Rowing + Burpees Pyramid Workout

Rowing & Burpees Pyramid WorkoutI’ve got a simple but super challenging workout for you guys today. But before we get to that, let’s talk about what I’m wearing (priorities!). In a past life, I think I was a trendy teenage boy who slept outside specialty sneaker stores the night before the freshest new kicks dropped. There’s no other explanation for the way in which my vernacular morphs from grown adult to teenager when I see a pair of sneakers I like. Dope. Fresh. Ill. Who am I?? Not to mention I was first introduced to the PUMA Fierce because I follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram. I’m 28 going on 18.

But c’mon–these sneakers are dope. Puma Fierce Collection

The Fierce is a lightweight trainer and PUMA’s most progressive and design-driven training product yet. It fills the needs for both fashion and performance. I love the look. Sleek but bold, and the high tongue is totally on-trend. The looped tabs on the tongue and back of the shoe make them easy to slip on and off, and while I was initially worried they wouldn’t fit tight enough without laces, I actually love the no-lace design. Easy to put on and remove, and so comfortable. I have narrow feet, so the fit is slightly looser than I’d normally wear lace-up sneakers, but I’ve tested them out in a couple boxing classes and HIIT workouts and my feet feel totally secure in them. I probably wouldn’t wear them for a workout with a ton of extreme, quick lateral movement changes (basketball for example), but other than that they’re great.

Also from PUMA are the leggings, tank and bra I’m wearing. I love the sheer detailing on the back of the leggings, and the high waist makes for a flattering fit. The bra has a fun strappy back and removable bra cups for added support if you want it (I always take those things out immediately though). And low arm holes = obviously I’m into the tank. 😉 Puma Fierce Collection Puma Fierce Collection

You can easily take the PUMA Fierce shoes and PUMA apparel from the gym to the street. Layer a leather bomber jacket over a hoodie, throw on a hat and you’re good to go for brunch with friends.

Rowing + Burpees Pyramid Workout

If you really hold yourself accountable to pushing through this workout as fast as you can (without sacrificing proper form) it is a total butt-kicker. It’s pretty simple: You’ll alternate between rowing sprints and burpees. The distance of the sprints and number of burpees gradually decreases as you go in a pyramid structure. Here’s the breakdown:

700m row sprint
20 burpees
500m row sprint
15 burpees
300m row sprint
10 burpees
100m row sprint
5 burpees

Rowing & Burpees Pyramid Workout

ROW SPRINTS | THIS is a super helpful video on proper row form. For my competitive friends, my personal fastest times for those sprint distances are: 0:17 sec 100m // 0:57 300m // 1:48 500m // 2:35 700m (<– I don’t do this distance often but gahhh it’s awful in a good way).

BURPEES | There are a ton of burpee variations–let’s do chest-to-floor burpees for this workout. From a standing position, squat down, bringing your hands to the floor. Jump your feet out to a plank, fluidly lowering your chest to the floor. Press back up through plank, hopping your feet up towards your hands and then jumping up into the air. Puma Fierce Collection

What does being #ForeverFierce mean to you? Show me your fiercest looks in and out of the gym on social and share using #ForeverFierce.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PUMA through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about PUMA, all opinions are my own.

Weighted Core Workout (Time Pyramid)

20-Minute Weighted Core Workout

Are you guys sick of core workouts? I know I post a ton, but the reasons I love them are many:

  • It all comes back to the core. Even when you’re isolating the legs or arms in an exercise, your core is working — they do attach there, afterall! Core strength and stability leads to better posture and alignment, reduced back pain, better control of the extremities and so much more.
  • Your form in other exercises improves if you have a strong core. Continuing my first point, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability to properly do exercises like push ups, deadlifts–the list goes on–as my core strength has improved.
  • Core workouts are great to pair with cardio. Especially with the long runs I’ve been doing for marathon training, I love having quick(er) core workouts on hand that don’t exhaust the legs.
  • It’s personal. My stomach (low belly specifically), has admittedly always been a bit of a frustration for me. Everyone’s body distributes weight differently (yay genetics), and that area happens to be the last place from which I lose fat. I swear if I gained 10 pounds, 8 of them would go to the five inches below my belly button. Something that’s helped me accept and love this part of my body is focusing on what it can do rather than how it looks. Sure, you can’t see a six pack, but my core is strong AF and I’m damn proud. I love working to improve my core strength and function!

Weighted Core Workout (Time Pyramid)

Equipment I Used:

This workout will take you 20 minutes to complete. You’ll go through the circuit three times, each time through reducing the amount of time spent on each exercise. Here’s a breakdown:

60 seconds each exercise (no rest between exercises)
Rest 60 seconds
45 seconds each exercise (no rest between exercises)
Rest 60 seconds
30 seconds each exercise (no rest between exercises)

The flow of the workout is a method used on the megaformer: Focus on one side of the body, center the work, focus on the other side, center. 20-Minute Weighted Core Workout

Thread the Needle Plank Rotation RIGHT | Start in a plank position with hands underneath shoulders, right hand gripping the dumbbell. Once you start the movement, you won’t return to this position (dumbbell won’t touch floor again). Rotate your body open to the right, dropping your heels so that you’re on the edges of your feet in a staggered side plank position. As you do reach the dumbbell up to the ceiling. Twist back to center plank, rolling back to the balls of your feet and squaring your hips as you wrap the dumbbell through the space between the floor and your chest, reaching it across your body to the left side of the room (like you’re giving yourself a one-arm hug). Reverse the movement, rotating back open into side plank, extending the weight back up to the ceiling.

This one will work both sides of your obliques (right as you twist through center threading the needle), left as you twist open and support your bottom sidebody. I always feel it more in the side holding the weight though.

Russian Twist Sit Ups RIGHT | Start laying on your back with legs outstretched and hovering a couple inches off the ground. Holding a dumbbell in your hands, arms should be outstretched overhead and hovering as well. From this starting position, crunch up, bringing your knees in towards your chest as you lift your shoulder blades off the ground and bring the weight up and over to the right of your legs. Twist through your waist as you do this, stopping the weight a couple inches off the ground and then extending back out, lowering to starting position. Repeat, crunching and twisting in the same direction the whole time.

The goal is to never bring the legs and/or med ball to rest on the ground when you extend out and crunch up.

Side Plank Row and Leg Left RIGHT | Start in a side plank position, right hand stacked under right shoulder, dumbbell in left hand (start with a straight left arm, weight held a few inches off the ground. From here, row the left elbow straight up towards the ceiling, bringing the weight up towards your upper ribs/armpit. As you do this, lift the top left leg up to a hover (without letting your hips sag down!). Pause at the top and then lower the weight and leg back to starting position.

Even though it’s the top left arm and leg that are moving, the right obliques are targeted as you work to keep the hips lifted in the side plank position.

Weighted Sit Ups (weight to chest) | Simple move, yet so challenging! Start laying on you back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor about hips width apart. Hold a dumbbell at your chest. From here, you’re going to do a sit up, crunching your shoulders then full back off the floor, bringing your chest in towards your knees. The challenge? Keep the dumbbell touching your chest the entire movement and keep your feet touching the ground.

You’ll be tempted to extend the dumbbell out in front of you to facilitate the sit up. Your heels may want to lift to a hover. Don’t let either happen! I’ll actually flip my grip on the weight so that i’m holding it secure into my chest and don’t have the option to extend it away.

Thread the Needle Plank Rotation LEFT

Russian Twist Sit Ups LEFT

Side Plank Row and Leg Left LEFT

Full-Body Crunch | Start laying on your back with legs outstretched and hovering a couple inches off the ground. Holding a weight in your hands, arms should be outstretched overhead and hovering as well. From this starting position, crunch up, bringing your knees in towards your chest as you lift your shoulder blades off the ground and bring the weight up and over towards your shins. Extend back out, lowering to starting position. The goal is to never bring the legs and/or weight to rest on the ground when you extend back out. 20-Minute Weighted Core Workout

WEARING | tank c/o New Balance // Lululemon leggings (old but you can shop their current selection here) // Nike Flex Supreme TR 3 sneakers (on sale now … kinda–like $5 off haha)


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Lokai SnapChat Takeover

Tomorrow I’m taking over Lokai‘s SnapChat! I’ll be sharing some at-home workout moves and a yummy smoothie bowl recipe. Follow along @livelokai!


21-Minute Bodyweight Workout (AMRAP Pyramid)

21-Min Bodyweight Workout - made up of short AMRAPS

Hello from Starbucks! My wireless is out so I had to take my work day across the street, and TALK ABOUT A BLESSING. Let me preface what I’m about to say by letting you all know that between Serial, Making a Murderer and the mystery novels I’ve been listening to on Audible during long runs, I am on a total true crime kick. In my head, I’m basically Olivia Benson.

Ok so about twenty minutes ago I walk into Starbucks and start setting my computer up at a table next to two unassuming men. At first glance it appeared the older one was interviewing the younger one for a job, which is a normal occurrence in coffee shops. Naturally, because I respect others’ privacy, I immediately start eavesdropping. I was hoping to hear some entertaining exchanges (nothing like an awkwardly butchered job interview response to get my juices flowin’!) but got something even better.

“Does he have any foreign contacts that you know of? Any connections that could make leaving the country easy?”

Hmmm this isn’t a job interview; the older man is asking the younger one about someone else. 

“Describe his temperament. Any history of anger issues–bar fights, issues with girlfriends, stuff like that?”

OMG. OMGOMGOMG. Am I listening to a detective interview the acquaintance of a suspect???!!

I know that’s probably not the case, and there’s some logical explanation, but I am in full blown Benson mode right now geeking the hell out, physically leaning into their conversation with no shame as I type this. Could I be the one to solve the crime?? The older man needs my help!! I’ve already jumped to a dozen different conclusions. Best case scenario, this involves a serial killer, international drug ring and Donald Trump. Hey, a girl can dream.

I’m going to keep eavesdropping while I put together the rest of this post, and I’ll fill you in with an update at the end. Just humor me–I’m sure no one actually cares about the conversation I’m listening to in Starbucks (lol).

21-Minute Bodyweight Workout (AMRAP Pyramid)

This workout is broken up into four AMRAPs (as many rounds/reps as possible). You’ll set a timer for the given length (the first AMRAP is 6 minutes long; second is 5 minutes long; third is 4 minutes; last is only 3 minutes) and go through the following circuit of compound exercises as many times as you can in the given timeframe. Rest for 60 seconds in between AMRAPs and start the circuit wherever you left off at the end of the previous AMRAP. For clarity, here’s a breakdown of the workout structure:

rest 60 sec
rest 60 sec
rest 60 sec

21-Min Bodyweight Workout - made up of short AMRAPS

10 Crossbody Push Ups | Start in a plank position with your feet a little wider than you’d normally place them for push ups. Do one push up. Back in your starting plank position, crunch your right knee into your left elbow then your left knee into your right elbow (like a crossbody mountain climber). Next, shoot your hips up into the air, pressing into your left hand (as if you were going into a down dog position) as you reach your right hand across your body to touch the left ankle. Bring the hand back to its starting position as you shift your body forward into plank and then shoot the hips right back up, this time pressing into your right hand as you reach your left hand across your body to touch the right ankle. Return to plank positon. That’s one rep.

10 Plank to Low Squat Jacks | Start in a plank position, hands stacked under shoulders. From here, you’re going to jump your feet forward, out a little wider than your hands, snapping up into a low squat position. There should be a split-second as your feet jump forward that neither hands or feet are touching the ground–so make this an explosive movement! From that wide low squat position, hop your feet together into a narrow squat and then back out wide (staying low in your squat the whole time). Bring your hands backdown to the floor as you jump your feet back to starting plank position. That’s one rep.

5 Rotating Crunches: Side V Up Right >> Full-Body Crunch >> Side V Up Left >> Full-Body Crunch | 

Start laying on your right side, balancing on that bottom hip/side butt area with your bottom hand on the floor in front of you for support. Top arm is bent with hand behind your head and elbow out wide; legs should be extended and hovering off the ground. From here, you’re going to crunch up and in, keeping your legs straight as you lift your torso up and in to meet them so that your sidebody forms a “v” shape. Use that bottom hand for support, but try to push off it minimally. Slowly lower back down and extend back out to a hover. Next, roll onto your back (keeping your legs hovering) and extend your arms overhead. Do a full-body crunch, bending your knees in as you lift your torso off the floor, wrapping your arms around your knees. From this position balancing on your tailbone, extend back out, legs to a hover, arms overhead, and roll onto left side. Do a side v up on that side, roll back to center for a second full-body crunch. That’s one rep.

TIP: Set up your mat perpendicularly to your body so that if you were laying on your back, you and the mat would make a cross shape. This way as you roll side to side, you’ll have the mat under your hips the whole time. 

21-Min Bodyweight Workout - made up of short AMRAPS

WEARING | Bra: Modern Cotton Bralette by Calvin Klein Underwear c/o Shopbop // Tank: Lululemon (old) // Leggings: Fabletics // Sneakers: Nike Free TR

Making a Starbucks Murderer Update: The younger man’s friend is interviewing for a federal job and the older man is just conducting a background check. WOMP WOMP WOMMMMMMP.