Caviar Manicure Tutorial

microbead manicure tutorial

It’s been for-e-ver (Sandlot voice) since I’ve posted a DIY nail art tutorial. But I’m constantly hoarding ideas on my nail art board, and finally got around to trying out a caviar manicure. If you haven’t heard of this Pinterest sensation, it’s basically just coating your nails in microbeads (which you can find at a craft store like Michael’s or online). It makes putting your hair in a ponytail, buttoning your pants and wearing gloves super awkward, but it looks really cool and, hey, that’s all that really matters.

microbead manicure tutorial

All you’ll need is nail polish, clear top coat polish and microbeads (I used Assily beads)

Step-by-Step Caviar Manicure

Start by giving all your nails a coat of polish. You’ll want to pick a color as close to that of the microbeads as possible.

caviar microbead manicure tutorial

From here on out, you’ll go nail by nail. Add a second coat of polish to one nail and then immediately coat it with microbeads. I dumped the beads over top, using the container’s lid to catch the excess. You can also just dip the nail into the container of beads. Then move on to the next nail and repeat the two steps.

microbead manicure tutorial

When all nails are coated, you’ll add a top clear coat over them. This will secure them in place so that they don’t immediately fall off. When I added the top coat, I was disappointed to discover that it stripped the beads of their purple color, leaving my nails a purple-silver ombre blend. At first I was pissed off, but it actually grew on me. I liked the metallic sheen of the beads. Still, I need to experiment with a new brand of microbeads next time. Any suggestions?

microbead manicure tutorial

microbead manicure tutorial

This microbread caviar manicure has an admittedly short life expectancy, but it’s fun to do before an event or special occasion. I’ve had mine on for two days now and some beads are starting to fall off, but not to a noticeable extent. I estimate I’ll get another two or three days out of it.


DIY Splatter Nail Polish

Not gonna lie, this splatter manicure might kill a few brain cells. But it’s cute, so directly inhaling nail polish fumes through a straw is worth it…right? (Nail polish is the new bath salts. You heard it here first.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Nail polish (at least two colors): I used Back to the Fuchsia by Sally Hansen, Sorbet by Sally Hansen and Flirt by Revlon
  • A straw (I found that a thin coffee straw worked best)
  • Scrap paper or newspaper (to catch the excess splatter)
  • Masking tape
  • Top coat nail polish

First, paint your nails whatever base color you choose. Let them completely dry.

Next, mummify your fingers with the masking tape. Think of it like a bib—you want everything covered except for the nail itself. This will make cleanup a lot easier.

Dip the end of the straw in the nail polish, aim it at your fingernails, and blow through the other end, splattering the polish across your nails. This is where the brain damage occurs. I found the most effective technique was to inhale a little through the straw before exhaling. For some reason, this made for a much easier splattering effect.

Repeat with your second color (if you choose to do another color).

Carefully unwrap the tape from around your nails once the splattered coat has had some time to dry. Touch up any spots with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Cover with a top coat of clear polish and you have some fabulous splatter nail polish to show off!

P.S. Definitely kidding about the bath salts. And you know you’re getting old when you feel the need to make it clear you were joking because it legitimately worries you that some idiot kid out there might try to get high off nail polish because of something you said. Damnit, I’m no fun anymore.


DIY American Flag Nail Art

The Fourth of July countdown continues! I’ve posted manicure tutorials before (tribal print & chevron) that use tape as a stencil, but it wasn’t until some heavy Pinterest browsing that it occurred to me how much easier it’d be to use the tape on the nail. It was a why didn’t I think of that?! moment. I hate those.

Competitiveness aside, I couldn’t wait to put the technique to use in a manicure worthy of the 4th of July. For this American flag nail art, you’ll need:

  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Red nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Clear top coat polish

Start with two coats of the white polish. Let them completely dry (this is my least favorite part of painting my nails).

Keeping the tape in the dispenser, paint a strip with two coats of the blue and let it dry.

Using the scissors, cut a star from the blue section of tape. If you have young kids, are an art teacher, or are the late Michael Jackson, you may have a star-shaped hole-punch laying around your house. Use that instead of the scissors for a perfectly shaped star. As you can see, my star ended up being a litte—err—bottom-heavy.

Stick the star tape to your ring finger nail (or whatever nail you choose).

Paint another chunk of tape with two coats of red and let that dry. You’ll then cut the red tape into thin strips and stick them on to your remaining nails as the stripes of the “flag.” If you want a subtle American flag accent, just do the nail to the right of the starred nail. This is the look I prefer.

If you want to go all out with your 4th of July pride, add stripes to all remaining nails. Regardless of if you do one or all of them, cover all nails with a clear top coat of polish. As you can see, I didn’t wait long enough for my red tape to dry, and when I added the clear coat, my middle nail smudged a bit. Womp womp wommmmp.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!