Deck of Cards Slider Workout

This deck of cards slider workout is a fun way to switch it up! Each suit corresponds to a different slider exercise and the number tells you the reps.

For today’s deck of cards slider workout, you apply the same rules as last week’s to four new exercises. Side note: It’s by complete accident that I’m dressed like a deck of cards in this post. 😉

Deck of Cards Workout (Slider Exercises)

If you don’t have sliders, you can use a dish towel on hardwood floors or paper plates on carpet. If you’re in the market for a pair, I use these double-sided sliders (on sale for $14) that work on both hardwood and carpet.

You’ll need a deck of cards for this workout. There are also smartphone apps for deck of cards workouts you can download if you want to take this to the gym. Shuffle the deck and you’ll flip one card over at a time until you’ve gone through the entire deck. Each suit corresponds to a different exercise and the number of the cards tells you how many reps to do.

Face cards = 10 reps
Aces = 11 reps
Joker = 15 reps, exercise of your choice

As with all workouts, make sure to warm up beforehand. This 5-minute warm up is a great one if you need some guidance!

This deck of cards slider workout is a fun way to switch it up! Each suit corresponds to a different slider exercise and the number tells you the reps.

Deck of Cards Slider Exercises

CLUBS – Lunge Slide to Single Leg Bear | Start in a low lunge with your right foot forward, knee bent to 90 degrees and stacked over the ankle. The ball of your back left foot should be planted on a slider. Hinge forward at the hips so that the weight of your torso is slightly forward, over the target right leg. This will allow you to keep your back foot light. From this starting position, slide your back left foot forward, bending the knee in and staying low on your right side. Slide it back out behind you into the starting position.

Bring your hands to the ground and extend your right leg back behind you in a single-leg plank. Keeping the right leg hovering and your hips at shoulder height, bend the left knee in and then slide the leg back out into a plank. Step the right foot forward between your hands and lift your torso up to the starting low lunge position. That’s one rep. Complete the designated rep number on the right and then left.

DIAMONDS – Marching Forearm Pike | Start in a forearm plank position with your feet on sliders. Keeping your legs straight and heels lifted, pike your hips up into the air as high as you can. Lower them back down to a plank position. Do a marching plank, pressing up to hands one arm at a time and then lowering back down to forearms.  1 pike + 1 march = 1 rep. 

SPADES – Squat Jack to Heel Click | This is the only exercise not requiring the sliders. Its purpose is to provide cardio blasts throughout the workout. Start in a low squat position with feet wider than hips’ width. Staying low, jump your feet in together in a narrow squat and then back out wide. From here, jump up, tapping your heels together midair and landing back down in a wide low squat. That’s one rep.

HEARTS – Snake Crunch to Side Plank Rotation | In a plank position, feet on sliders, hands stacked under shoulders on an exercise mat, cross your right foot in front of the left and drop your heels so that you’re heel-to-toe with toes pointing towards the left. This is your starting position. From here, start bending your knees in towards your left elbow, sliding your feet forward. When you’re in as far as you can go without lowering the hips, slide the feet back out, straightening your knees back into your starting position. Release your left hand from the floor, opening up into a side plank. Return it to the floor. That’s one rep. Complete the designated rep number on the right and then left.

This deck of cards slider workout is a fun way to switch it up! Each suit corresponds to a different slider exercise and the number tells you the reps.

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Alright, that’s all for me today. Hope your week is off to a great start! 

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 4)

Four down, one week to go! Of the superset pyramids we’ve done this month, today’s went by the quickest for me. It would make for a great workout finisher or is the perfect option on those days you “don’t have time” to workout.

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 4)

Equipment I Used

For this workout, you’ll have two exercises that you’ll go through in a pyramid structure. You’ll do 10 reps of each, then 9 reps, then 8, 7 … finishing with 1 rep of each. The goal is to complete the pyramid of reps as fast as you can without sacrificing proper form. In the video, I go over ways to modify the two exercises to make it suitable for all levels. Be sure to warm up beforehand.

Forearm Plank to Pike to Reptile Crunch Slides | Start in a forearm plank with feet on sliders. Keeping your legs straight, pike your hips up into the air as high as you can, sliding your body into an upside-down “v” shape. Return your hips back down to plank position and then do a reptile crunch to each side, sliding your right knee in towards your right triceps and then left knee into left triceps. That’s one rep.

Jump Lunges (each set = 1 rep) | Start in a split-stance lunge position with one foot in front and the ball of the other foot planted behind you. Front knee is at a 90-degree bend with knee stacked over heel. Jump up, switching feet in midair and landing back in a split-stance lunge with the other foot in front. Repeat back to starting position. That’s one rep.

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Some outfit and equipment detail links are affiliate.

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 2) – Slider Exercises

Week 2 of the superset pyramid time challenge series is here! If you missed last week’s, be sure to check it out, too (my abs were sore for three days after doing it!).

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge – Slider Exercises

Equipment I Used:

For this workout, you’ll do 10 reps of each exercise (on the right and on the left) and then 9 reps, 8 … down to 1 rep of each. Complete the workout as fast as you can without sacrificing proper form. Make sure to warm up beforehand. 

Torso Twist Lunge Sliders | Start in a low lunge position with the right foot forward and the back left foot on a slider. Hold a weight between your hands with arms outstretched at chest height. Staying low on the right leg, weight in your heel, bend your left knee, sliding the left foot forward as you bring the weight into your chest and then extending the leg back out behind you as you press the weight forward, returning to the starting position. From there, keeping your arms outstretched, twist your torso to the right and then back to starting. That’s 1 rep.

Single Leg Mountain Sliders | Start in a plank position with one foot on a slider and the other leg hovering. From there, it’s just like a mountain climber except you’re sliding the supporting foot in and out. Each pair = 1 rep (right + left).

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If you tried last week’s time challenge, too, let me know how they compared in the comments! Personally, this one was easier for me than the first.