A Marathon Playlist, BioSport Headphones & Hanging Out with Me This Weekend

running-playlists-spotify-soundcloudWith the marathon right around the corner, Boston is BUZZING. I live a couple blocks from the finish line, and as cliché as it sounds, you can feel the excitement in the air. Even as a non-marathoner, it’s one of my favorite weekends in the city (a day off from work, friends, roof decks, beer—yes, please!).

Although I’m not running it, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my current favorite workout music in case any of you marathoners need some inspiration for your race-day playlist. I go back and forth between using Spotify and SoundCloud, so I’ve included both (with different music on each). I actually prefer SoundCloud because you can find crazy good remixes, but they’ve started playing ads so I can’t use it while teaching class. What a bummer!

First up, some jams for all you SoundCloud users:

Next up, some jams for all my Spotify peeps:


Intel x SMS Audio BioSport Headphones

intel-sms-audioSpeaking of music, I’m working with Intel and SMS Audio on a fun project for their new BioSport headphones (spoiler alert: I get to give away a couple sets to you guys!). These headphones, which have an in-ear heart rate monitor, are the lovechild of Intel’s technology and SMS Audio’s studio-quality sound.

For all you techies: They use a built-in optical sensor that continuously and accurately measures your heart rate while simultaneously removing noise signals caused by your body’s motion during your workout. The earbud shape allows it to sit deeper in the ear canal for consistent data collection, and the headphones are sweat and water-resistant.

The headphones also have a self-charging system (it’ll draw power from your smartphone) so no batteries are required. It won’t drain the battery life though—it uses the same amount of power as any set of headphones with a built-in mic.

For all the rest of us: 50 Cent—or as I like to call him, Fiddy—is the CEO of SMS Audio. So yeah, if the man who made the soundtrack to my high school years stands behind these headphones, count me in, too. (Anyone else jam out to Hate It or Love It at high school parties??) :)

runkeeper-biosport-headphonesThe in-ear heart rate monitor wires directly to your smartphone and syncs with the RunKeeper app. I’ve been playing around with it the last couple days, and it’s pretty cool!

Also, it’s worth noting that I’m super picky about earbuds (usually I don’t like having something stuffed in my ear), but the part that goes inside is actually pretty narrow on these. I think they’re comfortable–and that’s saying a lot! I’ll be giving away two sets of these headphones (they retail at $150 so it’s a pretty kickass prize!) in the coming weeks on the blog.

Come Hang Out with Me This Weekend!

marathon-playlistAs part of this project, I’ll be at the SMS Audio booth at the Boston Marathon Sports & Fitness Expo this weekend. If you’re local or will be in town to run, I’d love for you to swing by and say hi! I’ll be there Saturday from 3 to 3:30PM. The expo is open to the public, so you don’t have to be running the marathon to check out all the exhibits. It’s at Hynes Convention Center and you can check out a full list of the exhibitors/where their booths are located HERE. I’ll be at booth #2735 and hope to see some of you there!

Are you running Boston this year? Let me know if you’ll be by the expo!

What workout songs are currently on repeat for you? Side note: You can enter to win a pair of the BioSport headphones by sharing your top workout songs on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #IntelxBioSport. The contest is open until April 19th so hop on it! Terms and conditions

Enjoy your weekend! signature

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Intel. Although I was compensated, all opinions—as always!—are my own.

Marathon Monday—Whether You Do 26.2 or 2, Run with Nike+ Today for a Great Cause

NikeBoston_final_(1)_detailLast year’s tragic events aside, the Boston Marathon has always been a big deal in Massachusetts—it’s a state holiday! Growing up, it meant a day off from school, and since getting older and moving to Boston, it has meant a day of getting together with friends at house parties or bars along the marathon route and cheering on the runners while day drinking. It’s the best.

This year will, of course, be a little different. It’s going to be emotionally charged; the heightened security will be felt; last year’s horrific turn of events will undoubtedly be on everyone’s mind. But I can already tell by the happy buzz of runners and Bostonians out and about all weekend that the spirit of the day has by no means been broken. And what better triumph and tribute to all the lives lost and marred by last year is there than that?

On Friday I was invited to the re-opening of the Nike store on Newbury Street (the line of sneakerheads outside the store was insane—some people camped out overnight???). The store looks amazing, but the best sight isn’t a piece of décor or pair of kicks—it’s the two treadmills set up in the middle. All weekend long, for every mile run on those two treadmills, Nike has been donating $100 to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which provides support to people with physical disabilities. To kick it off, Gronk, Shane Victorino and Sarah Reinertsen hopped on the treadmills to log the first mile. (Not gonna lie, I was super excited to see Gronk there haha.)

Today, in honor of the Boston Marathon, for everyone who can’t make it into the Nike Boston store, you can still contribute to the cause by simply going for a run and logging it using the Nike+ smartphone app. Literally anywhere. For every mile run WORLDWIDE today, Nike will donate $1 to CAF. How amazing is that?? Just be sure to tag it with #strongereveryrun in the app. I know a bunch of you readers are runners, so get on that!

As for me, I’m off for a quick run around the Charles before today’s festivities begin (using the Nike+ app, obviously!). One day I’ll run a marathon, but for now, I’m much better at drinking beer. :) I hope everyone in Boston has a wonderful, safe day and best of luck to all you badasses running the marathon!

Red Sox Game with Nike+ Run Club

Fenway Park Red Sox GameThis weekend I was invited to run with Boston’s Nike+ Run Club to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox game. As you can probably guess, it took me one millisecond to say yes.

We met in front of the Nike store in Back Bay (it’s closed for renovations but is opening again soon), where Nike hooked me up with some new Flyknit Lunar 2 running shoes. They’re super comfortable and felt great during our 3-mile run to the game. I was initially a little worried this would be a group of serious runners and I’d have nothing to contribute to the conversation as everyone compared their favorite brands of compression socks haha, but it was nothing like that. Of course there were advanced runners there and lots of talk about upcoming races, but Nike is totally welcoming to all the not-so-serious runners like me. It was a fun, no-pressure run, and I loved chatting with all the people involved.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 2

I figured we’d just have normal seats for the game, but when we got to Fenway and were handed our tickets—boom!—box seats. Such an exciting surprise (especially since it was freezing outside). Food, beer, an amazing view and great company—it was an awesome way to spend a Saturday night. We even got the chance to take pictures with the 2013 World Series trophy. I’m admittedly a half-ass Sox fan, but I still couldn’t help geeking out a little over it. :)

2013 World Series Championship TrophyWith fellow Boston blogger, Caroline (The Trendy Trainer)

The Nike store on Newbury Street has been closed for renovations since the fall, but will reopen April 18th in time for the marathon. Even though the doors haven’t quite yet opened back up, the Nike running club has started meeting again, running every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday mornings at 9am. It’s free for anyone to join in, and they typically split into three groups—a 5-mile run, 3-mile run and 2-mile run—so runners of all levels are welcome. And after meeting all the fun, friendly people involved I would highly encourage all you in the Boston area to try it out! I’m definitely going to make it to one of the Tuesday runs soon.

Have you guys ever run with a running club?

P.S. This raining weather prevented me from taking pics for this week’s workout this morning, but don’t worry, it’s coming!