Q&A with Hillary from Nutrition Nut on the Run

Q&A with Hillary from Nutrition Nut on the Run


Happy Friday! It’s high time I started featuring some other healthy lifestyle bloggers, nutrition gurus and fitness pros on Pumps & Iron, and today’s Q&A with the lovely Hillary from Nutrition Nut on the Run is the perfect place to start.

Hillary is a foodie, runner and CrossFitter who holds a degree in Food & Nutrition Communication and works as a worksite wellness professional. While she’s all about nourishing her body with whole foods and lots of exercise, what resonated with me most about Hillary is her emphasis on balance—you can still indulge in chocolate while living a healthy life! (Amen to that!)

I got the inside scoop from Hillary on her dietary choices and favorite summer dishes; the exercise she loves/hates (and I think we’ll all agree with her answer!); and the fitness apparel brands she’s rocking (because if you haven’t noticed by now, I kinda love clothing…).

Q&A with Hillary from Nutrition Nut on the Run

Q: Being “healthy” has a slightly different meaning for everyone. For you, what does it mean to live a healthy life?

Hillary: Living a healthy life means being mindful of how you nourish your body, how you move your body, and how you treat your mind. Living a healthy life means balancing vegetables and dark chocolate, indulging in your intuition, and laughing a lot.

Q: Your diet is currently pescatarian and low gluten. What are the motivating factors behind this dietary decision? What health changes/benefits have you experienced as a result?

Hillary: I was raised eating a little bit of poultry, but decided a few years ago, that I enjoy a pescatarian (mostly vegetarian) diet just as well. This is mainly due to ethical reasons. As for the “low gluten” diet, over the past couple of years, I’ve realized that I feel better eating a diet with less gluten. I’ve gone periods of time eating none at all, but because I’m not gluten intolerant, I do not discriminate against it. I can’t pass up Puffy PB Pancakes Pancakes!

Q: What are your current go-to summertime dishes?

Hillary: I can’t get enough watermelon these days. I’ve been making Mint Feta Watermelon salad nearly every weekend. I also get zucchini-crazed during the summer months and add it to anything, such as Light Lemon Zucchini Pasta and Coconut Zucchini Muffins.

Light Lemon Zucchini Pasta from Nutrition Nut on the Run

Q: If we were to open up your refrigerator right now, what would we see?

Hillary: Oh my goodness, this is embarrassing. I am in dire need of groceries. There are a couple of fresh peaches from the farmer’s market, a mason jar of kale pesto made earlier in the week, a few lone cherry tomatoes (also from the farmer’s market), peanut and almond butter jars (both about 1/3 full), kale for salads and smoothies, and black iced coffee.

Q: You’re a six-time half marathoner. What are the top two tips you’d give someone about to sign up for their first one? 

Hillary: 1. Get a training buddy. I can’t imagine training for my first half without one of my best girlfriends. I don’t know if the weekend long runs and coffee dates or crossing the finish line hand in hand was better. 2. Take rest days—they’re just as important as training days.

Q: I think runners of all levels have probably experienced that “crap, this run is going to suck” feeling that occasionally (and sometimes inexplicably) seems to happen three steps into a run. Any tips for getting through a run that is just not going your way?

Hillary: Don’t give up right away, especially if you’re following a training plan. Sometimes it can take a mile or two, even longer, to get into the running grove. That said, listen to your body. If you’re physically not feeling it, head home. If you’re determined to get your run done, play a pumping playlist or dream about how you’re going to refuel when you get home.

Q: I love the workouts you post on your blog! Is there one exercise or workout in particular that you have a love/hate relationship with?

Hillary: Burpees. With my current knee injury, I’ve learned to love workin’ the guns. I’m up for anything intense and sweat-inducing – in all honesty – and can not say no to swinging around my kettlebell or sandbag.

Burpee Arm Burner workout from Nutrition Nut on the Run

Q: What does your go-to workout outfit look like? Do you have any favorite brands or stores for fitness apparel? 

Hillary: I think I spend more money on workout clothing than I do regular clothes. It depends on the exercise that I’m doing (and the season), but it’s either fitted capris or shorts (running or spandex) and a tank top. Off the top of my head, current brand favorites would be: Nike, Lululemon, and Ellie.

Q: What’s currently your favorite song to workout to?

Hillary: Get Lucky (Daft Punk) and Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke)

Q: It’s the big morning vs. evening debate—what’s your favorite time of day to workout? 

Hillary: This is a tough one. I would most likely say morning for a run and evening for a strength workout. I can go either way though; it all depends on my schedule, the weather (deathly summer heat), and—most importantly—my eating schedule. 😉


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