You Can Help End Nutritional Poverty

When you sign up for the MegaPledge, MegaFood will donate a bottle of their whole food-based multi vitamins to someone in need. In addition, you'll get a coupon for $5 off a bottle of your own AND you'll be entered to win a kickass wellness retreat.This post is sponsored by MegaFood. All opinions–as always!–are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible. 🙂

Throughout my partnership with MegaFood, I’ve talked a lot about the quality of their whole-food vitamins and supplements. But the product is just one reason–albeit a big one!–of the many I feel so passionately about working with this brand. MegaFood’s mission is simple, yet huge: to improve lives. Last year they partnered with three New England retailers to establish community gardens in areas that lacked access to healthy food, and this year they’re taking it a step further with the MegaPledge.

For every pledge made, MegaFood will donate 1 bottle of Multis (up to 20,000) to someone in need. They’ll also make a donation to Wholesome Wave equivalent to two servings of fresh fruits and veggies for someone living with limited access to nutritious food.

Sounds great, right? Let’s back it up a bit so you can fully appreciate how awesome this initiative is (for those in need and you) … When you sign up for the MegaPledge, MegaFood will donate a bottle of their whole food-based multi vitamins to someone in need. In addition, you'll get a coupon for $5 off a bottle of your own AND you'll be entered to win a kickass wellness retreat.

Findings reported in July 2015 by the Center for Disease Control show that, in general, Americans do not consume enough of the right foods to get all the essential nutrients needed to maintain optimal health. Even someone who shops at Whole Foods, eats vegetables with every meal and visits their local farmer’s market on the weekends could have nutritional deficiencies, so it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to understand how beneficial a multivitamin could be to someone lacking the resources to access quality food. I think it’s important to acknowledge that, to a certain extent, eating a nutritionally dense diet is a privilege not afforded to all.

Yes, it is possible to eat healthy on a tight budget. But if you live in an affluent area with lots of dining and health store options; make a comfortable living financially; and have access to information on what it means to eat healthy in the first place (education is so important!), you’ve sure as hell got an easier go at it. I remind myself all the time to be grateful for having the means to make food choices based on what I want and is best for my body, rather than on budget. (Although my bank statement would argue that I probably should consider budget more often–good lord do I need to chill out on the Sweetgreen and Dig Inn!)

Wholesome Wave is a non-profit dedicated to making fresh fruits and vegetables available to everyone regardless of income, and shares MegaFood’s vision of curing nutritional poverty. That’s where the MegaPledge comes in!

How to Get Involved

  1. Pledge to fill the nutritional gap in your diet by taking a MegaFood Multi. You can make your pledge HERE.
  2. In return, the first 20,000 pledgers will receive a $5 coupon to use on any of MegaFood’s multivitamins and will be entered to win a year’s supply of multis as well as an amazing wellness getaway (ummm yes, please!).
  3. For every pledge (up to 20,000), MegaFood will donate one bottle of Multis and make a donation to Wholesome Wave equivalent to two servings of fresh fruits and veggies for those in need.

So obviously a year’s supply of vitamins and a wellness getaway are kickass prizes, but guys. Seriously take advantage of that $5 coupon! The quality of MegaFood’s line of products is next level. The supplements are made from whole foods, which MegaFood gets fresh from authentic farmers like Uncle Matt’s Farm and Foxy Organic. Each year they buy more than a half million pounds of produce from these farms–say whaaaaa. It then takes over 236 hours for each batch of supplements to be made because it’s a slow process that optimizes nutrient content. With this exceptional quality, comes a little extra cost. MegaFood will never be the cheapest option on the shelf, but it’s worth it–especially armed with your $5 coupon! 🙂 When you sign up for the MegaPledge, MegaFood will donate a bottle of their whole food-based multi vitamins to someone in need. In addition, you'll get a coupon for $5 off a bottle of your own AND you'll be entered to win a kickass wellness retreat.

Head on over to MegaFood to make your pledge. As simple as that you’ll be helping to get a bottle of multis and fresh fruits and vegetables in the hands of someone in need. I’m excited to be a part of this initiative and hope you all will join me!

An Ode to My Favorite Bar: LĂ„RABAR Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by LĂ„RABAR. All opinions–as always!–are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible.

I eat a LĂ„RABAR almost every single day. If you were to open up our kitchen cabinet doors at any given time, you’d be sure to find Blueberry Muffin (my favorite) and Coconut Cream Pie (Joe’s) Larabars in there. On mornings I teach, I wait to have my real breakfast until after I’m done with classes, so to fuel me through instructing I grab a LĂ„RABAR on my way out the door. Yes, this is a sponsored post, but for realz yo, these are hands down my favorite snack bars and have been for a couple years now.

The first LĂ„RABAR I ever tried was the cashew cookie and I remember looking at the ingredients and not even believing what I read. That’s it?! Yup. Just cashews and dates, simple as that. All the core bars have just 2-9 ingredients in them.

And that’s why I love LĂ„RABAR: simple, real food ingredients. It’s food made from … wait for it, wait for it … food. Personally, I don’t count calories or macros or any sort of numbers. What I do pay close attention to is ingredients. What am I eating? If I were to whip up a batch of snack bites at home, I’d opt for pretty much exactly the same ingredients that are found in Larabars. In that way, they’re like a homemade snack without having to clean my food processor. Holler!

As much as the bars themselves, I love the company’s mission. LĂ„RABAR was established on the idea that real food should be accessible for all. They combined a blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices in a convenient, on-the-go package. And I like that I don’t have to trek to Whole Foods or a health food store to get them–most the time I just pop into CVS.

Anyone else think of that old TV show Weeds when you listened to the song in the above video?? I was obsessed with the first few seasons of it in college. Anyway …

Reader Giveaway

One reader will win a LĂ„RABAR Real Food Prize Pack including:

  • 12 original Larabar flavors
  • S’well water bottle
  • Real Food tank top
  • Fruit push pins
  • Floral cloth bag


Leave a comment on this blog post with the ingredients of your favorite LĂ„RABAR. Don’t know the ingredients? Visit to find out (website will open in a new tab so you can easily come back here to comment!). I’ll pick a winner randomly Wednesday night. My favorite is Blueberry Muffin: dates, cashews, blueberries, blueberry juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate and vanilla extract.

Good luck everyone! 🙂

4 Products I’m Loving for a Healthier Home

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions–as always!–are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible.

When Joe and I moved into our current apartment this summer, we were pretty much starting from scratch with furniture and decor. Our previous place had been a sublet, so we found ourselves a bit overwhelmed by all the purchases we’d need to make. Rather than rush to fill the apartment, I’ve been taking my time to slowly only add items that I truly love and make the space a happier, healthier home.  So when Bed Bath & Beyond reached out about their new healthy home section, you can image how excited I was.

Well Beyond is a curated shop by Bed Bath & Beyond focused on health, fitness and general well-being in the home. The selection is huge and the product range offers solutions for better nutrition, better sleep, more effective exercise, deeper relaxation and making your home a cleaner, healthier environment in general. I was able to select a few products from the shop that I absolutely love and want to share them with you all today. My picks are all under $100 (some well below that) so these are reasonable purchases that can make your home that much more comfortable.

4 Products I’m Loving for a Healthier Home

Brookstone 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow

I’m so happy to have a reading wedge pillow back in my life! Joe keeps joking that it’s my new boyfriend because of how weirdly sentimental I am about this thing. Growing up we had one (“The Wedge” as we called it) and I used it almost everyday to binge read Boxcar Children books. Having one in our apartment makes my heart feel so full (it’s the little things in life??).

This 4-1 Bed Pillow from Brookstone has a layer of memory foam and is covered is the softest, coziest outer material. I use it for reading in bed and like it on the couch for doing work on my laptop. Wedge pillows can be super helpful for sleeping during cold and flu season as well–laying on a slight incline helps decrease sinus pressure.

Himalayan Glow Salt Crystal Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are super trendy right now and promise an impressive list of health benefits. As with any newer trend, the jury is still out as to the actual extent of these super powers, but if nothing else, the soft glow of this lamp is so pretty and relaxing–I love it! So why all the hype? Himalayan salt lamps are said to generate negative ions which are associated with a sense of calm and mental clarity. Negative ions occur most abundantly in nature, especially around running water like the beach or waterfalls. Positive ions, which are produced by electronic devices, can have an opposite affect. So by keeping a salt lamp by electronic devices, they can supposedly neutralize those positive ions, thus purifying the air. This article has some great info on them if you’re interested in more.

Miracle workers or not, I’ll take a cup of warm tea, good music, some adult coloring and the relaxing glow of my himalayan sea salt lamp any day. Bonus: it makes for a great nightlight! This particular model I have has a convenient dimmer so you can control the brightness.

HoMedics Deep Sleep Sound Machine

I live in the Downtown Crossing/Chinatown area of Boston on a busy street and the noise on the weekends is no joke. I’m used to the general background noise that comes with living in any city–and actually quite like it!–but we also have loud upstairs neighbors so it can really be a double whammy at night. This Deep Sleep Sound Machine is awesome! There are a ton of different sounds to choose from (varying white noises, ocean sounds, rain, thunderstorms, forest sounds, etc.) and then within the modes you can adjust tone and volume. I’m obsessed with the rain setting.

HoMedics Ellia Soothe Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

I’m a huge fan of diffusing essential oils, and in the winter months you get the extra bonus of adding a bit of moisture to the air when you do. I don’t know if it’s my apartment building or what but this winter has been brutal for me with the dry air. My lips are constantly cracked, I have to apply lotion and oils to my skin multiple times a day, and my throat and nasal passage get so dry while I sleep that it’ll actually wake me up in the middle of the night. Joe and I both got a humidifier/diffuser to place on our bedside tables and it’s made a HUGE difference. Scents like lavender are great for promoting a good night’s sleep, but sometimes I’ll even just diffuse water without adding any oils.

This HoMedics diffuser is the perfect size for my one-bedroom apartment, and I love the simple white design. There’s a color-changing light option and even though it’s compact, it’ll last over six hours when running continuously. It also comes with a few oil blend samples to add to your collection. 

As I hit publish on this post I’m actually diffusing some lemongrass oil and enjoying the glow of my salt lamp. Perfect start to the work day! 🙂

What are some of your favorite healthy home products? Do you have any of these four?