A Night at Be Styled with Daniela Corte

Printed Pants & White Blouse Outfit

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine on the Vineyard for my cousin’s wedding and it was the perfect mix of relaxation and celebration.

Last Thursday night, I got the chance to attend an event at Be Styled (the blowdry bar I mentioned in a previous post) with Boston-based designer Daniela Corte, and wanted to share a few pictures with you guys (you can check out more at Be Styled’s Facebook page). There were delicious hors d’oeuvres (just took me a casual 15 minutes to spell hors d’oeuvres correctly) and champagne to enjoy as we got our hair done and browsed pieces from Daniela’s collection—it was pretty much a perfect way to spend a Thursday evening with a girlfriend.

Be Styled & Daniela Corte

And speaking of epitomizing all things “girlie”—I’m about to have an uncharacteristically Rachel Zoe-esque moment over Daniela Corte’s leggings. THESE LEGGINGS. My friend and I each tried on a pair at the event and were immediately convinced they had to be made out of magic and unicorns and whatever Beyonce is drinking. I’m talking the most flattering, stylish, comfortable things I’ve put on my body in years. I was so taken by the high quality of all the pieces in Daniela’s collection. She imports the elastic from her home country of Argentina, and while the leggings aren’t cheap, they’re well worth the investment—I could immediately tell I would wear them multiple times a week.

Printed Pants & White Blouse Outfit

As for my own clothing, I wore these fun printed pants to the event. They’re so comfortable and I love that you can easily dress them up or down. The weather in Boston this fall has been awesome, so no jacket was required—which is great for me since I lose 3 to 5 jackets per winter by “hiding” them at bars to avoid the coat check line. I’m the worst.

Printed Pants & White Blouse Outfit

WEARING | Blouse: Zara // Pants: LF // Shoes: Asos // Bag: TJ Maxx // Bracelet: LIT Boutique // Rings: LF & Aldo

Hair by Be Styled


Flashbulbs: 1 Yellow Dress: 0

Yellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical details

For CCFA’s Pier Madness event a couple weeks ago (I mentioned the fundraiser in a previous post), I wanted to mix bright colors with some nautical details and a small hint of skank. Just kidding. But my dress ended up being a little more see-through than anticipated so there was slight risk of a Code Red when camera flashbulbs were involved. You know what I’m talking about—that bra-shirt combo looks totally normal and self-respecting as you’re getting ready to leave the house at night, and then the next day when pictures are tagged of you on Facebook, it looks as if you entered a wet t-shirt contest. You win, camera flash. You win.

Yellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical detailsYellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical detailsYellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical detailsYellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical detailsYellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical detailsYellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical detailsYellow backless cocktail dress with striped clutch and nautical details


Dress: Indah // Shoes: MIA // Bag: Madewell // Necklace: LIT Boutique // Ring: STA Consignment // Bracelets: LIT Boutique & Alex + Ani


Boston Winter Ball


Last Saturday I went to Boston Winter Ball at The Castle at Park Plaza, an annual event that raises money for Boston Children’s Hospital. This year, $150,000 went towards benefiting the New Balance Center for Childhood Obesity at Children’s (as well as the hospital’s general fund), and I couldn’t have been happier to contribute to the cause by purchasing a ticket, getting dressed up, dancing, and overindulging in the open bar. Charity is fun.

Boston Winter Ball 2013black leather peplum dress from H&Mgold-jewelry-black-leather-dress

Up until a few hours before the event, I had nothing to wear. And by “nothing to wear,” I mean, “a closet full of perfectly good options that I refused to consider because I’d already worn them once and been tagged in pictures wearing them on Facebook.” Sometimes I hate that this is the way my brain works, but I just blame it on that second X chromosome.

black, blue & green BCBG pumps with gold heels

I hit up Newbury Street and Copley Place to find a dress for the event, but since I have a deep-rooted inability to purchase anything practical ever, I bought these BCBG pumps instead. They’re incredible, but they’re…not a dress. With no budget left, I was feeling pretty screwed.

*Cue the choir of angels singing as I walk into H&M in one last-ditch, desperate effort to find a dress*

Boston Winter Ball 2013

Sure, the leather peplum dress was a little more nightclub than charity ball, but I’ve never been one to play it safe with cocktail dresses, and given the insanely cheap price, I couldn’t say no. I finished off the outfit by OD-ing on gold jewelry. Normally I’d never pair a large, statement necklace with chandelier earrings, but I was feeling like taking a risk (aka drank a couple glasses of wine while getting dressed).

black leather peplum dress with gold jewelry

Winter Ball was a blast, and hey, if Helen Hunt can wear H&M to the Oscars, I can definitely wear it to a charity event.

dress: H&M // pumps: BCBG // necklace: Meghan Fabulous via ideeli // earrings: bebe // cuff bracelet: bebe

Pics from the event from BrianPhilipsPhoto.com