What Moves Me (FP Movement x Pumps & Iron)

free-people-movement-5Hey guys! I recently got the fun opportunity to team up with Free People in celebration of their new activewear line, FP Movement. It focuses on surf, yoga and studio/dance, and has the bohemian style that’s characteristic of Free People. Clothes and fitness? As you all can probably guess, it took me about .5 seconds to join in on the campaign.


No, I would not keep the rings on during yoga class :)

Free People asked me to pick out a top and bottom from the FP Movement line and write a post about “What Moves You?” I went with two pieces from the yoga collection since I’m not a barre/dance girl or a surfer (I wish!!), and thought these tribal leggings were too fun to pass up. The wide waistband makes for a comfortable, flattering fit. (Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be available online anymore.)


I loved the high neckline with strappy back of the tank top, and although my instinct said to pair the loud leggings with a white or black top, I took a chance and went all-out with the burnt orange color. It doesn’t have a built-in bra, but is tight enough that I didn’t feel like I had to wear a sports bra with it for yoga. There are, however, 11-year-old boys with bigger boobs than me, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy one for yourself. :)


So what moves me? I decided to take a literal approach to the question. The benefits of working out and living an active lifestyle are endless, but here are a few things that particularly inspire me to get that body moving…

  • That post-workout feeling. I love how I feel after a good workout. My mind is clear, my mood is lifted, my body is gassed yet energized. Nothing better!
  • Being able to stay active late in life. You don’t realize how precious having your health is until it’s gone. I don’t just want to live a long life, I want to be an old, old woman and still be able to do stuff—and do it without pain. Now is the time to start working on that!
  • Improved sleep. Is there anything better than a good night’s sleep?? Exercising during the day helps you sleep easier and sounder at night. When I lay down at night, it takes me about 30 seconds to fall asleep, and I wake up feeling refreshed and excited to start my day. I am so thankful for that!
  • Feeling proud of not only how my body looks, but of what it can accomplish. I would be lying if I said bikinis, crop tops and shorts were not a huge motivation behind me working out. But once you start committing yourself to fitness and pushing your body to take on different challenges, this amazing thing happens—you realize that there’s just as much satisfaction in ability as appearance. Guys, I CAN DO REAL PUSH UPS. I CAN RUN 13.1 MILES IN A ROW. I CAN HOLD CROW POSE. These may not seem like huge things to some people, but I could not say them a couple years ago. It’s the coolest feeling!


Ok, your turn! Tell me in the comment section: What inspires you to move?

You can check out FP Movement HERE.


My First Stitch Fix (Review)

Stitch Fix ReviewIf you read a lot of blogs, you’re probably no stranger to Stitch Fix. I had seen a ton of my favorite bloggers review the personal styling service and always thought it sounded cool, but ultimately never tried it out because I figured I was plenty good at doing my own shopping (much to my wallet’s dismay haha). Well I was recently invited on an exciting blogger trip hosted by Stitch Fix (it’s coming up this month—don’t worry, you’ll be reading allll about it on P&I), and they gave me a credit so that I could try out the service.

As a heads up, all the links to Stitch Fix in this post are my personal referral link—if you sign up, I get a $25 credit to my account. You get your own link with the same referral benefits if you try out Stitch Fix! Ok, boring disclosure BS out of the way, on to the review…

My first Fix totally exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes to the benefits an outside stylist can bring to your wardrobe. The jacket I kept, for example, was something I never would have pulled off the rack while shopping myself, but is so perfect—and something I know I’ll wear all the time. I’m actually wearing it now as I type this post in Starbucks. Apparently there’s a whole world of clothing out there that I never even knew I needed…this could get financially dangerous. ;)

What Is Stitch Fix?

stitch-fix-first-fixLet me back up before we get to the goods (the clothes I was sent). If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a personal styling service where you are sent five items handpicked by a stylist. You try them on, return the ones that don’t work in a prepaid package provided by Stitch Fix, and then go online to pay for the ones you’re going to keep. If you keep all the items in your Fix, you get 25% off the order.

When you set up your account, you can specify tons of details about your Fix. Price range, any particular pieces you need (a dress to wear to an upcoming event, for example), the type of clothing you want (office-appropriate clothes, big night out clothes, casual clothes, etc.), your style preferences (preppy, edgy, etc.)—you name it, you can customize it. You also can leave a link to a Pinterest board to help your stylist get a better idea of your personal style, which I thought was great. My Fashion board on Pinterest has a bajillion pins on it, but is a perfect collection of all the styles I love.

Last, you schedule your Fix. You can pick a regular frequency or opt for one-off packages when you need them.

My First Fix

Let’s check out the goods I got in my first Stitch Fix box! WARNING: Gratuitous amount of selfies coming your way…

Mavi Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean = KEEPER

Mavi Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend JeanMy stylist, Layla, noticed that I’ve pinned a ton of distressed/ripped denim looks to Pinterest (you get a little note from your stylist in your box), and I actually have been wanting a pair for months now. I think it’s tricky for just about everyone to find a pair of pants that fit them perfectly, so I was actually shocked when I put these on and they fit so well. I’d never heard of Mavi before, but now I can’t wait to check out more of their denim!

Amour Vert Alessandro Floral Print Silk Henley Blouse = NO GO (reluctantly)

amour-vert-blouseThis top was really cute, and I actually need to invest in more quality blouses that can be dressed up or down. The only reason I decided to return it was that I wanted to keep the total price of my Fix close to the credit I was given—as I’m sure you all can sympathize with, money is always a little tight around wedding season!

Pomelo Analisse Anorak Jacket = KEEPER

pomelo-analisse-anorak-jacketAs I mentioned before, I never would have picked this out for myself when shopping. But I’m in love! It’s so adorable, but also so practical—I already know I’m going to get a ton of use out of it. This piece is a prime example of why stylists can be useful!

Shiraleah Dita Woven Hobo Bag = NO GO

shiraleah-handbagI love woven bags, and really liked the color of this, but the shape/size didn’t quite do it for me. In general, I’m also just not a huge bag person. I’d always rather spend my money on clothes and then buy cheapo handbags only when the need arises.

Tart Mallika Dotted Stripe Belted Maxi Dress = NO GO

tart-maxi-dressThis dress was pretty and fit well, but just a tad too plain for me. If I’m going to spend over $100 on a dress, I want it to have some super unique feature—an open back, cool shape, or an outrageous print—something to make me go “wow, I need that.” When I tried this on, I thought “cute, but I can find the same thing at H&M for $25.”

When you check out online, you review your Fix, so I was able to give all the above feedback to my stylist. It’ll make the next Fix all the more spot-on! I probably won’t do another one until September (again, wedding season is draining my cash flow), but this first experience has definitely made a loyal customer out of me. If you’re interested in trying it out, visit Stitch Fix.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If so, how was your experience with it? If not, what was your favorite piece from my first Fix?

Happy Hump Day, people!


And special thanks to my roomie for letting me use her mirror to take all these obnoxious selfies. You know you’ve picked an odd career when you send text messages to your friends saying “Hey! Is it cool if I use your mirror to take some selfies today? Gotta blog about some new clothes I just got.” :)

SNAP-2-LIVE: Cool Belt, Even Cooler Mission

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfitIt’s been forever since I’ve posted an outfit that doesn’t involve yoga pants and a sports bra. And I couldn’t think of a better occasion to don real clothing on the blog than to introduce you all to SNAP-2-LIVE belts.

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

Car crashes are the number one cause of death among children in the world, and nearly all can be prevented by wearing seat belts, not texting while driving, and not drinking and driving. Growing up, it was all too frequent that the Vineyard community would have to say goodbye to a loved high school student due to a car accident, and I know it’s a tragedy that has probably touched many of your lives as well.

In an effort to generate road safety awareness and provide safe communities for the less fortunate, SNAP-2-LIVE has joined the United Nations’ “Decade of Action for Road Safety” initiative, and donates 70% of profits to the Road Safety Fund.

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

It’s an important cause, and it just happens to be an added bonus that the belt is beyond cool. It has an airplane seatbelt clasp, comes in all different colors, and adjusts to fit all sizes. I love mine!

When you buy a belt, it comes in a box with a pledge on it. You rock your new fashion statement, sign the pledge, and share your pics on social media. Not only is that 70% portion of your sale donated to the Road Safety Fund, but you’re helping to spread awareness. Checking my phone while driving is the one I really need to stop. I only do it in bad traffic or at stoplights, but it’s still a fender bender waiting to happen. No email/text/Facebook notification is that important!

SNAP-2-LIVE road safety pledgeSnap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

If you want your own snazzy (seat)belt and to help the cause, you can shop SNAP-2-LIVE here.

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

WEARING | belt: SNAP-2-LIVE // tank & bag: Forever 21 // jeans: True Religion // shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // shirt: Urban Outfitters

Is there a bad driving habit you need to kick? Make your pledge in the comments below!