Stitch Fix Review – Help Me Decide What to Keep!

Stitch Fix Review

Hello from the air! Guess who has the ENTIRE ROW OF SEATS TO HERSELF?! When I arrived at the gate this morning I noticed it didn’t seem to crowded, but I wouldn’t let my mind even entertain the possibility. No, don’t even think it. As I boarded the plane and slowly made my way down the aisle, eyes scanning the rows of seats just lightly peppered with passengers, I again told my brain to shut up. Stop–STOP!–you’ll jinx it. I approach row 26. I double check my ticket. I double check that I’m actually at row 26. I triple check. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

I put my bag overhead and sit down, eyes fixed on the passengers who have yet to claim their seat. What if?! A women juggling two small children and a bag that definitely exceeds carry-on size ungracefully thuds down the aisle towards me. Sonofabitch. She glances down at her ticket. She glances up at the row numbers. A single bead of sweat drips from my left armpit.

She walks passed.

GOOOOAAALLLL!!! I silently cheer with the enthusiasm (and accent) of a European soccer announcer.

Just a few more unseated passengers to survive. The possibility is too real now. I need this. This row is mine. Still, I dare not buckle my seatbelt just yet.

Next to approach: Middle-aged man resembling a short Brian Cranston. I can’t help it–I’m glaring. I dare you to have seat in row 26 you blue meth-cooking motherfucker. Again, THAT PAUSE. That awful pause where he looks down at his boarding pass and up at the row number. It lasts a lifetime.

Row 25.

YAAASSSSS!!!! I’ve gone from Real Madrid’s number one fan-turned-announcer to RuPaul watching a flawless lip sync of Cher’s Believe.

Last passenger to board. Twenty-something blonde girl. Looks clean, doesn’t take up much space, only a small purse with her. I can’t help but think it wouldn’t be bad to share a row with her. You shut up you quitter! Stop that right now! Manifest this empty row, damnit!! Back on track.

I’m trying to visualize my empty row all to myself as she approaches.  Are my eyes closed? Are my hands held together at my chest in prayer? Am I chanting “empty row”? Are people staring? I’m too focused to know.

She walks passed row 24.

She slows at row 25.

She stops at row 26.


So here I am. Sprawled out in my row, belongings unnecessarily strewn across the vacant seats, all three tray tables down, shoes off, fly unzipped. Life is good my friends. Life. Is. Good.

Stitch Fix Review

Welp this post got off track.

I’m doing things a little differently with this Stitch Fix post because I am having the hardest time deciding what to keep. Help me! I got an awesome Stitch Fix but it was also uncharacteristically expensive. Each item was in the $120-$230 range. I designated a pretty wide price range when I made my SF profile because the older I get the more I appreciate quality over quantity. I’d rather own fewer things and have those few things be high-quality pieces that I love and wear all the time. So I’m not frustrated by this fix–I’m excited by the caliber!

That being said, I should only buy one of the five items from my fix. Which one?? Help me decide!

Greylin Tremaine Off The Shoulder Top ($118)

Greylin Tremaine Off the Shoulder Top from Stitch Fix

Such a cute warm-weather top! The boho-meets-preppy vibe is the perfect mix of my personal style with classic New England summer attire. If I’m being picky though, I don’t think it’s super flattering from the side? I don’t have big boobs by any means, but I find that having any sort of chest in flowy tops like this can make you look bigger than you are. Not a big deal I guess if you pair it with a skinny jean/shorts or have your hair up to show off your shoulders.

Yumi Kim Hidee Silk Midi Dress ($228)

Yumi Kim Hidee Silk Midi Dress from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix carries Yumi Kim?? I usually don’t recognize the brands I get in my fixes so this was a cool surprise! The dress is gorgeous and could be a good option for a wedding/bridal shower/other event that requires me to dress on the conservative side (haha). Usually when I spend over $200 on a dress, I’m drawn to stand-out pieces though. Something that has a wow-factor (unique cut-out, open back, bold slit, etc.). This doesn’t have that, but on the plus side, I could definitely wear it on more than one occasion.

Rory Beca Alecia Off Shoulder Dress ($184)

Rory Beca Alecia Off Shoulder Dress from Stitch Fix

Hmm I adore this dress is pictures. In person I found it to be a little shapeless though? But now I love it??

Cooper & Ella Bakari Lace Back Detail Blouse ($158)

Cooper & Ella Bakari Lace Back Detail Blouse from Stitch Fix

I think this blouse is one of the front runners for me? The pictures don’t do the quality of the material justice–it’s awesome. And I think I’d get a ton of use from it because it can be dressed up or down pretty easily. But my entire wardrobe is black and white. Maybe I should switch it up?

Lavender Brown Elanor Lace Overlay Top ($134)

Lavender Brown Elanor Lace Overlay Top from Stitch Fix

Another boho-preppy piece. This would be a great summer go-to and could be paired with a blazer for dressier occasions so I know I’d get a ton of wear from it. But it’s not a “wow” piece so maybe I stick to one of the other items? Decisions, decisions.

Side note: If you’re a Stitch Fix member and want to request any of these items, the best way to do it is to pin one of the above images to the Pinterest board to which your SF account is linked. I’ve included the item name in the picture description so that when you pin it should automatically fill in the info.

Which one of the five pieces should I keep??


Heads up! Links to Stitch Fix in this post are affiliate. 🙂


A Day in My Shoes (+Stitch Fix Giveaway!)

Stitch Fix giveawayIf you’ve been a reader for a while now, you know I’m a huge fan of Stitch Fix, the personal style delivery service. Well it just got even better because now they include shoes! They’ll offer brands you know (Dolce Vita, Seychelles, Franco Sarto, TOMS, etc.), as well as some exclusive styles just for Stitch Fix. They carry sizes 6-10 (with half sizes) and the assortment of over 200 styles for spring will assure there’s an option for every budget, taste and lifestyle.


In celebration, Stitch Fix asked me to put together a “day in my shoes” post. I always love getting a glimpse into other bloggers’ day-to-day schedule so I thought this would be fun. One thing I love about my job(s) is that no two days look the same. I may be spending the day shooting workout pictures or spending the day at my computer. One day I might be cooking up a storm and photographing food, the next writing posts in between teaching classes. This is a general idea of what my weekdays look like …

5:00 AM Wake Up

FWIS-SlippersThe puppy slippers aren’t just a cutesy blogger photo prop–my feet are permanently cold so I tuck them into a pair of slippers or socks immediately after hopping out of bed. Joe is still sleeping so I usually rummage around our studio apartment using my iPhone as a flashlight until I can find some workout leggings to wear, brush my teeth, and then quietly sneak out the door. I’m about as low maintenance as it gets–to the point where “low maintenance” is becoming a euphemism for “slob” (haha).

6:00 – 9:00 AM Teach


shoes are SeaVees from Stitch Fix! + leggings are Michi

If I’m teaching at the Back Bay studio, I’ll walk over; otherwise I hop on the T around 5:20 AM to head to the North End. I teach barefoot or in grippy socks so I usually just wear a pair of easy slip-on shoes to and from the studio. Oh, hello, new SeaVees! 🙂


9:00 – 10:00 AM (ish) Workout

Classes at BTone are stacked so that I teach two or three back-to-back. If there’s another class immediately after I teach, I’ll stay and take it. megaformer-feet

Otherwise, I’ll get my own workout in elsewhere. That could mean strapping on a pair of running shoes, spin shoes, cross training sneakers or going barefoot. I’m always switching up my workouts. Lately I’ve been spinning at least once a week to get in cardio without the impact of running (gotta save my knees for those long runs!). FWIS-spin-shoes

10:30 – 6:00 PM Werkwerkwerkwerkwerk

Side note: I’m pretty confident I have the lyrical prowess to write Rihanna’s next smash hit single. Work work work work work summadumma derkderkderkderkderk. Or the vintage classic: I want that cake cake cake cake cake cake cake, cake cake cake cake cake cake. Stitch Fix giveaway

Anyway, shoes. Like I mentioned earlier, blog work varies from day to day. Some days it means sitting at home in my pajamas answering emails and categorizing site tags but that doesn’t make for a very glamorous blog post now does it?? 😉 While it is possible to do 95% of blogging right from my apartment, I like to take my work elsewhere at least a couple times a week so that I don’t go stir-crazy. Also, this may sound odd, but sometimes I swear I’m more productive if I get dressed (in real clothes, not pajamas), look like a fully functioning member of society, and surround myself by other people working. Anyone else feel that way?

After a post-workout shower, I’ll throw on a casual outfit and head to a nearby coffee shop or the Boston Public Library (<– on warm spring days nothing beats working in the BPL’s courtyard!). Stitch Fix giveaway

This outfit is literally head-to-toe Stitch Fix! SeaVees shoes, Mystery sweater, Mavi jeans, Pomelo jacket and I can’t find the bag brand name. The best way to request anything you see on blogs is to pin the picture to the Pinterest board you’ve shared with your Stitch Fix stylist.

Early Evening Blog Events, Yoga or Read

Some evenings I’ll have a blog event to go to (a sponsored group fitness class, dinner, meet-up, etc.) or, if I’ve spent all day at my computer, I’ll try to go to a late yoga class or do a YouTube flow on my own at home. If either of those doesn’t happen, I’ll do a little reading.

9/10:00 PM Bedtime

If I’m teaching the next morning, I do my best to go to bed at 9. That doesn’t always work out though. Some nights Joe doesn’t get home until 9 and let’s just say he’s not exactly quiet (ha!).

$100 Stitch Fix Credit Giveaway

And now to the fun part! One lucky reader will win $100 in Stitch Fix credit! To enter the giveaway, update your shoe preferences in your Stitch Fix style profile. You’ll see a space to enter your shoe size once you click on your style profile tab. If you don’t already have one, it’s free to sign up and fill out the style profile. Let me know you’ve updated your profile using the widget below. I’ll pick a winner Sunday. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure: The links to Stitch Fix in this post are affiliate. Stitch Fix compensated me to share the exciting news about offering shoes but–as always!–all opinions are my own. I’ve seriously worn these SeaVees every day since they arrived–obsessed! 🙂


Activewear Haul: Spiritual Gangster, Kohl’s, Lululemon + More

Activewear HaulHope everyone is enjoying the last day of their weekend! I just got back from a 10-mile training run and am now looking forward to a good ol’ Netflix binge.

Since I basically live in yoga pants and sports bras, I thought it’d be a fun monthly feature to highlight some of the activewear pieces and brands that I’m currently wearing on heavy rotation. I’ve also got a fun giveaway for you at the bottom of the post so that you can expand your own workout wardrobe. Kohl’s has a huge selection of panties to go with any pair of workout bottoms you choose and they’re giving one of you a $50 gift card!

Look 1

Sweaty Betty, Reebok, Nike and Frans

TANK | c/o Sweaty Betty – I feel a little silly wearing this tank because it says “California Girl” on the front and I’m about as East Coast as it gets, but I just adore the cut of the top so whateverrrrr.

BRA | Nike

LEGGINGS | c/o Reebok – Don’t you love it when you find an item of clothing at the bottom of your closet that you totally forgot about and instantly fall back in love?? I rediscovered these lightweight crops and have been wearing them a ton, pulling a pair of leg warmers on top while walking to and from the studio.

SNEAKERS | Nike Free Distance – I’ve switched my sneakers a couple times at the beginning of marathon training trying to find the perfect pair, and these are the winners. They have the lightweight, minimalist flexibility of the Nike Free line with the added cushioning needed for long distances. I love them!

HEADPHONES | Frends – These are a splurge for sure but I love them for traveling or getting around the city (I don’t workout in them). To me they’re like a piece of jewelry that plays music–best accessory!

Look 2

Spiritual Gangster, New Balance and Lululemon

TANK | Spiritual Gangster Elephants Tank c/o Shopbop

BRA | Crop Racerback c/o New Balance – This is technically a cropped shirt but I’ve been wearing it as a bra. Obsessed with the lace band and strap back detail.

LEGGINGS | Pace Tight c/o Lululemon

BRACELETS | c/o Stephie Chic

Look 3

ToeSox, Booty by Brabants, Fabletics, Reebok and Nike

TANK | Fabletics Twist Back – Last year, Fabletics had a long-sleeve version of this top which I loved but it always fell off my shoulders. The tank version has the thin piece of fabric holding the two sides together so it’s cute and functional.

BRA | Reebok

LEGGINGS | Booty by Brabants – These are my FOURTH pair of BBB leggings. Safe to say I’m obsessed. The texture is so comfortable and flattering. They’re one size fits all, so while I have seen women of all shapes and sizes rocking them, I will warn that when you bend over they can be a little see-through if you’re not petite. Doesn’t stop me from wearing a pair every single day but just throwing out the heads up. 😉

LEG WARMERS | Thigh Highs c/o ToeSox – I love how leg warmers look, but their function is what has made them a staple while teaching. Demoing moves on the hard floor at Btone bothers my knees and I’ve found having the leg warmers as extra padding makes it a million times better.

SNEAKERS | Nike Free Run 5

Win a $50 Kohl's Gift CardTo wear under my leggings, Kohl’s let me select some undies from their massive women’s selection. I can’t stand excess fabric and unflattering panty lines when I’m wearing tight pants/leggings so stuck to browsing their selection of thongs and went with the Maidenform Dream Lace-Trim in three colors. Kohl’s is actually having their semi-annual sale right now through 3/23 and if you use the code INTIMATES10 you’ll get $10 off an underwear order of $40+.

Kohl’s $50 Gift Card Giveaway

In addition to their sale, Kohl’s generously supplied me with a gift card for one of you! To enter to win, leave a comment on this blog post telling me what piece and/or brand of activewear you’re currently wearing on heavy rotation. Use the widget below to record your entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck! I’ll pick a winner Wednesday night.


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but Kohl’s did provide me with the $50 reader gift card as well as a gift of my own. Thanks, Kohl’s! Most product links throughout the post are affiliate. Thanks for your support! 🙂