October Stitch Fix Review

Olivia Lace Up Sweater by Rails from my October Stitch Fix Review

I got a great fix this month and am excited to share my October Stitch Fix review with you. For anyone new to Stitch Fix, it’s essentially on online styling service. Their stylists mail five items to you and you can keep or return whatever you’d like. If you keep the whole fix, you get 25% off. I’ve been using Stitch Fix with varying frequency for years now and love it. A lot of the items in my closet that get worn most frequently have actually come from fixes. And the longer you work with your stylist, the better s/he gets to know you, and the more personalized your fixes become.

October Stitch Fix Review

Kimberli Embroidered Sleeve Knit Sweatshirt by Hazel – $58

Kimberli Embroidered Sleeve Knit Sweatshirt by Hazel from my October Stitch Fix Review Kimberli Embroidered Sleeve Knit Sweatshirt by Hazel from my October Stitch Fix Review Kimberli Embroidered Sleeve Knit Sweatshirt by Hazel from my October Stitch Fix Review

I love the embroidered sleeves on the sweatshirt and have already gotten so many compliments on it. It’s a light material—somewhere between a t-shirt and a sweatshirt—so you can wear it with just a bra underneath as a shirt during this transitional fall weather.

Madeline Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Noisy May – $58

Noisy May faux leather moto jacket from my October Stitch Fix review Noisy May faux leather moto jacket from my October Stitch Fix review

If there weren’t that 25%-off incentive to keep all five items, I probably would have returned this jacket. It’s super cute and I’m glad it’s faux leather, but the material is really plastic. Like when I move my arms it makes a squeezing sound. Love the way it looks though, so I’ll definitely still get some use out of it!

Marley Fringe Infinity Scarf by Octavia – $34

Octavia fringe infinity scarf from my October Stitch Fix review

I love this deep red color for fall and winter and the scarf is made from the softest, coziest fabric. I now think I have a solid scarf collection, so after keeping this one, I went into my Style Profile on Stitch Fix and changed my preferences so that I’ll no longer receive scarfs. Love how easy it is to customize your fixes as your closet needs change!

Skylar Back Seam High Rise Step Hem Skinny Jean by Level 99 – $102

Olivia Lace Up Sweater by Rails from my October Stitch Fix ReviewSkylar Back Seam High Rise Step Hem Skinny Jean by Level 99 from my October Stitch Fix reviewLace-up crop tank with high waist jeans and plaid button-up

Over the years, Stitch Fix has sent me several pairs of jeans from this Level 99 brand and I think I’ve kept every single one. They’re just stretchy enough to be comfortable and are so reasonably priced! I’m digging the uneven hem trend so these were a definite keeper.

Olivia Lace Up Sweater by Rails – $248

Olivia Lace Up Sweater by Rails from my October Stitch Fix Review Olivia Lace Up Sweater by Rails from my October Stitch Fix Review

I LOVE this cashmere sweater (and pretty much everything else Rails makes). It’s soft with velvet ties lacing up the front and something I’d wear all the time. When I saw the price tag though, I almost didn’t even try it on. I do, however, have a quality over quantity approach to my closet these days, and after doing the math and having lengthy conversations with myself, I managed to justify keeping it. 😉

The total for the fix is $500, and with the 25% discount for keeping all five it’d be $375. That’s still a little too much for me to spend on clothes, but I happened to have some Stitch Fix credit that brought it down closer to $250 so I decided to treat myself this month.


If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, you can set up your profile and schedule your first fix HERE. When you set up your profile, you can pick the price ranges that work for you, so don’t be put off by the sweater in mine. I reduced the frequency of my fixes and made my price ranges a little more lenient because I do occasionally like to spend the extra money for a high quality brand.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Gotten any good fixes recently?

I’ll leave you with these outtakes—who do I think I am? Maria from Sound of Music? The hills are aliiiiiiiive …

Kimberli Embroidered Sleeve Knit Sweatshirt by Hazel from my October Stitch Fix Review

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Recent Stitch Fix Keepers

Stitch Fix review - Andrew Marc jacket

I’ve received a couple Stitch Fix deliveries since last posting about them so today I’m highlighting the keepers from each (plus sharing another non-Stitch Fix top I’m currently obsessed with). This long sweater was in one of the fixes, but since I’ve already worn it on the blog I decided to spare you the redundancy today.

Teanen Puffer Coat from Andrew Marc ($118)

Stitch Fix review - Andrew Marc jacket

OUTFIT DETAILS | Tank is from a novelty t-shirt shop in Boston – this tank is the closest I could find online // Jeans from a previous fix // Jeans are from a previous fix // Converse high tops // gas station cheapie sunglassesStitch Fix review - Andrew Marc jacket

I was on the hunt for a new winter jacket and fell in love with the burgundy color of this. The collar is thick and padded and the hood is removable.

Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf by Look by M ($38)

Stitch Fix review - Look by M blanket scarf Stitch Fix review - Look by M blanket scarfThis oversized blanket scarf is impossibly soft and warm. I tend to wear black on black on black outfits all winter so the color of it will be a welcomed addition to my typically boring color coordinating.

Pistola Jeans ($88)

Stitch Fix review - Pistola jeansRips AND zippers?? Sign me up. I got these in a fix in September so I could be off a little with the price but I know they were under $100. I’m new to the Pistola brand but am officially a fan!

(Not Stitch Fix) Lexi Top by Clayton c/o Shopbop ($62)

Lexi Top by Clayton with boyfriend jeans Lexi Top by Clayton with boyfriend jeans Lexi Top by Clayton with boyfriend jeans

OUTFIT DETAILS | Zara jeans – old but similar by ILY Couture ($88) and Rag & Bone ($225 but 15% off with code GOBIG16) // Jeffrey Campbell booties – old but the designer has a similar buckle style in a low-heel bootie and I’m obsessed with this split-ankle bootie as well // H&M jacket – old but this is similarLexi Top by Clayton with boyfriend jeans Lexi Top by Clayton with boyfriend jeans

This has become my go-to shirt for going out for dinner or drinks on the weekend–I love it! I’m totally into the choker trend so the fact that this is an off-the-shoulder top and choker in one made me fall hard for it. Shopbop is actually having a sale right now where the more you spend the more you save so take advantage of it! The sale code is GOBIG16.


I’ve got a workout coming your way tomorrow that requires no equipment so you can try it even if you’re traveling for the holidays. Before I sign off today, I’ll leave you with this bit of creepiness (#AmericasNextTopModel): Stitch Fix review - Look by M blanket scarf

Fellow Stitch Fixers — get any good deliveries lately?


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Stitch Fix Review – Help Me Decide What to Keep!

Stitch Fix Review

Hello from the air! Guess who has the ENTIRE ROW OF SEATS TO HERSELF?! When I arrived at the gate this morning I noticed it didn’t seem to crowded, but I wouldn’t let my mind even entertain the possibility. No, don’t even think it. As I boarded the plane and slowly made my way down the aisle, eyes scanning the rows of seats just lightly peppered with passengers, I again told my brain to shut up. Stop–STOP!–you’ll jinx it. I approach row 26. I double check my ticket. I double check that I’m actually at row 26. I triple check. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

I put my bag overhead and sit down, eyes fixed on the passengers who have yet to claim their seat. What if?! A women juggling two small children and a bag that definitely exceeds carry-on size ungracefully thuds down the aisle towards me. Sonofabitch. She glances down at her ticket. She glances up at the row numbers. A single bead of sweat drips from my left armpit.

She walks passed.

GOOOOAAALLLL!!! I silently cheer with the enthusiasm (and accent) of a European soccer announcer.

Just a few more unseated passengers to survive. The possibility is too real now. I need this. This row is mine. Still, I dare not buckle my seatbelt just yet.

Next to approach: Middle-aged man resembling a short Brian Cranston. I can’t help it–I’m glaring. I dare you to have seat in row 26 you blue meth-cooking motherfucker. Again, THAT PAUSE. That awful pause where he looks down at his boarding pass and up at the row number. It lasts a lifetime.

Row 25.

YAAASSSSS!!!! I’ve gone from Real Madrid’s number one fan-turned-announcer to RuPaul watching a flawless lip sync of Cher’s Believe.

Last passenger to board. Twenty-something blonde girl. Looks clean, doesn’t take up much space, only a small purse with her. I can’t help but think it wouldn’t be bad to share a row with her. You shut up you quitter! Stop that right now! Manifest this empty row, damnit!! Back on track.

I’m trying to visualize my empty row all to myself as she approaches.  Are my eyes closed? Are my hands held together at my chest in prayer? Am I chanting “empty row”? Are people staring? I’m too focused to know.

She walks passed row 24.

She slows at row 25.

She stops at row 26.


So here I am. Sprawled out in my row, belongings unnecessarily strewn across the vacant seats, all three tray tables down, shoes off, fly unzipped. Life is good my friends. Life. Is. Good.

Stitch Fix Review

Welp this post got off track.

I’m doing things a little differently with this Stitch Fix post because I am having the hardest time deciding what to keep. Help me! I got an awesome Stitch Fix but it was also uncharacteristically expensive. Each item was in the $120-$230 range. I designated a pretty wide price range when I made my SF profile because the older I get the more I appreciate quality over quantity. I’d rather own fewer things and have those few things be high-quality pieces that I love and wear all the time. So I’m not frustrated by this fix–I’m excited by the caliber!

That being said, I should only buy one of the five items from my fix. Which one?? Help me decide!

Greylin Tremaine Off The Shoulder Top ($118)

Greylin Tremaine Off the Shoulder Top from Stitch Fix

Such a cute warm-weather top! The boho-meets-preppy vibe is the perfect mix of my personal style with classic New England summer attire. If I’m being picky though, I don’t think it’s super flattering from the side? I don’t have big boobs by any means, but I find that having any sort of chest in flowy tops like this can make you look bigger than you are. Not a big deal I guess if you pair it with a skinny jean/shorts or have your hair up to show off your shoulders.

Yumi Kim Hidee Silk Midi Dress ($228)

Yumi Kim Hidee Silk Midi Dress from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix carries Yumi Kim?? I usually don’t recognize the brands I get in my fixes so this was a cool surprise! The dress is gorgeous and could be a good option for a wedding/bridal shower/other event that requires me to dress on the conservative side (haha). Usually when I spend over $200 on a dress, I’m drawn to stand-out pieces though. Something that has a wow-factor (unique cut-out, open back, bold slit, etc.). This doesn’t have that, but on the plus side, I could definitely wear it on more than one occasion.

Rory Beca Alecia Off Shoulder Dress ($184)

Rory Beca Alecia Off Shoulder Dress from Stitch Fix

Hmm I adore this dress is pictures. In person I found it to be a little shapeless though? But now I love it??

Cooper & Ella Bakari Lace Back Detail Blouse ($158)

Cooper & Ella Bakari Lace Back Detail Blouse from Stitch Fix

I think this blouse is one of the front runners for me? The pictures don’t do the quality of the material justice–it’s awesome. And I think I’d get a ton of use from it because it can be dressed up or down pretty easily. But my entire wardrobe is black and white. Maybe I should switch it up?

Lavender Brown Elanor Lace Overlay Top ($134)

Lavender Brown Elanor Lace Overlay Top from Stitch Fix

Another boho-preppy piece. This would be a great summer go-to and could be paired with a blazer for dressier occasions so I know I’d get a ton of wear from it. But it’s not a “wow” piece so maybe I stick to one of the other items? Decisions, decisions.

Side note: If you’re a Stitch Fix member and want to request any of these items, the best way to do it is to pin one of the above images to the Pinterest board to which your SF account is linked. I’ve included the item name in the picture description so that when you pin it should automatically fill in the info.

Which one of the five pieces should I keep??


Heads up! Links to Stitch Fix in this post are affiliate. 🙂