Fall Activewear Trends I’m Eyeing

I know we technically have another full week of summer left, but I’m all about these fall activewear trends right now. I go through phases where I won’t even think about buying new clothes and then other times when I can. not. stop. the online shopping. Luckily for my bank account, I’m a big Wishlist and Add-to-Cart girl but I usually hold off on checking out (online window shopping, if you will).

To take this train of thought on a tangent, I actually read somewhere that your brain has the same pleasure response to adding clothes to on online wish list as it does when you actually purchase the items. A free shopping high? I’m into it.

Anyway, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items and trends from my recent activewear (window) shopping sprees. Happy scrolling!

Links in this post are affiliate. Affiliate links don’t affect the price you pay in any way (they just give me a small monetary credit for referring you if you happen to make a purchase).

Fall Activewear Trends


1. Ideal Long Sleeve Top by Alo Yoga / 2. Interlace Tank by Alo Yoga / 3. ENZO Hoodie from NSF / 4. Tied Up Leggings by Blue Life / 5. Lace Up Sweats from Monrow / 6. Marissa Sweatshirt by Chichi

I love this trend—especially a top with a big chunky lace-up like the Alo Yoga one above (#1). The side lace-up of the NSF hoodie (#3) is another twist on the trend I can’t get enough of.


1. Ground Anorak Jacket by KORAL / 2. Surrender Bra by Chill by Will / 3. Rose Leggings by Carbon38 / 4. Takara Leggings by Carbon38 / 5. Lustrous Legging by KORAL / 6. Metallic Woven Jacket by Alala

I’ve been seeing a ton of leggings with a metallic sheen lately. And because the moto style is always a favorite, I especially love the Rose leggings (#3).

Cropped Sweatshirts

1. Logo Boxy Cropped Hoodie by Ivy Park / 2. Where I’m At Hoodie by Free People / 3. Dry Top Long Sleeve by Nike / 4. Stance Hoodie by Alala / 5. Oversized Crop Hoodie by Monrow

Throwing a cropped sweatshirt over a tank and high-waist leggings is perfect for walking to and from the gym. Bell sleeve are another fall trend I’m loving so the Stance Hoodie (#4) is a standout for me.

Cut-Out Elbows & Knees

1. Axel Hoodie by LNA / 2. Ajax Legging by Olympia / 3. Open Elbow Cardigan by LNA

LNA is the king of cut-outs and I’m especially loving them around the elbows and knees. I’m curious how functional cutout knees are during a workout (can anyone confirm if it’s comfortable?) but in long-sleeves and sweaters I’m all-in.

What fall trends are you loving?

Spring Stitch Fix Review: 3 Keepers

In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

Links to Stitch Fix and outfit details throughout this post are affiliate.

It’s been forever since I’ve shared a style post on the blog (Pumps & Iron should just be Pumping Iron at this point) so I thought it’d be fun to show you guys a few pieces from my two most recent Stitch Fix deliveries. I get a fix every other month so this spring Stitch Fix review is of keepers from April and June.

I mentioned in past posts that I increased my price ranges in my Stitch Fix profile. The great thing about that is I’m getting high quality pieces from brands I know and love. The downside is that I typically can only afford to keep one or two items from each fix. That’s not really a downside though as I have more of a quality-over-quantity attitude about my wardrobe—a necessity when you share a closet with your boyfriend in a small city apartment.

Spring Stitch Fix Review

The Charlie High Rise Skinny Jean by Joe’s Jeans

In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

OUTFIT DETAILS | Hummingbird bodysuit via Stitch Fix // Urban Outfitters sunglasses // Joe’s Jeans via Stitch Fix (also available in a cropped version) // Street Level bag via Stitch Fix // Steve Madden strappy heels

I usually get designer jeans from Nordstrom Rack (it’s so hard to justify paying full-price when you can always find them on sale!), but when I tried these on from my April fix delivery, it was one of those don’t-care-what-the-price-tag-says-I-need-these moments. They’re just so comfortable! And ripped! And actually long enough for me! Worth the $150 because I wear them at least twice a week.

High Rise Button-Up White Jeans by Pistola

OUTFIT DETAILS | MODA International blouse — super old, but Revolve has a ton of adorable floral blouses (one of each, please) // Pistola jeans via Stitch Fix // Kork-Ease heels — old, but this pair is cute, too!

White jeans have a lifespan of about one summer with me (note to self: stop wearing them to The Chicken Box). And true to form, these white jeans from two summers ago are now stained and ready to be retired. These new white jeans have a cute frayed hem and a button fly which is a super cute detail if paired with a cropped top or bodysuit. This is my second pair of Pistola jeans from Stitch Fix now and I’m a big fan of the brand. More affordable than other designers (around $80) and have a lot of stretch to them. In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them. In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

OUTFIT DETAILS | Pistola jeans via Stitch Fix // adidas sneakers // a shirt I stole from Joe (haha)

White jeans are great for dressing up and down. I like wearing them with longer shirts like this plaid one I stole from Joe’s side of the closet because then when I inevitably sit down on dirty benches or the grass I have a layer of protection over my white pants. 😉

Ruffle Bodysuit by Hummingbird

In this spring Stitch Fix review, I'm sharing the three keepers from my latest fixes and how to style them.

I’m obsessed with this bodysuit and the best part? Under $30! It’d look so cute with high waist shorts, a maxi skirt or jeans. Because the ruffled part is fairly long, I don’t have to wear a bra with it which is the real standout feature—anyone else thing strapless bras are the devil’s handiwork? Can’t. Stand. Them.

If you like these occasional style posts, let me know! I honestly don’t shop frequently enough anymore to do these all the time (unless you guys are into seeing me in the same shirt and jeans every day haha), but I’d be down to get my fake model on every other week or so.

I highly doubt the dads of America are spending their Sunday reading a Stitch Fix post on Pumps & Iron, but if any are: Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

Memorial Day Activewear Sales

Save on activewear from Bandier and other brands with these Memorial Day Sales

1. Body Language Sculpt Leggings // 2. The Upside Sailor Alex Crop Bra // 3. Alo High Waist Moto Leggings (been dying for a pair of these for a while now—I’m pulling the trigger!) // 4. Monrow Athletic Knit Sweater // 5. P.E Nation Sprint Leggings // 6. Nesh Luxe Hooded Wrap // 7. Body Language Kai Leggings

Heads up, this post is loaded with affiliate and referral links. They don’t change what you pay for *anything*; they just give me a little kickback for referring you. 🙂  

Anyone have fun plans for Memorial Day? I’m heading home to the Vineyard tomorrow and can’t wait! The past couple summers, Joe and I have had so many weddings that I haven’t been able to spend as much time on the island as I’d like. This summer we have none (say whaaaaa?!) so I plan to get home as many weekends as possible. Fingers crossed for sunny weather and lots of time away from the computer, but with Monday looking a little rainy, I thought I’d roundup some Memorial Day sales going on to ease your online shopping. These are all good now through Monday night. And real quick before we get to those …

Save Even More with Ebates

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend signing up for Ebates. When you shop certain sites online (a TON of sites are included in this) you get cash back on your purchases. Sometimes it’s minimal (like 1%) but sometimes you can get 10%+ cash back on stuff you’d be buying anyway. I did all my Christmas shopping online this year and got over $200 cash back—YASS. I recommend installing their toolbar button on your browser after you sign up. That way you don’t have to go to Ebates first and click to the site from there. You just go to the site you want to shop and if there’s an Ebates deal available, it’ll pop up in the corner. So much more convenient! Sign up here.

Memorial Day Sales to Shop

  • 20-60% off at Bandier | The code MEMORIAL20 gets you 20% off select full-price items and 60% off markdowns—yes, please! The above collage is of some of my favorites. You can shop individual pieces with the links directly below it or browse the whole sale here. Ebates users get an additional 1.5% cash back. 
  • 30% off Orders over $50 at Almondon | I discovered Almondon through the Yoga By Candace Mantra Box and only have one top from them (so far) but wear it all the time! It’s this high-neck white shirt that ties in the back. Their sports bras look adorable, too. Use code 30MEM17 at checkout.
  • 15% off New Balance | New Balance gear is hit-or-miss with me, but I can not recommend their Newbury leggings high enough. These are among the most flattering, comfortable leggings I own. Ebates users get an additional 5% cash back. 
  • 20% off Sweaty Betty | Use code MDAY20 to get 20% off your order at Sweaty Betty. Ebates users get an additional 5% cash back. 
  • 25% off Sale Items at Free People | I have a couple pieces from Free People’s activewear line and think they’re adorable (these leggings are my jam). They don’t have a ton of activewear pieces included in their sale but a bunch of cute everyday clothes!
  • 30% off Gilt City | Use the code WKND30. I like checking Gilt City from time to time to see if any local fitness studios are offering sales. I’m hoping Exhale does one soon—I love their outdoor yoga classes in the summer! Ebates users get an additional 3% cash back.

Enjoy your weekend!