A Pop of Blue

Black & white outfit with a pop of blueI don’t know about you, but I always find myself wearing a ton of black in the winter. Every time I get dressed to go out at night, it’s like oh, what a surprise, black heels, black skirt and a black and white blouse! And when all photographs of me from November to March are essentially a pale face bobbing around in a sea of black clothing…something has to change.

Black & white outfit with a pop of blue

The easiest way for me to add color to my winter wardrobe is with accessories and bags. A bright necklace or colorful, patterned handbag can make a black-and-white outfit look a lot more exciting. The Perfect Clutch must have been reading my mind because they graciously sent me this bright blue envelope clutch recently, and it makes for the perfect pop of color.

Black & white outfit with a pop of blue

The one in these pictures is on sale for only $10 right now if you want to snag one. Other styles I like are the Alicia, the Amy in white and the Gayle in navy Gayle in navy. Check ‘em out! Super affordable for when you need something to finish off an outfit.


WEARING | blouse & shorts: ZARA // shoes: Jessica Simpson // clutch: c/o The Perfect Clutch // necklace: Bobbles & Lace


Black (and White and Silver) Friday

Black leather-look cuffed pants, white blouse and strapped heelsHonestly, going to a mall on Black Friday sounds about as fun to me as going to the Apple Store the day a new iPhone is released or Town Hall the day after resident parking stickers expire. No. Thanks. But Black Friday shopping online? While I sit on the couch in my post-Thanksgiving sweatpants, fat, happy and slightly hungover? Oh HELL to the YES.

Black leather-look cuffed pants, white blouse and strapped heels Black leather-look cuffed pants, white blouse and strapped heels

One website you should visit while binge shopping for workout clothes/active wear today is Lolë. They reached out to me a while ago, and in addition to their zip-ups and yoga pants, I especially loved the concept of their Yellow Label. All of the Yellow Label coats for sale have been donated (some by celebrities), and proceeds go to Ample Harvest, a charity helping the fight against huger and malnutrition. Kyle Richards (yes, look at me, I’m talking about The Real Housewives again) has a gorgeous coat up for sale right now here, with the minimum contribution starting at $40. Black leather-look cuffed pants, white blouse and strapped heels

Usually any online shopping I do on Black Friday honestly ends up being for…myself (worst Santa ever), so I’m going to try to refrain altogether. But thanks to companies using the buy-one-give-one model it is kinda possible to shop for numero uno while still giving…

Black leather-look cuffed pants, white blouse and strapped heels

WEARING | Jacket: BCBG Max Azria // Top: H&M // Pants: Paige // Shoes: Steve Madden // Bag: DKNY (scored at TJMaxx!) // Watch: c/o Timex

Are you doing any Black Friday shopping? Do you brave the crowds or go online?


A Pink Movember: Get a $20 Lyft Credit!

$20 in Lyft credit with code SOCIALBOSRemember the days when you had to call cab companies? You’d sit on the phone on hold for 30 minutes, only to be told it’d be another 30 minutes until your cab arrived, only to have no cab show up 45 minutes later. That was pretty much the story of every Saturday night I had for the first couple years I lived in Boston. Damnit just get me to the bar already, I’m not walking all that way in these heels!!

Nowadays, I am a full-blown junkie when it comes to car request smartphone apps, and I’m pumped to be able to offer all you Bostonians a $20 Lyft credit. Have you seen any cars driving around with pink mustaches on the front bumper? That’s Lyft (not just a tribute to Movember). It’s the same concept as a cab, except you’re getting a fellow Boston resident picking you up in his or her car (don’t worry, there are safety screenings—Whitey Bulger won’t be swinging by your apartment to pick you up). I actually know a couple people who are Lyft drivers, and they love it!

Pink blazer with printed scarf, cuffed jeans and booties

To claim your $20 in Lyft credit, download the app to your smartphone. Once you open the app, login with Facebook (they won’t post to your wall, don’t worry), choose “Payment” from the main menu, and then enter the code SOCIALBOS under “Lyft Credits.”

And yes, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve managed to take pink mustaches and twist this into an outfit post showing off my pink blazer (I can’t help myself—I love clothing).Pink blazer with animal print and cuffed jeans

WEARING | blazer: Zara (old) // blouse: H&M // scarf: eBay // jeans: Paige // booties: Jessica Simpson // watch: c/o Timex

Enjoy your free ride!