Healthy Travel: Feel OM-azing Package at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeI had the best mini staycation last week! Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge recently started offering a package for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their stay. The Feel OM-azing package includes an overnight stay in one of their gorgeous suites; a personal in-room yoga lesson provided by Melissa Milling of Live Sano; a healthy breakfast from Bambara (the hotel’s restaurant); a cold-pressed juice; and their Yoga Mat Rollout Service, which provides you with a mat, blocks, towels, water and a healthy post-flow snack of fresh fruit and mixed nuts. With the stress of my knee injury and a busy work schedule, this overnight was exactly what I needed! 

The Hotel & Room

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeKimpton hotels are known for their bold design elements, and Hotel Marlowe is no exception. I love the fun patterns and stand-out decor throughout the hotel and room. I was given one of their executive suites and I was blown away at how big it was. Literally larger than my apartment (not that that’s saying much since I live in a studio haha). You walk into a living room space with a desk and television and then that opens up into the bedroom, complete with a second tv and day bed. Connecting the two in a loop fashion is a large bathroom with full-sized jacuzzi tub. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeHotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeMy room had a view of the Charles River, which was gorgeous at night with all the lights from the buildings along Boston’s skyline. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeFrom the lobby to the suite, I thought the hotel was excellent and wished I could have stayed longer!

The Yoga Lesson

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeShortly after checking in, it was time for my private yoga lesson. I scheduled it this way so that the room would still be clean (an hour into being in a hotel room, my clothes are EVERYWHERE, I can’t help it). I also love doing yoga at night/in the late afternoon as opposed to first thing in the morning because it helps any stresses from the day fade away. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

My yoga instructor, Melissa of Live Sano, was an absolute sweetheart. I loved the one-on-one attention because I was able to tell her what areas are tight (holy shoulders) and she adjusted the lesson to include lots of poses and stretches specifically for me. I felt amazing at the end! Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeEvery evening from 5-6pm, Hotel Marlowe does a wine hour in their lobby–hello, perfect timing. I finished yoga and wandered down to the lobby to grab a complimentary glass of red, which I enjoyed in my room while cozied up in one of their signature animal-print bathrobes.

The Food & Drinks

Before yoga, room service stopped by with a healthy snack, water and a sweet welcome note. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

Joe didn’t join me until late that evening so I decided to order room service for dinner. The menu has lots of healthy options, and I ended up going with their chopped salad and a side of roasted brussles sprouts. Both were delicious! Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

As part of the Feel OM-azing package, you get a complimentary cold-pressed juice. The next morning, I went with their green option which I sipped on in bed while doing a little blog work. Snow was falling outside and it seriously could not have been a better way to start the day.

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeAlso included in the package is a $25 room credit to use on breakfast. I went with oatmeal and a smoothie and Joe stuck with eggs–everything was delicious!

Other Ways to Be Active during Your Stay

Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeAll guests have access to the hotel’s fitness center (regardless of if you’ve purchased the Feel Om-azing package), which was located on my floor down the hall. It was small but had everything you’d need–cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights, foam rollers, BOSU balls, benches, etc. Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/Cambridge Hotel Marlowe's Feel Om-azing package review -- great option for healthy travel in Boston/CambridgeWith the Charles River and its awesome surrounding bike path right in the hotel’s front yard, they also offer free kayaks and bikes for your use. I’d absolutely recommend taking advantage of them if you stay during the warmer months. The views of the city from the Charles are awesome and the area is always teeming with activity when it’s nice outside. Had my knee not been bothering me, I probably would have gone for a run along the river during my stay.

All the staff were so friendly and helpful throughout my quick, but awesome stay. A big thanks to Kimpton for having me! I actually shot a workout in the hotel room before I left (checkout isn’t until noon so I had some time to work there Friday morning) and that’ll be up on the blog tomorrow. It’s great for doing while traveling or any time you’re short on space and equipment.

For more details on Hotel Marlowe’s Feel Om-azing Package you can visit their website

Have you ever done a wellness package at a hotel or other healthy travel program?


I (Finally) Tried BODYPUMP

BSC BODYPUMP ReviewBack when I did a post listing Popular Workouts I’ve Never Tried, I got so many responses from people genuinely shocked I’d never taken a BODYPUMP class. It was as if I’d lost all credibility as a fitness blogger–you whaaaaat?!

This week I got the chance to work with Boston Sports Club to attend a class or personal training session and when I saw they offer BODYPUMP (from here on out written as BodyPump so it doesn’t look like I’m yelling at you) at their Prudential Center location … I mean I really had no choice. 😉

In addition to enhanced personal training and varying group fitness classes, many BSC locations also offer awesome extras like swimming pools, racquet sports, sauna/steam rooms, babysitting and kids programs. This was my first time visiting the Prudential Center location and I thought it was great. THE LOCATION. The Pru is convenient as is but is becoming even more so as the tower construction is completed. I loved that I could walk out of my BodyPump class and right down the next wing to grab a salad from Sweetgreen for dinner. Across from them is an organic smoothie and juice stand. And down the next wing is Lululemon. I mean c’mon. BSC BODYPUMP ReviewI also love how spacious the locker rooms are. Maybe an inconsequential detail for some, but I appreciate when I’m not packed shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of other sweaty people trying to fish my jacket out of a locker between a sea of other people’s limbs.


BSC BODYPUMP ReviewI went to the 6:30PM offering of BodyPump and it was PACKED. I get why–it’s a full-body workout using a combination of hand weights, barbell and various plates, a stepper and a mat. You focus on one muscle group each song and the movements go to the music, which makes it fun. You choose your weights and the instructor gives you some guidance about how heavy to go for each song, so it’s definitely something from which both newbies and advanced gym-goers can benefit. The pace of the movements are quick at times with higher rep numbers, so while you pick the weight, no one goes with crazzzzy heavy loads.

While a packed class is a good sign (usually telling of a great workout and instructor–both of which held true!), there actually ended up being a shortage of equipment in my class. It was only a bummer during the leg segments for me when I wished I had access to additional plates, but for the rest it was more than enough (the shoulder section killed me, light weights and all!).

Kristen taught my class and she was high-energy, encouraging and always on the beat! I really like that the tempo of exercises changes during the class–you might do a slow extension and fast contraction or evenly paced movement both ways.

Try a Class for Free

BSC BODYPUMP ReviewI think this is pretty cool–BSC lets you try a class for free if you’re a non-member so that you can get a feel not only for that particular group workout, but the facilities and entire gym space. Love that! You can search all their classes and reedem your freebie HERE (goes for NYC, Philly & DC clubs, too).

If you’re more interested in personal training, you can get more information HERE.

If you want to get all the advantages of a membership after you do your free class trial, BSC has a bunch of upcoming specials to ask about. Here’s the deal:

  • 1/29 – 1/31 | Join for $0/Get January and February for Free
  • 2/1 – 2/7 | Join for $0/ROTMF on all  Memberships

To follow along socially, BSC is on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Big thanks to BSC for having me! Pumped that Pumps & Iron can finally cross BodyPump off the list! …

Couldn’t resist.

Have you tried a BodyPump class? What do you think?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Town Sports International. The opinions and text are all mine.

How to Pay $1.67/Class for 4 Months of Yoga in Boston

New Client Yoga Deals in BostonOk this title is admittedly misleading because you’d have to take class every single day to get the price down that low BUT my trickery doesn’t take away from the bottom line: there are killer deals for new clients at most yoga (and fitness) studios. To continue my #GRONKonomics post series with 360 Savings from Capital One, I want to breakdown the best deals for yoga in Boston.

At the start of 2015, I was just really committing myself to a regular practice, so even though I’ve lived in Boston for years, I hadn’t been to most of the yoga studios here. That meant I got to take advantage of new client specials for months. It was awesome. And I don’t know about you, but if I feel like I’m getting a deal on a class package, I am extra motivated to go as much as possible and really get my money’s worth. Unlimited classes for 30 days? Game on. I will literally go Every. Single. Day. as if it’s some sort of competition to drive my price per class down. CAP_15_GRONK_Tip3 (1)

There are lots more yoga studios and class offerings in Boston, but here are the ones I’ve either gone to myself or intend to go to soon.

New Client Specials for Yoga Studios in Boston

YogaWorks (Back Bay Yoga) | 2 weeks for $25

I love Back Bay Yoga (now called YogaWorks)! It’s close to Btone so some days I’ll double up and do a yoga class after a megaformer beating. The two are the best compliment to each other.

[ONGOING] $5 Community Classes – Usually at 2PM (although there are a few later options during the week I believe), YogaWorks offers community classes for only $5. There are also a ton of hour-long classes on the schedule that you can take for only $10. 

Karma Yoga | 2 weeks for $25

Karma Yoga’s Newbury Street location is right behind my apartment, so it was really convenient for me to take advantage of their new client special last winter when a block was about the maximum distance I was willing to walk. I didn’t go every day of the two weeks, but I definitely got my $25 worth!

South Boston Yoga | $5 first class + 2 weeks for $25

Now that I don’t live in Southie any more, I rarely make it out that way *sad face* but South Boston Yoga is worth the train ride and I really should go back. Your first class is only $5 and when you’re at the studio, they’ll then offer you an additional 2 weeks for $25.

[ONGOING] $10 Community Classes – I’m pretty sure these are only offered a couple times a week, but check the schedule!

Prana Power Yoga | 1 week for $25

I just tried Prana Power Yoga for the first time last week and loved the class. I went to their Cambridge studio which is right down the street from Life Alive so the combination made for the perfect afternoon across the river.

Core Power Yoga | 1 week FREE

I can’t believe I STILL haven’t tried Core Power Yoga! People rave about it, but I rarely get my butt outside Boston Proper to workout. I’ve heard whispers that CP is looking to open a location in the city so I’m holding out for that.

North End Yoga | 30 days for $45

When Btone’s North End location opens up next month (I’ll be teaching there Tuesday & Wednesday mornings!), I’m looking forward to buying NE Yoga’s intro special and checking out the studio. There are so many awesome places to workout in the city, but I tend to stay within my neighborhood these days for convenience. Teaching in the North End will give me a good excuse to try out some studios there and hang out at all my old favorite spots (I used to live there).

Health Yoga Life | 1 month for $45

I don’t make it to Beacon Hill often so I haven’t tried Health Yoga Life, but it continually pops up in lists of yoga studios to try in Boston, and they’ve got a great new client special!

If you’re new to Boston, take advantage of these new client specials! Studio hop until you find the one you like best. Something I’ll do with these types of specials is calculate how much I’m saving and then transfer that amount immediately into my savings account. So if I buy an intro special at a new studio and get to pay $45 for an unlimited month instead of $150, I’ll make myself put $105 into my savings account (rather than spend it on the inevitable new pair of shoes I don’t need). This system has helped me take my savings from dismal to just mildly pathetic (hey, baby steps, ok?!). 😉

CAP_15_GRONK_Tip4360 Savings from Capital One includes great tools like My Savings Goals to help you with things like this. You set up goals with customized nicknames; calculate the amount you need to save and when you’ll reach that goal; and then can track the whole saving journey. It’s so satisfying to watch small amounts saved start to add up! To get more info or visit In addition, you can follow Capital One on Facebook & Twitter and get all of Gronk’s #GRONKonomics tips by following his Facebook page and Twitter account as well. I’m sure some of you hardcore Bostonians already follow him though …

Boston peeps—where’s your favorite place to practice yoga?


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Capital One. All opinions—as always!—are my own.