My Second Stitch Fix (Review)

Stitch Fix Review (my second fix)When I got back from the Stitch Fix & LUNA Vacay in June, I was all amped up to schedule another Fix. For those of you who may have missed those posts, there are recaps of the trip here, here & here and a review of my first Stitch Fix here.

As a little refresher, Stitch Fix is essentially an online styling service. You take a survey to help define your personal style (also making a fashion/style Pinterest board is a huge help with this!), and then get five items shipped to you, handpicked by a stylist. You keep the clothes/accessories you want, return the ones you don’t, and get a 25% discount off the entire purchase if you keep all five items. I kept two of the five items in my first fix, but this time around kept all five! Let’s get into some gratuitous selfies and check out what I got this month…

Ellison Leopard Print Cardigan = KEEPER

leopard-cardiganThis is easily my favorite item from my Fix! I need more cardigans, and I love the leopard print. The material is lightweight, so I can wear it throughout the summer, and I know it’ll be a regular wear throughout the fall as well. And the long length is great because I’ll be able to wear it with leggings and yoga pants on those lazy cold-weather days when I don’t feel like putting on real pants (in other words, every day December through February).

Laila Jayde Striped Pocket Tee = KEEPER

striped-pocket-teeThis is a prime example of something I would probably never buy if out shopping on my own, but need more of in my closet. It’s simple, but something I know I’ll wear a ton. And it can even be dressed up—I’m thinking black skinny jeans, pumps and a blazer for a dressed-up laidback look.

Kut from the Kloth Distressed Boyfriend Jean Shorts = KEEPER

distressed-boyfriend-shortsStitch Fix is now batting .400 when it comes to finding bottoms that fit me—I’m impressed! I love distressed denim, and don’t have any other shorts this length in my closet, so these are a fun new addition to the wardrobe. And the back pockets are cute!

Tart Maxi Dress = KEEPER

tart-tie-dye-maxi-dressI’m really into articles of clothing that don’t require me to wear a bra so this was a no-brainer. Fun, summery print = check. Trendy maxi length = check. Tight enough up top to go braless = CHECK.

Beaded Bib Necklace = STRATEGIC KEEPER

beaded-bib-necklaceLike I mentioned above, you get 25% off your order if you keep all five items, so I actually saved money by keeping this necklace. If that weren’t the case, I probably would have returned it. It’s just not quite my style. I like more “masculine” jewelry (if that makes any sense?)—metals, stones, etc. That being said, it’s already growing on me—so pretty!

Stitch Fix Review (my second fix)

What do you think of my second Stitch Fix? Which items would you have kept?

The links to Stitch Fix in this post are my personal referral link. If you decide to try it out, I get a $25 credit. You get your own personal link once you sign up!


Fitness Style Picks: Neutral Muscle Tanks

Fitness Style Picks: Neutral Muscle Tanks1. Tied Up Tank • Nasty Gal • $28.00
2. Don’t Stop Get It Get It Muscle Tank • Style Stalker • $49.00
3. Sorry I’m Not Sorry Ms. Jackson Tank • Nasty Gal • $55.00
4. Selfie Tank • Nasty Gal • $42.00
5. Just Do It Signal Tank • Nike • $35.00
6. Billabong Awesome Saucez Muscle Tank • Billabong • $24.00
7. Gray Cutaway Tank • Nasty Gal • $28.00
8. Spiritual Gangster Live in the Sunshine Tank • $48.00
9. Graphic Muscle Tank – Heart Flag • Express • $29.90
10. FOREVER 21 Baad Sheep Muscle Tank • Forever 21 • $12.80
11. WILDFOX Tank – American Lips Cassidy • Wildfox Couture • $59.00
12. The Laundry Room Trust No 1 Tank • $60.00
13. CHRLDR Muscle Tank – Let’s Get Physical • $54.00

My go-to workout getup is a muscle tank with low-cut arm holes showing a hint of my sports bra underneath and a fun pair of leggings. I love that muscle tanks are loose and flowy enough to be comfortable while working out, but also show off a hint of skin—and those guns! (Not that I have “guns,” but hey, I am getting a little better at push-ups…). And I don’t just work out in muscle tanks—I love wearing them during the day and out at night, too! Maybe I’m just going through a tomboy phase, but I think a muscle tank with lacey bralet underneath, tucked into a pair of ripped shorts with some fun shoes is the perfect summer outfit. 

Since I like to keep things funky below the belt—relax, perverts, I’m talking about my leggings—neutrals on top are best. I’ve rounded up a few fun, neutral muscle tanks that can play double duty as a workout top or everyday closet staple. Some are stupid (“BAAD” with a sheep), but c’mon…kinda funny, right?

You can shop the tanks below:

What’s your go-to workout outfit?


What Moves Me (FP Movement x Pumps & Iron)

free-people-movement-5Hey guys! I recently got the fun opportunity to team up with Free People in celebration of their new activewear line, FP Movement. It focuses on surf, yoga and studio/dance, and has the bohemian style that’s characteristic of Free People. Clothes and fitness? As you all can probably guess, it took me about .5 seconds to join in on the campaign.


No, I would not keep the rings on during yoga class :)

Free People asked me to pick out a top and bottom from the FP Movement line and write a post about “What Moves You?” I went with two pieces from the yoga collection since I’m not a barre/dance girl or a surfer (I wish!!), and thought these tribal leggings were too fun to pass up. The wide waistband makes for a comfortable, flattering fit. (Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be available online anymore.)


I loved the high neckline with strappy back of the tank top, and although my instinct said to pair the loud leggings with a white or black top, I took a chance and went all-out with the burnt orange color. It doesn’t have a built-in bra, but is tight enough that I didn’t feel like I had to wear a sports bra with it for yoga. There are, however, 11-year-old boys with bigger boobs than me, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy one for yourself. :)


So what moves me? I decided to take a literal approach to the question. The benefits of working out and living an active lifestyle are endless, but here are a few things that particularly inspire me to get that body moving…

  • That post-workout feeling. I love how I feel after a good workout. My mind is clear, my mood is lifted, my body is gassed yet energized. Nothing better!
  • Being able to stay active late in life. You don’t realize how precious having your health is until it’s gone. I don’t just want to live a long life, I want to be an old, old woman and still be able to do stuff—and do it without pain. Now is the time to start working on that!
  • Improved sleep. Is there anything better than a good night’s sleep?? Exercising during the day helps you sleep easier and sounder at night. When I lay down at night, it takes me about 30 seconds to fall asleep, and I wake up feeling refreshed and excited to start my day. I am so thankful for that!
  • Feeling proud of not only how my body looks, but of what it can accomplish. I would be lying if I said bikinis, crop tops and shorts were not a huge motivation behind me working out. But once you start committing yourself to fitness and pushing your body to take on different challenges, this amazing thing happens—you realize that there’s just as much satisfaction in ability as appearance. Guys, I CAN DO REAL PUSH UPS. I CAN RUN 13.1 MILES IN A ROW. I CAN HOLD CROW POSE. These may not seem like huge things to some people, but I could not say them a couple years ago. It’s the coolest feeling!


Ok, your turn! Tell me in the comment section: What inspires you to move?

You can check out FP Movement HERE.