The 10 Most Popular Workouts on Pinterest

I’ve been blogging for almost five years now, but the first couple it was really just a side hobby that I’d work on in my spare time for fun. In the back of my mind I might have fantasized about doing it as a full-time job, but it never seemed like a realistic option. And it would have remained that way if it weren’t for Pinterest.

When my first workout pictorial went viral on Pinterest (#7 on this list), it both excited and terrified me. Someone’s commenting on my blog other than my mom?! Who are all these people?! Where is this traffic coming from?! And then a coworker stopped me in the office (yes, in a past life I had a real 9-to-5) and said she saw a picture of me on Pinterest. I was mortified. My secret little hobby was now out in the open and while I was excited to see all the new traffic, I was also insanely insecure about it. One part of me wanted to delete everything, but that little voice in the back of my head that had fantasized about blogging as a full-time job was now going hmmm this shit might actually be possible. 

I’ll stop my trip down memory lane there, but if you’re curious about the rest of the story, I wrote about that transition here. Bottom line: I owe Pinterest and everyone who has pinned my workout tutorials a lot of gratitude. Since I didn’t get the chance to post a new workout this week, I decided to round up the 10 most popular workouts from the archives, as determined by Pinterest. Give one of them a try this week!

10 Most Popular Workouts on Pinterest

10. Med Ball Core Workout

176,000 repins

Med ball, 20-minute circuit

You’ll do eight exercises, each for 30 seconds back-to-back. Rest and repeat the circuit a total of four times.

9. Chair Workout

206,000 repins

Two chairs (or benches), 30-minute interval circuit

Let’s talk about that spelling error in the above graphic. “Tricept.” Because obviously there’s a silent “t” at the end of the word. Woof. This is a full body circuit workout that uses a 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off format.

8. Upper Body Hand Weight Workout (Emphasis on Shoulders)

231,000 repins

Light weights, 12 minutes long

This is a high rep, low weight workout similar to an arm section you would do in a barre or spin class. Don’t be fooled by the little weights–it BURNS.

7. Medicine Ball Interval Workout 

245,000 repins

Medicine ball, 30-minute HIIT format

Aw my first ever workout post. So many feels with this one! This is a total body workout that’ll take you 30 minutes. It uses a 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off format.

6. 8-Minute Abs 2.0

263,000 repins

No equipment needed

wearing old Nike leggings, shop current selection

This was a remake of the famous 8-minute abs from the late 80s with different exercises. Quick and great as a finisher to a longer workout.

5. Quick Upper Body + Core Workout (Perfect to Pair with Running)

294,000 repins

Light/medium set of weights, 15 minutes

This 15-minute workout focuses on upper body and core.

4. Core Couch Workout

309,000 repins

Medium/heavy weight (dumbbell or med ball) optional, 12-min of intervals

What does it say about America that a workout you can do on the couch is in the top five?! *cry-laughing emoji* This could just as easily been named “bench workout” — you need an elevated surface but not necessarily a couch.

3. 30-Minute At-Home Workout

321,000 repins

Medium weights, a chair/stepper/bench

This workout is broken up into six 5-minute AMRAPs. Each AMRAP focuses on a different muscle group. Because the focus changes every five minutes, you definitely don’t get bored with this one!

2. Arm (+Core) Workout with Hand Weights

425,000 repins

Light/medium hand weights, 12-18 minutes long

Ok I have to call myself out because this is actually a great opportunity to talk about proper form in plank position. I have a tendency to lock out my arms and hyperextend through the elbow (I catch myself doing it in Downward Dog all the time!) and the below picture from this workout is a good visual of what NOT to do when you’re in a plank. When I lock out my elbows notice how they extend inward? All it takes to correct that is a softening of the joint. Force the muscles to work and add just that teeny, tiny, invisible bend to the elbows while in high plank. 

On a side note: Look how short my hair was!! Never again.

1. 5-to-50 Ab Workout

466,000 repins

Medium weight (for one of the exercises–could totally just do bodyweight, too)

Almost a half MILLION people have this workout saved to their Pinterest boards?? Cray. In this workout, you have 10 core exercises and you do 5 reps of the first, 10 reps of the second, and so on up to 50 reps of the last move.

Oh boy. This roundup was like a trip down memory lane of every apartment and neighborhood in which I’ve ever lived.

Have you tried any of these workouts? Which was your favorite? Want me to make video versions of any of them?

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 5)

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 5)On the fifth and final Monday of January, I bring you the last of the superset pyramid workout series! OK it’s Tuesday, but close enough. I got the video up on YouTube late last night so that counts?

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 5)

For this workout, you’ll do 10 reps of each exercise, then 9 reps of each, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. You’ll go through it as quickly as possible without sacrificing proper form. Make sure to warm up beforehand.
Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 5)

Side to Side Plank Jumps | Start in a plank position with hands aligned under shoulders. Jump both feet up towards the outside of your right hand and then quickly back to a plank. Repeat to the outside of the left hand and then back to plank. That’s one rep.

*Modification tip* Try placing your hands on yoga blocks (hands on the widest side of them for stability) as you do these. Elevating your hands just those extra couple inches will make a big difference!

Sump Squat Jump with Lateral Leg Lift | Squat jump, leg lift, squat jump, leg lift. Feet a little wider than hip-distance apart, squat down low, weight in heels, toes angled outward. Drive up, straightening your legs as you jump into the air. Land softly, sinking fluidly right back down into a low squat. Shift your weight into the left side and, staying as low as you can (it’s natural for the left leg to straighten a little, but don’t come out of the bent knee all the way), lift the right leg straight up and out to the side, squeezing into your side butt (abductors if we’re being fancy). Lower it, bringing your weight back to center in that deep squat. Repeat sequence from the top, jumping right up into your next squat jump, this time doing the leg lift to the left.

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 5)

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Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 4)

Four down, one week to go! Of the superset pyramids we’ve done this month, today’s went by the quickest for me. It would make for a great workout finisher or is the perfect option on those days you “don’t have time” to workout.

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 4)

Equipment I Used

For this workout, you’ll have two exercises that you’ll go through in a pyramid structure. You’ll do 10 reps of each, then 9 reps, then 8, 7 … finishing with 1 rep of each. The goal is to complete the pyramid of reps as fast as you can without sacrificing proper form. In the video, I go over ways to modify the two exercises to make it suitable for all levels. Be sure to warm up beforehand.

Forearm Plank to Pike to Reptile Crunch Slides | Start in a forearm plank with feet on sliders. Keeping your legs straight, pike your hips up into the air as high as you can, sliding your body into an upside-down “v” shape. Return your hips back down to plank position and then do a reptile crunch to each side, sliding your right knee in towards your right triceps and then left knee into left triceps. That’s one rep.

Jump Lunges (each set = 1 rep) | Start in a split-stance lunge position with one foot in front and the ball of the other foot planted behind you. Front knee is at a 90-degree bend with knee stacked over heel. Jump up, switching feet in midair and landing back in a split-stance lunge with the other foot in front. Repeat back to starting position. That’s one rep.

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Some outfit and equipment detail links are affiliate.