Superset Pyramid Time Challenge Workout (Week 2) – Slider Exercises

Week 2 of the superset pyramid time challenge series is here! If you missed last week’s, be sure to check it out, too (my abs were sore for three days after doing it!).

Superset Pyramid Time Challenge – Slider Exercises

Equipment I Used:

For this workout, you’ll do 10 reps of each exercise (on the right and on the left) and then 9 reps, 8 … down to 1 rep of each. Complete the workout as fast as you can without sacrificing proper form. Make sure to warm up beforehand. 

Torso Twist Lunge Sliders | Start in a low lunge position with the right foot forward and the back left foot on a slider. Hold a weight between your hands with arms outstretched at chest height. Staying low on the right leg, weight in your heel, bend your left knee, sliding the left foot forward as you bring the weight into your chest and then extending the leg back out behind you as you press the weight forward, returning to the starting position. From there, keeping your arms outstretched, twist your torso to the right and then back to starting. That’s 1 rep.

Single Leg Mountain Sliders | Start in a plank position with one foot on a slider and the other leg hovering. From there, it’s just like a mountain climber except you’re sliding the supporting foot in and out. Each pair = 1 rep (right + left).

WEARING | Reebok tank // Shadow Leggings by Michi c/o Shopbop // Nike TR Flex Supreme (also love their Flyknit training sneaker)

If you tried last week’s time challenge, too, let me know how they compared in the comments! Personally, this one was easier for me than the first.


10-Minute Lagree Fitness Core Workout You Can Do at Home

10-Minute Lagree Fitness Core Workout You Can Do At HomeI recently shot a workout with my girl Sarah for her YouTube channel, Sarah Fit, and wanted to share it here as well for anyone who isn’t a subscriber. I also have a question for you guys below so even if you’ve already seen the video, still scroll down!

10-Minute Lagree Fitness Core Workout You Can Do at Home

You’ll do each of the megaformer-inspired exercises for 60 seconds (just like in a Lagree Fitness class) and there are wrist breaks built in so that you’re not in a plank the entire time. You’ll need a pair of gliders, a dish towel, paper plates, or anything that will slide across the floor.

My favorite part of shooting this workout was getting to sit there talking while Sarah did all the hard work (LOL). Not because I’m lazy–it’s just so much easier to teach and explain exercises when I’m not also focusing on doing them. Sometimes I’ll finish shooting one of my workout videos, watch it back, and immediately think of a million cues and explanations I should have given. I loved being in full-on teacher mode here. 10-Minute Lagree Fitness Core Workout You Can Do At Home

WEARING | Lululemon stirrup leggings (old and not available on the Lulu site but I actually bought mine on Amazon!) // Fabletics tank (if you’re a Fabletics member, take advantage of their leggings sale–2 pairs for only $24!)

Question for You

Now that I’m starting to get the hang of this whole YouTube thing, I want to make workout videos for older workouts in the archives. I’ll still post a new one each week, but maybe every other Thursday I’ll also republish an old post (#TBT) with a new video to accompany it. This is a great way for new readers to find the best older content they missed, and also an opportunity for long-time readers to try a workout that they might have skipped because it was unclear how to do a move from pictures alone.

So my question for you is: What workout(s) from the archives would you like to see in video form? My kettlebells are still in storage from moving so unfortunately a remake of kb workouts won’t be happening any time soon. Everything else is fair game! Leave a comment below or if you’d rather not, tweet me (@nicoleperr), comment on my latest Instagram (@nicoleperr) or send a carrier pigeon. 😉

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to me (and Sarah!) on YouTube.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


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Rowing + Slider Circuit Workout

Rowing Sprints + Slider Bodyweight Exercises Circuit -- great mix of cardio and strength training!It’s been forever since I’ve shared a rowing workout with you guys! Since I stopped teaching row classes, I honestly don’t row much anymore myself but I seriously should because it kicks my butt every time. The other week I was feeling an uncharacteristically powerful surge of self discipline after teaching my morning classes and decided I’d stay after at Btone to put myself through my own rowing+megaformer circuit. It’s a rare gift to have access to both machines in the same studio, but luckily for all you at home, the megaformer exercises I did can easily be done with sliders (or a dish towel or paper plates). 🙂 No video for this one since you go through the circuit as quickly as you can and that’ll be different for everyone, but I think the pictures are (hopefully!) self-explanatory.

My friends at Champion outfitted me for today’s post, and with these uncharacteristically high October temps in Boston, I was grateful for the shorts! Both the Marathon Printed Shorts and Short-Sleeve Women’s Tee are from Champion’s Vapor X-Temp line of products. The material dries faster to help you stay cool, wicks moisture and is super lightweight.

Rowing + Sliders Circuit

This workout is essentially broken up into three mini circuits. As far as rowing, the circuits get easier as you go (yay!).

  • Circuit 1 | 300m row sprint + 60 seconds bear slide triceps push ups x3
  • Circuit 2 | 200m row sprint + 60 seconds marching plank to pike x3
  • Circuit 3 | 100m row sprint + 60 seconds mountain climber push ups x3

Complete three rounds of one circuit before moving onto the next. Rest as needed between circuits. Your goal is to stay within a couple seconds of whatever time you hit on your first sprint of a circuit. For example, if your first 300-m sprint takes you 1:07, try to stay at about 1:10 or under for the next two. As you tire, it’s harder and harder to hit that low time, but do your best to stay close to it.

Because this is a sprint workout, make sure to warm up beforehand. Spend at least 5 minutes on the rower gradually increasing speed so that you’re not going into an all-out sprint cold.

I made the below chart for an older row workout and it’s good to refer to if you need a time to aim for with the sprints (just look at the bottom half). These are general times and as long as you’re pushing your hardest (while maintaining proper form!), that’s all that matters. For my competitive people, my fastest sprints for the distances we’ll be doing are a 58-second 300m sprint, a 38-second 200m sprint and a 17-second 100m sprint. For the record, that 17-sec one was like some sort of fluke because I’ve hit it once and once only haha.

Goal Times for Rowing Springs (100m - 600m)

If you’re new to rowing, I HIGHLY recommend watching this video on proper row form. There’s a common misconception that rowing is mostly an upper body exercise but the row stroke is actually about 60% legs (20% core and just 20% arms). If you don’t have that stroke down, it’s easy to strain your back, especially at all-out sprint speeds like this workout contains. Rowing Sprints + Slider Bodyweight Exercises Circuit -- great mix of cardio and strength training!

Bear to Triceps Push Up | From plank position, bend yours knees, sliding them under your hips while maintaining tabletop spine. Slide them back out to plank and then do a triceps push up, keeping the elbows in tight to the sides of your body (think chaturanga in yoga). You can modify by doing the push up from your knees.

Marching Plank to Pike | Do one pike from your forearms (legs straight, heels lifted and pike the hips up into an upside down “v” shape) and then march up to a high plank one hand at a time and do a pike from straight arms. Continue this, leading with a different hand each time you march up and down.

Sliding Mountain Climber Push Ups | Do 6 sliding mountain climbers (3 to each side) and then perform one push up. If you need to modify the push up, low to your knees first. Since we did the triceps push up with the first exercise, have your hands wider on this exercise to more pointedly target the chest. Rowing Sprints + Slider Bodyweight Exercises Circuit -- great mix of cardio and strength training!

Outfit c/o Champion

Nothing like row sprints and some slider exercises to get a huge burn in minimal time! Try this triple circuit next time you’re at the gym. And for local readers, Btone actually offers a class that combines rowing and the megaformers (look for Tone & Row or Tandem Row on the schedule).


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Champion. The opinions and text are all mine.