Simple Berry Smoothie Bowl & Grocery Delivery with Peapod

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It’s not uncommon for me to go to the grocery store almost every single day in a week. Living carless in the city, I can only carry so much at at time on foot back to my apartment. And if I’m making recipes for the blog that week, forget about it. Sometimes I make multiple trips to the grocery store in a single day. So remind me again why I haven’t been using Peapod for years?!

Peapod is an online grocery store via Stop & Shop. Just like browsing your favorite online clothing retailer, you can browse the site by category (aisle) or use their search bar to find specific items. One feature I love is that Peapod remembers your orders so that you can browse past purchases and easily add those favorite items to your cart the next time you shop. And they have a whole section dedicated to organic. *jazz hands emoji*

Once you’ve added everything on your grocery list to your cart you can choose a pick-up time or, my option of choice, a delivery date and time. Delivery is available as soon as next-day and then you can pick a two-hour window during which to have your groceries arrive. It’s so convenient! And new Peapod customers get free delivery and pick-up for the first 60 days with code 60DAYSFREE (enter into promotional code box at checkout). You better believe I’m taking advantage of that! 😉

The first thing I made in the kitchen from my Peapod delivery was a simple smoothie bowl with some not-so-simple toppings. Guys. I chopped up a peanut butter cookie Larabar to top my smoothie bowl and now life will never be the same.

Simple Berry Smoothie Bowl

Simple Berry Smoothie Bowl

Yield: 1 bowl

Simple Berry Smoothie Bowl


  • 2/3 cup almond milk (additional 1/3 cup if needed to achieve desired consistency)
  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • You pick the toppings:
  • 1 peanut butter cookie Larabar, chopped
  • Small handful granola
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Shredded coconut


  1. Place everything in a blender and combine until smooth.
  2. Add desired toppings.

Peapod Discounts for Your First Delivery

I already mentioned the 60 days free delivery and pick-up (60DAYSFREE promo code entered at checkout) but wait wait I’ve got MORE savings for you! Get $15 off your first order with THIS LINK (or any of the links to Peapod used throughout this post). When you head to the Peapod site, they’ll have you enter your zip code to make sure the service is available in your area (Boston friends, you’re good to go!). 

To answer my shirt‘s question: I do now. 😉

Thoughts on Going Vegan and Feeling Judged

Thoughts on going vegan and feeling judged.I had big plans to shoot a bunch of workout videos for the blog this week but my body had another idea. If you follow me on Instagram you’re already painfully aware from my stories that I’ve completely lost my voice (sorry for scarring your eardrums these past couple days!). My throat has been a bit scratchy for a couple weeks now due to springtime allergies and teaching without a mic Tuesday morning just put me over the edge—it’s been all downhill since then. Luckily I don’t teach again until Tuesday so I have plenty of time to rest the ol’ vocal chords.

Since videos are out of the picture, I figured it’d be a good time to update you all a bit on how my food choices have been gradually changing and some thoughts I have about it.

Going vegan without the label

I’ve mentioned it in passing and you can probably tell from the types of recipes I’ve been posting lately: I’m slowly, and in a very imperfect, unforced way, going vegan. Emphasis on “going” (work in progress). I currently eat eggs and very occasionally fish so I’m not there yet, but that’s the direction in which I’m moving. I’ll do a blog post going into the “why” behind it soon, but today I want to talk about the reason I’m actually a little uncomfortable associating myself with the word “vegan”. I get defensive. I don’t eat animal products but I’m not a veganI’m not like that.

For me, this distaste stems from the association of vegans with judgement. Holier-than-thou attitudes. Throwing buckets of paint on people wearing fur. Bashing meat eaters on YouTube. Trying to force their diet on others through shame tactics. This association for me probably has to do with the fact that my first introduction to the word “vegan” as a kid was in watching PETA protest red carpets and yell/act aggressively at people wearing fur.

The vast majority of vegans are far from this extreme. I know this, yet the negative connotations stay deeply ingrained and I can’t help but want to disassociate myself from them. I’m much more comfortable with the term “plant-based”. Crazy how powerful words can be, right? Yet we are the ones who give them meaning in the first place. In this lies the issue with labeling people, but that’s a tangent for another day. 😉

Ultimately, I just hate the thought that anyone would feel as if I were judging them for what they choose to eat. And I think some people do feel that way when they hear the word “vegan” (ironically myself included!). There have been times when I’ve sensed an immediate switch to defense-mode with people justifying why they eat meat upon finding out that I don’t anymore.

Feeling judged because of food choices

Have you guys ever felt this way? Ever had an experience where you felt judged or shamed because of what you were eating? It’s the worst! I was actually at an event with a group of bloggers a year or so ago and still remember this seemingly small incident clearly because it rubbed me the wrong way hard. You know how at some sushi restaurants the seaweed salad is a dark green/brown color and then at others it’s the neon green color of the slime Nickelodeon dumps on people at the Kids’ Choice Awards? Both equally delicious, but the radioactive green color probably means there are artificial dyes in the seaweed. So is the natural color variety better for you? Yeah. But will it kill you to eat the bright green stuff once in a while? No.

So at this event I order seaweed salad with my sushi and when it’s brought to the table it’s neon green. I honestly didn’t think twice about it. But this other blogger scowls at my dish and through her disgusted grimace says to the person next to her, “I just would never feel OK putting that in my body. Look at it.”

My response:

I’m kidding. I didn’t suggest we go fight in the parking lot. But I was so put off by her comment! I thought it was just the rudest, snobbiest thing. And then I felt all self-conscious eating my seaweed salad. I was surprised at how upset it made me. How one little comment could make me feel so bad about myself and what I’d chosen to eat. Who was she to pass judgement on me? Gwyneth Paltrow?! My blood was boiling through the rest of dinner. When I got back to my hotel room I just kept thinking about how I NEVER want to be the reason someone feels this way. And it’s something I often stress about when I post food-related stuff to the blog and my social media accounts.

***For the record, I wish I had pulled her aside and let her know how her words made me feel. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and we would have had a great conversation from which we both would have walked away understanding the other a little better. But I didn’t. Maturity takes time, OK?! 😉

Sharing my experience, not telling you what to do

I’m really happy about this gradual shift in my food choices (again, I’m not fully plant-based yet!). I feel downright incredible actually. And I’m excited to share more on the blog about why, how, the challenges, etc., etc.

Food choices can be a heated topic because there’s so much that goes into why we eat the way we do beyond taste and survival. Emotions, religion/spirituality, health, society, environment—the list goes on. We should be mindful of what we eat and how our bodies feel because food can be our greatest medicine or truly our worst poison. For that reason, we should learn from others but ultimately always do what’s best for our own body. Know that when I share the occasional blog post on my (evolving) plant-based diet, I am never implying that it’s better than however you’re eating. I want to encourage you on a journey to find what makes you feel your best, not my journey.

My Favorite Things: April


Happy Monday! Joe and I unintentionally had a 48-hour long date this weekend—very unlike us (we’re the least romantic couple ever). We had dinner at Crudo in the North End on Friday (delicious!) and then went to Mohegan Sun Saturday and Sunday. It was so fun! Details on that later on in the post.

Favorite Products

Burn Book Journal

I needed a new journal and when I saw this on Etsy it was too funny not to buy. For the record, I’m not actually using it as a burn book (hopefully that goes without saying haha). When I’m stressed I try to spend a few minutes each day journaling as writing has always been therapeutic for me.

Samsonite Magpie Suitcase

I was gifted this suitcase as part of my trip to Mohegan Sun and I’m obsessed! It’s carry-on size and I love the hard outer shell. My old luggage was all soft and I’d get so paranoid when packing my DSLR camera on trips.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for several months now and love it! It’s packed with good ingredients and the scent of the eucalyptus & peppermint is amazing.

Favorite Workouts

Industry Night at EBF

with a bunch of Btone ladies!

EBF had a fitness industry night at their FiDi location and instructors, trainers, bloggers—anyone in the industry—was invited to come for a free workout. Taking classes at other studios has 100% made me a better instructor at Btone, and I appreciate studios who focus on community over competition.


with Caroline

I’ve been meaning to try out MyStryde for so long and finally made it to the running studio this month. I loved it! Everyone said the 45 minutes goes by quickly but I was skeptical—45 minutes on a treadmill? How can that possibly go by quickly?! But it really does! And you leave feeling so accomplished. I actually took class next to an elite runner who was here for the Boston Marathon and 15 minutes into class he was like “Oops, I forgot to take my medal off” and casually pulls a race metal out from underneath his shirt and places it in the water bottle holder (LOLLOL #humblebrag).

Favorite Eats

Blogger Dinner at Tempo

Lexi from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen organized a dinner at Tempo in Waltham for local bloggers. If you’re in the area, you’ve got to try this place out—everything was delicious and can be made gluten-free if you have that dietary restriction. The spring carrot vegetarian bolognese and ice cream sundae were amazing!

Favorite Things I …

Listened To

  • [PODCAST] In the Dark | Continuing my obsession with true crime podcasts, I listened to In the Dark, which chronicles the botched investigation of an abduction.
  • [SONG] A 1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam (not a workout song, just love it)


  • 13 Reasons Why | The reactions to this Netflix series are varied and HEATED. I thought it was a well-made show (Joe and I couldn’t stop watching!), but have mixed feelings on the message of it. Yes, bullying is a serious issue and you don’t know how your words and actions might be affecting others. But did anyone else feel like it sorta glorified suicide? Maybe “glorified” isn’t the right word, but the show presents it as her only remaining option. And 100% of the blame for her death is placed on other people while Hannah emerges as the martyr of her high school. Am I being harsh? What’d you guys think of the show?
  • Vanderpump Rules | I know. How do I follow up 13 Reasons Why with this nonsense?! I haven’t had Bravo in years so I’m totally out of the loop with all their trashy (but amazing) reality tv series. Just a couple weeks ago, I started watching Vanderpump Rules on Hulu and it’s my new favorite mindless entertainment on lazy Sundays. These people are cray! And I get the impression it’s not staged craziness like some other shows—they’re all just actually that dramatic. (I just got to the part about Jax and Kristen WHAAAAAA?!).

Favorite Moments

Making My First Vlog

I branched off from the workout videos and tried my hand at more of a vlog format this month. So fun to make!

Lunch with Charlie from The Runner Beans

When I told Joe I had a friend in town I was meeting for lunch, he asked, “Oh nice, from college?” To which I replied, “No from … Instagram.” (LOL). I loved getting to meet Charlie (@therunnerbeans) in real life after being friends through social media and blogging. She was in Boston for the marathon and we went out to lunch at Parish Cafe the following day. I hadn’t been to Parish in a while and had forgotten how delicious their sandwiches are!

Trip to Mohegan Sun

Samsonite sent me to Mohegan Sun this weekend for an event with Shaun T and it was so fun! We got in Saturday afternoon and hung out by the pool before getting ready for dinner. We decided on Sol Toro, a delicious Mexican restaurant serving up tableside guac and awesome tequila cocktails. After dinner we went to a comedy show at COMIX that was absolutely hysterical. Joe and I aren’t gamblers but after the show we decided to try our luck at roulette (when in Rome!) and we actually won $250–score!

The next morning I regretted that last tequila cocktail but was excited nonetheless for Shuantervention. 😉 It was like one part workout, one part Tony Robbins convention, one part rock concert.

The workout was a slightly toned down version of Insanity and then Shaun T gave a motivational talk to the crowd and did a Q&A. Big thanks to Samsonite for having me!

Favorite Follows

  • @bromabakery‘s Instagram stories for food photography and styling tips.
  • @alexia_clark for exercise ideas (love how she uses resistance bands!).

What made your highlight reel in April?

Disclosure: Samsonite comped my hotel room at Mohegan Sun but I’m not being paid for this blog post. I just genuinely had a great time and it was a highlight for me this month! My monthly roundup posts of favorites are never sponsored. 🙂