Tiger on the Loose in TJMaxx

Tiger sweater casual outfitI found this sweater at TJMaxx last month. I was there strictly on a kitchenware mission, but when I spotted it across the room I was immediately like Yup. You bet your ass I’ll spend $10.99 on a sweater with a tiger’s face on it, TJMaxx.

Tiger sweater casual outfit Tiger sweater casual outfit

In these pics, I dressed it down to run some errands—but, considering pajama pants and Uggs are the fashion combo of choice here, this is technically formal attire in Southie.

Tiger sweater casual outfit

What’s been your best find at TJMaxx? I saw a pair of Brian Atwood heels there for $50 once (!!)… but not my size. :(


WEARING | sweater: The Classic via TJMaxx // pants: Paige // sneakers: Converse // bag & hat: H&M

OnlineShoes & Asics Style Contest

Asics & OnlineShoes styling contestI recently got the chance to team up with the awesome folks over at OnlineShoes.com for their monthly shoe styling contest. If I win, I get a $500 giftcard and a head-to-toe outfit from Asics. Ohhh ye-uhh. Even better, everyone who votes (i.e. you) is entered for the chance to win a new pair of Asics shoes!

You can vote for your favorite look (which is hopefully…me) HERE.

Asics & OnlineShoes styling contest Asics & OnlineShoes styling contest

There’s a lot I’m looking forward to in 2014, but when it comes to a New Year’s fitness resolution, mine is to continue turning this passion into a career. I was excited to find out the contest shoe was the Asics GEL-Craze TR, because in keeping with this resolution, I’m pretty much wearing sneakers every day of the week—developing and shooting workouts for the blog, trekking across town to SPX and spinning classes, and just continuing to live an active life.

Asics & OnlineShoes styling contest Asics & OnlineShoes styling contest

I styled my Asics shoes with some leggings and a hoodie, my favorite cross-body backpack, a hat and some fun headphones. A casual, comfy look that I’d wear while heading over to my favorite fitness studios, maybe running errands along the way.

Asics & OnlineShoes styling contest Asics & OnlineShoes styling contest

If you’re digging my look, you can vote for me HERE. OnlineShoes asks that there’s only one vote per household per contest, and the voting period runs through February 28. Even if you don’t win the voter prize, check out the collection of womens athletic shoes over at OnlineShoes!

Thanks for your vote! As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I’ll be repaying you with tons of new workouts and weekly giveaways all month long in March. :)

Asics & OnlineShoes styling contest

WEARING | shoes: Asics c/o OnlineShoes.com// leggings: c/o Champion // hoodie: Lululemon // hat: H&M // backpack: LF // headphones: Frends


What I’d Wear to the Office If I, Ya Know, Had an Office

white blazer, black metallic printed pants

My daily work attire is a pair of sneakers and some yoga pants, but if I did have to go into an office to, like, um, I don’t know…bring one of my roommates lunch?…this would be my idea of business causal. A blazer, simple heels, and a touch of rock ‘n roll with the metallic printed pants and necklace.

white blazer, white top white blazer, black metallic printed pantswhite blazer, black metallic printed pants white blazer, white topwhite blazer, black metallic printed pants

WEARING | blazer: Gibson // pants: Guess // heels: Aldo // bag: DKNY // necklace: April Soderstrom Jewelry

white blazer, black metallic printed pantsheels in snow