Resistance Band Loop Glutes Workout

Resistance Band Loop Glutes Workout

This post is sponsored by Nike. All opinions—as always!—are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible. 🙂

Last week I asked what equipment you’d like to see incorporated into workouts this year and while I got a lot of great suggestions, resistance bands definitely topped the list. Today’s resistance band loop workout will target your glutes and is structured similarly to how I’d teach a class at Btone. We’ll do a few exercises on each leg and within the exercises, I’ll guide you through a series of holds, pulses and variations. Because of that, I’d definitely recommend following along with the video this week!

Before we get to the glute burnout though, I want to share some goodies from my latest activewear haul. Nike’s Last Chance Sale is going on through 1/16 and you can get up to 50% off last season’s styles. I snagged a couple awesome pieces from the sale and some other cute items as well.

Resistance Band Loop Glutes Workout

I was looking for a good cross-training sneaker for HIIT and bootcamp workouts and am loving the Metcon DSK Flyknit 2. It has a snug, supportive fit and I love the padding behind the heel. Nike always delivers when it comes to appearance of their sneakers and this is no exception—super stylish and I’ve already gotten lots of compliments on them. The new Metcon 4 is really cute, too!

The Power Legendary Training Tights I’m wearing fit like a glove and the slightly thicker material makes them perfect for this cold winter weather. I love high-rise everything and you really can’t go wrong with a good pair of black leggings. These are currently on sale so snag ’em while you can!

Lastly, I’m wearing the Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Training Top, with which I am totally obsessed. It’s a little warmer than regular t-shirt material, but not as heavy as a sweatshirt and I love the cropped length. It comes in a light blue color too, which I totally would have gotten if it was available in my size.

Check out my whole Nike haul below:

Nike Activewear Picks

1. Nike Pro Women’s Training Shorts // 2. Dri-Fit Training Tank (on sale for $14.97!) // 3. Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Training Top // 4. Sportswear Rally Fleece Pants (I’m obsessed with these cozy sweats—wear them literally every day!) // 5. Power Legendary High Rise Training Tights (on sale for $64.97!) // 6. Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 Training Shoe

If I were to pick a favorite, I’d point you in the direction of the fleece sweatpants. I wear them over my leggings on cold days walking to and from my workout and then wear them on their own when I’m working from home. I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t worn them since they arrived so … yeah, I should probably wash them soon. 😉

Resistance Band Loop Glutes Workout

In this workout, you have three single-leg exercises and then you’ll center out with a bridge hold. It’ll take you just over 10 minutes to complete and while it’s low-impact, you’ll still feel that burn by the end!


  • Medium resistance band loop (choose a resistance that fits your fitness level and height—you need to be able to get your leg straight with it looped around your feet)
  • Exercise mat
  • Towel for knee padding

Resistance Band Loop Glutes Workout

You’ll spend 90 seconds on the Donkey Kicks and Hydrant Kicks, with holds and pulse combos mixed in throughout that time. The Bent Leg Pulses are done for 60 seconds and meant to be a burnout finisher. You then flip over into a Hip Bridge and that’s held for 75 seconds with pulses mixed in. Follow along with the video embedded above!

Resistance Band Loop Glutes Workout

Let me know how the workout goes and don’t forget to check out the Nike sale before it ends!

xo Nicole

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)

Today’s 20 minute full body workout coming to you later in the day than planned because I spent a solid two hours uploading the wrong video to YouTube (go me!). Hope you enjoy it and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my channel. 🙂

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)


This workout consists of high-intensity bodyweight tabatas and circuits with weights. You’ll alternate between the two: tabata, weight circuit, tabata, weight circuit. A tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. For this workout, you’ll do four exercises, cycling through them twice. For the weighted circuit, you do each exercise for 60 seconds and complete all six exercises back to back with no rest.

As with all workouts, always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed. Make sure to properly warm up beforehand and take time to cool down and stretch afterwards.

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)


Truck Driver Squats | Start standing with weight at chest. Squat down. Holding low in your squat, press the weight in front of you at chest height. Twist the weight to the left then to the right. Return to center, pull weight back into chest and stand up.

Curls to Balance (Right) | Start in a split lunge with right foot forward and ball of the left foot planted behind you. Holding low in your lunge, do two biceps curls. With weights by your side, shift your weight forward into the right heel as you hinge forward with your torso, bringing you left leg off the ground (picture your body is like a seesaw with your right leg as the base). Make sure you keep a soft bend to your right knee as you do this. Pause in the position and then return back to your low lunge stance.

Curls to Balance (Left)

Shoulder Hinge to Press | Start standing with one weight in each hand and you elbows bent to 90 degrees at your sides (as if you were doing a hammer curl). From here, lift your elbows up wide to shoulder height, maintaining the 90-degree bend at the elbows (at top, weights and elbows will be at shoulder height). From here, rotate to a goal post position, raising the weights up, still keeping the 90-degree bend. From here, do two shoulder presses. Reverse the motion back down to starting position.

Crossbody Squats | Start in a wide-stance low squat with toes turned slightly outward and weights at shoulders. As you drive up from your low squat, pivot onto the ball of your right foot and twist to the left as you press the weight in your right hand overhead. Return back down to squat and repeat in the opposite direction.

Sit Ups | Sit on the floor with one dumbbell at your chest and the other between your feet (that’ll help you stay in position). Do traditional sit-ups, lowering and lifting your back off the floor, keeping the weight touching your chest the whole time (resist the urge to press it away from your body for leverage).


Chest-to-Floor Burpees | Jump up into the air, arms overhead. Land and squat down, bringing hands to the floor. Jump feet back to plank and as you do, lower your body with control to the floor. Press back up to your feet.

Plank Jack to Bear | Start in a plank position with feet hip’s width apart. Jump your feet out wide, back to starting position, and then bend your knees, hopping your feet under your hips in a tabletop position. Jump them back out to starting position.

Squat Jack to Star Jump | Start in a narrow squat with feet close together. Staying low, jump your feet out wide then back to starting position. From here, jump up into the air, reaching your arms and legs wide in a star position. Land back down in your narrow squat.

Crab Kicks | These should burn those triceps! Start in a flipped tabletop position. Feet under knees, wrists under shoulders with fingers pointing forward. Kick one leg up straight as you bend your elbows. Switch the kick over to the other side, straightening arms, lifting hips and then landing down in the dip.

20-Minute Full Body Workout (High/Low Intensity and High/Low Weights)

WEARING: Nike Dri-FIT Training tank (currently on sale!) / Crane & Lion leggings (available in a different color) / Nike TR Flex Supreme sneaker (old, but check out the newest versions of this sneaker here)

Let me know in the comments what equipment you’d like to see in workout videos this year! I’m thinking of buying a step bench, and have already gotten requests for more resistance band workouts. 🙂

xo Nicole

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On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes (+$100 VISA Giveaway!)

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

This post is sponsored by ASICS. All opinions—as always!—are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible. 🙂

Let’s talk about running. After finishing the 2016 Boston Marathon, I had zero motivation to go for even a short run. Here and there I’d go out for 3-5 miles when the weather was nice, and some of those easy runs left me with the itch to get back into it, but ultimately it hasn’t been a regular part of my workout routine in the last year and a half. At least, not on its own.

Now I find I really enjoy incorporating shorter, quicker run intervals into strength-training workouts. It’s a far cry from the slow, steady long-distance runs I used to do. I go to Barry’s Bootcamp classes once a week, and love incorporating a similar format into at-home workouts as well, taking the running portion outside. During all the holiday travel, when I’m at my parents’ place or Joe’s mom’s, sometimes running and bodyweight exercises are all I have at my disposal—but that’s plenty! The treadmill workout I’m sharing with you below could also be done outside on a track or really anywhere if you have a watch or app that’ll track your mileage.

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

Before we get to the workout, let’s talk about running shoes. ASICS sent me the newest model of one of their most-loved running shoes: the Nimbus20. If you’re looking for a more supportive sneaker, I think this would be a great choice! The FlyteFoam® cushioning provides a bit of bounce, making for a comfortable run—something that’s really important to me now. I used to be convinced that the more barefoot-feel running shoes were better for my gait, but they did a number on my feet. After every run, my feet would ache. I do still look for lightweight shoes (which these are!), but they need some cushion. On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

Overall, the improved fit of the Nimbus20 is great. I have a narrow foot, but these fit like a glove. That supported feel comes from ASICS FluidFit® upper technology, which combines stretch mesh and reinforcements that adapt to your foot. The use of seamless materials further adds to the comfortable fit of this sneaker.

Last but not least, I love that they come in black. It might be trivial, but I love a sleek, simple sneaker that goes with everything. Yes, function is the most important thing, but as a wannabe sneakerhead, I appreciate appearance when walking to and from the gym.

As the holiday season comes to an end, I’ve got one more gift to give. ASICS is providing one of my readers with a $100 VISA gift card (entry rules at the bottom of this post). Maybe you even treat yo’self to some new running sneakers with the winnings. 😉

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

As the title implies, we’ll be hopping on and off the treadmill for this workout. If you want to do the running portions outside, you’ll need either a track or a watch/app that calculates your mileage. You’ll do two treadmill sets and two bodyweight circuit sets, alternating between the two. If you’re looking for a longer workout, repeat a third time.

As with all workouts, make sure you’re properly warmed up beforehand. Always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed. Exercise details below the pictures.

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes


The treadmill portions of this workout are set up like an EMOM (every minute on the minute) except it’s every two minutes. When the clock starts, you’ll run a quarter mile as quickly as you can—I’m talking sprint/push pace. When you hit that .25 distance, recover (walk or, if you’re an advanced runner, jog) the remainder of the two-minute interval. As soon as the clock hits 2:00, you’re off again, running another quarter mile as fast as you can. You do that three times total (6 minutes) before hopping off the treadmill for the bodyweight circuit.

To give you an idea of how hard you need to push yourself: If you run at 10mph, it’ll take you 90 seconds to complete a quarter mile, giving you 30 seconds to recover (walk or jog). I was able to do the first one at 10mph and then for the second two, I started at 10mph and dropped down to 9mph towards the end. If these speeds seem way too fast for your current running level, don’t fret! Increase the interval to give yourself enough time (every 2.5 minutes or even every 3 minutes). It *should* be challenging though. You *should* feel like you barely had enough time to recover. The goal is to push yourself, so adjust accordingly.


Complete the following circuit as quickly as you can (without sacrificing proper form!).

  • 20 reps Back Lunge to Lunge Hop (Right) | Keeping your right foot planted on the floor, step your left foot back into a lunge. From that low lunge position, hop both feet a few inches off the ground, landing softly back in that low lunge. Keeping weight in the right foot, stand and bring your left knee up to your chest.
  • 20 reps Side Lunge to Knee Up (Right) | Step your right foot out wide to the side, bending the knee and sliding your hips back into a side lunge. This is your starting position. Keeping your left leg straight, push off the right foot, coming into the air high enough to crunch the right knee in to meet your hands at chest height. Land back down low in your side lunge.
  • 20 reps Back Lunge to Lunge Hop (Left) 
  • 20 reps Side Lunge to Knee Up (Left) 
  • 20 reps Jump Squat with Pulse | Squat down low, weight in your heels, core engaged, butt and hips down and back, chest open. Do a pulse in this low squat position then jump up into the air. Land back softly in your low squat position.

$100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway

–UPDATE: Giveaway has closed and winner has been e-mailed—thanks for entering!–

To celebrate the GEL-Nimbus20, ASICS is generously offering one lucky reader a $100 VISA Gift Card! To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post. In the comment, tell me what you’d buy from ASICS if you won. I’ll pick a winner Tuesday evening, January 2nd (date has been extended because of the holidays). Open to US residents only (sorry, International friends—next time!).

On-And-Off Treadmill Workout for Legs & Glutes

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ASICS. The opinions and text are all mine.