None of that Real Housewives shit. 😉

Before & After: Clip-in Hair Extensions (front view) Before & After: Clip-In Hair Extensions (back view)If you’re in the market for clip-in extensions, definitely check out Irresistible Me—I absolutely love mine! The quality is great, you get a ton of different options for clip-ins, and I found the color to be spot-on. I’m also excited to offer you 10% off your order with the code IrresistibleNicole. Just enter it in the promo box at checkout.

If you have fine or thin hair, you probably don’t need more than 140g, but I do like that I have a lot of extra pieces since I got 200g. I could never put them all in at once, but now I can play around with different combos and maybe even try cutting and/or dying a few of the clip-ins if I ever switch up my hair style.

Do you ever wear clip-in extensions? Have any tips to share? Leave a comment!

Have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow to all my readers in the USA!


Daytime Casual and a Be Styled Blowout

White pants, chambray blouse and a pink crossbody bag

I thought yesterday was Saturday until about 5:30PM, so you can imagine how bad my case of the Mondays is this morning. My weekend was great though, and it started off on Friday with getting my hair done—a rare treat! I have many girlie tendencies (ability to shop for days on end, a weakness for celebrity gossip, the belief that Beyonce is in fact the second coming of Christ), but hairstyling skills are not among them. So when the blowdry lounge Be Styled invited me to get my hair done, I jumped at the opportunity.

Hair styled by Be Styled blowdry lounge

I went with their “be swanky” style and LOVED the outcome. The loose curls were perfect for transitioning from this casual day look to a dressier outfit later that night. If you’re in the Boston area, definitely check out Be Styled (they’re in Chestnut Hill and Wellesley).

White pants, chambray blouse and a pink crossbody bag White pants, chambray blouse and a pink crossbody bag White pants, chambray blouse and a pink crossbody bag White pants, chambray blouse and a pink crossbody bag


Top: Nordstrom Rack // Pants: Hudson // Shoes: Chinese Laundry // Bag: JPK Paris // Sunglasses: Prada // Watch: Michele 

Hair by Be Styled 

Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?