Navy Nuptials


If this dress were a person, it’d be Regina George. It’s pretty and popular—seen here on Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes and some chick who, according to Google, is a celebrity as well—but it’s a total bitch.

How can a dress be a bitch? Well, the top runs big, rudely reminding me that I have no boobs, and the waist runs impossibly small, rubbing it in my face that I shouldn’t have eaten that pint of Ben & Jerry’s…

Luckily, some simple altering of the waist clasps solved the problem, and I was beyond excited to wear it to my friends’ wedding this weekend.

Weddings are so fun, but mornings after weddings are so…not. I woke up with four string cheese wrappers in my bed, so if you’re wondering if I’ll be the next to get married, the answer is no. Definitely a no.

{dress: Contrarian}
{heels: Michael Kors}
{bracelet: Twilight Boutique}
{clutch: Aldo}

Bridal Shower Outfit

A couple weekends ago I went to a bridal shower for my friend on the Vineyard. It’s crazy how through high school and college you’re pretty much on the same page as all your friends, then after graduation, everyone’s life paths seem to go in wildly different directions. Marriage? WHAT IS THAT.

This amazing Tumblr pretty much describes it:

Don’t take this as me being bitter—I’m not in the least. Weddings are AWESOME and I will take full advantage of being the drunk, fun, single friend at every one of my cousins’ and friends’ weddings. And while sitting in a big circle of women and ooo-ing and ahh-ing over…a salad bowl…is laughable, bridal showers are fun, too. And you bet your ass I’m going to burst open with joy at every damn salad bowl, decorative lamp and bath towel I unwrap at my (far off) shower.

For this bridal shower, I wore this fun cut-out dress from LIT Boutique. LIT is my go-to in Boston when I need a cocktail dress at an affordable price. Even better than the price tag is the skirt’s spinability (that’s now a word).

{dress: Double Zero via LIT Boutique}
{necklace: Free People}
{sandals: Steve Madden}

FNO Boston

Last Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out, and in keeping with New York’s Fashion Week, Boston had its own rendition of the event on Newbury Street. Lured by promises of free food and champagne at my favorite stores, I headed down, only to find that I was too late. No food. No booze. No good.

The night wasn’t a loss though, as the people watching was at its all-time best. Some fabulously dressed girls and guys came out for FNO Boston, and I found myself staring and composing mental shopping lists in my head the whole time. But, lest we forget that Boston is not Manhattan (which is why I love it so dearly), I also spotted the all-too-common girl wearing baggy sweat pants and a tank top with her bra straps showing. Even during Fashion Week, Boston is Boston.

I couldn’t wait to break out these Sam Edelman striped heels (scored on HauteLook for a fraction of the price—woop woop!) and FNO Boston was the perfect occasion. Sure, after realizing the food and drinks were gone, I spent the night doing Saki bombs at a sushi restaurant then headed to a dive bar in Southie, but those are minor details. If anyone asks, I had the full-on FNO experience.

I’ll end this post by saying yes, I know, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted a workout. Fear not, my lovely readers, I’ve got one coming your way tomorrow!


{dress: Urban Outfitters}
{jacket: Express}
{shoes: Sam Edelman via HauteLook}
{bag: JPK Paris via ebay}
{bracelet: Alex and Ani}