Grapefruit Mimosas with Frozen Berries (+Giveaway)

Happy Friday! This weekend I turn 29 (what??) and I fully plan on celebrating with a couple of these champagne cocktails at Sunday brunch. A traditional mimosa is made with orange juice, but I’ve always preferred grapefruit juice (trust me). Adding frozen berries makes for a pretty and delicious garnish while also keeping the drink chilled. Just three ingredients so it’s a totally doable cocktail if you’re hosting guests or celebrating a special occasion. 

You’ll get sweetness from the berries and juice, so I’d stay away from using a sweet champagne or sparkling wine for mimosas. I’m using Belaire Brut (this isn’t a sponsored post, but they did send me a gift package of bubbly–thanks, Belaire!). With champagne and sparkling wine, “brut” means it’s dry or unsweetened. Belaire is a great option because it’s champagne quality at half the cost. After all, unless you’re Lil’ Wayne, you wouldn’t dilute a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne with fruit juice. 😉

Grapefruit Mimosas with Frozen Berries

Grapefruit Mimosas with Frozen Berries


  • Brut champagne (or sparking wine of choice)
  • Grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed or bottled, but avoid sweetened juices)
  • Berries of choice (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries)*


  1. If you buy fresh berries, put them in an airtight container in the freezer the night before you plan to enjoy the mimosas.
  2. The ratio of champagne to grapefruit juice should be roughly 2:1 or 1:1, depending on your taste preference.
  3. Drop in a couple frozen berries and enjoy!


*You can buy frozen berries, but if you're concerned about presentation, I'd recommend buying fresh berries and then freezing them overnight yourself (they'll look "prettier").

If you’re hosting a daytime event, you could use this basic combo (champagne + fruit juice + frozen berries) to set up a make-your-own mimosa bar. Set out the champagne, juice options (I’d recommend orange juice, grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice) and frozen berry options (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries). Let guests create their own mixture–really can’t go wrong with any of those combos!

Reader Giveaway

I’m teaming up with my friend at Luc Belaire (the phrase “my friend at” is tossed around a lot in the blogging world but I mean friend friend–we went to high school together!) to give one reader a case of bubbly. You’ll get six bottles, two of each expression (Brut, Rose and Luxe). You’ll also get four Belaire glasses and a limited-edition backpack designed by street artist Ben Eine.

You must be 21 to enter. Giveaway is open to US residents. There are two ways to enter. You can follow me and Belaire on Instagram or, if you’re not on Instagram, you can leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite cocktail or mocktail is. Use the widget below to record your entry/ies. I’ll pick a winner Monday. Good luck!

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Cheers to the weekend! 

Most Popular Posts of 2016

Hey there! Remember me? I’ve been on a much-needed social media/blogging break these past couple weeks. With a crazy-busy teaching schedule subbing classes during the holidays and already feeling a bit burnt out, I decided a mini blog vacation was in order. And I must say, a week of eating my food without first worrying about taking a picture of it with optimal lighting was pretty damn refreshing. 😉

My teaching schedule goes back to normal next week and I’m excited to get back in the swing of things with Pumps. Clearly my little hiatus was needed because I’ve gone from feeling totally uninspired to bursting at the seams with plans and ambitions for the new year. Time to get to work!

Before jumping to the new year’s plans, I wanted to look back on some highlights from 2016. These are the most popular blog posts (determined by page views) from this last year. For fellow bloggers, I’ve included my thoughts on why these particular posts performed better than the rest–hopefully it will give you some ideas for strategizing your content calendar in 2017!

Top 5 Blog Posts from 2016

5. Slow Cooker Mexican Rice & Beans

It’s funny. I consider the backbone of this blog to be the workout posts yet they are NEVER the most viewed. Recipe posts do well for me because they’re the most likely to be picked up and shared by list and roundup-style sites like BuzzFeed.

4. What I’m REALLY Thinking While Teaching a Group Fitness Class

Posts like this do well because the title makes you want to click and the content is a conversation starter and relatable. Most of the traffic to this post came from Facebook as fellow fitness instructors shared with their friends and tagged others in the comments.

3. Stitch Fix Review–Help Me Decide What to Keep!

Yumi Kim dress on left also comes in a mini length that’s cute

Stitch Fix posts always seem to be popular, but this one most likely did especially well because of the call to action in the title.

2. Standing Core Workout

The only workout to make the top 5! I think this one did well because of how specific it is. Not just a core workout, but one using only standing exercises. As far as SEO and Google goes, often the more specific you get, the better chance you have of showing up higher in the search rankings. If I generically title a post “Core Workout” I’m competing with thousands of other “Core Workout”s and who’s going to win that SEO race–lil’ old me or a goliath like PopSugar? No contest. Another reason this one did well was because of the great lighting I had that day. I consider the photos in this post to be some of the clearest and cleanest of my workout posts and the result was a pictorial that blew up on Pinterest. Good lighting + solid-colored backdrop + cute outfit = Pinterest success.

1. Almond Butter Banana Chia Seed Pudding

This recipe is delicious! Again, food posts always do well for me as they’re the most likely to be picked up and included in roundups by other sites.

Now a couple other highlights from the year …

Top Blog Post from Any Year: Stupid-Easy Slow Cooker Shredded Mexican Chicken

This was my most highly trafficked blog post this year (originally posted in 2015) and it’s a bit ironic because I actually don’t eat chicken any more (I’ll do a blog post elaborating on that eventually).

Most Viewed YouTube Video: 12-Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout

This workout targets the butt and legs and while it’s only 12 minutes long, trust me, you wouldn’t want it to be a second longer. So. Challenging.

Most Liked Instagrams

I love that the most popular photo I’ve ever posted isn’t a recipe or a workout or anything remotely health related. Nope. Just me and my boyfriend dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro (LOL). Other highlights included running the Boston Marathon, a childhood diary entry (this one is funny, too) and pretty scenery. 

dress in bottom right is Jetset Diaries – love their long-sleeve boho dresses, too (how cute would this one be with over-the-knee boots?!)

And that’s that! I used to set all these lofty income, traffic number and follower count goals for the blog each year, but I’ve found that just leads to disappointment and a focus on the wrong things. Last year I shifted my goal-making strategy to be more project based. The big one was to get a YouTube channel up and running and while I’ve still got a lot of improvements to make, I’d consider that a success! For 2017, I’m focusing on furthering my own education in the health and fitness fields so that I can then share more with you guys. The only thing I love more than teaching is being a student and I’ve found that I really miss the whole schooling process (cue the nerd jokes). I intend for the new year to bring courses, classes, certification programs, and conferences my way. 🙂

Are you setting goals for 2017? What are they? What were some highlights from 2016?

Five Random Thoughts

five-random-thoughts-decemberEmphasis on RANDOM. This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Not sure if I should say, “Enjoy!” or “May the odds be ever in your favor”…

As a kid, I thought every movie was filmed like Boyhood.

Growing up, I thought that one actor played a character in a movie, regardless of age changes throughout the storyline. So if a movie included flashbacks to a character’s childhood, I thought the film crew had to shoot those scenes when the actor was a kid and then wait 20 years to film the rest of the movie when the actor was an adult (super practical and efficient). I remember being in awe of movies that flash-backed to when an adult character was a baby–what commitment! And: How’d they know the baby would want to act when it grew up?!

I don’t know at what age I finally figured out that it was two different people playing the same character, but it blew my mind. I then immediately felt like a complete idiot.

Would you rather have your text messages made public or your phone’s camera roll?

Ohgodohgodohgod. At first it seems like a no-brainer: Hell no am I letting my texts go public. But … those selfies. You know those days when your outfit is straight fire and you nailed your eyeliner and you are just FEELING YOURSELF and have to snap a selfie or two … hundred. And the result is 10,000 versions of the same pose with just sliiiiight variations (angry RBF, less-angry RBF, smize hard, smize harder, slight chin tilt up, slight shin tilt down) and you’re just trying way too hard in all of them, and you have enough shame not to post them to social media but also enough narcissism not to delete them … yeah those can’t see the light of day.

Then again, who knows what’s buried in the archives of my text messages.

Publish the damn selfies.

I need to figure out a way to be tan without real tanning or spray tanning.

img_6074I love having a tan. My body looks leaner and more defined, my face looks clearer and less blemished, and I can finally use the #tangoals emoji skin-hair combo. (I mean that’s what life’s all about am I right or amiright?!) Tanning beds are absolutely not an option, but I’ve always hated spray tanning. It smells weird, it stains white sheets and clothes, and when I sweat during workouts or teaching, it runs everywhere and I end up looking like I’m covered in dirt streaks. It’s a total mess. If anyone has some product recommendations or other tips for getting a faux glow, holler at me!

I don’t understand people who listen to music while the television volume is also on.

You know that part in A Clockwork Orange where his eyes are being held open and he’s strapped into a chair being forced to watch traumatizing video footage as part of the aversion therapy? I relate to him on a very deep level when I’m sitting in a room with the TV on and someone starts playing music. The walls start closing in, my palms get sweaty, the noise seems to get louder and louder, I can’t concentrate on anything–it’s maddening! I won’t even watch a damn Snapchat story with volume if someone in the same zip code is watching television.

Aaaaand then there’s Joe.

Music blasting in the apartment, turns on the TV, and then starts watching a loud YouTube video on his iPhone. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. It causes me to panic. I frantically search for the remote control and beat the living shit out of that mute button, trying urgently to dismantle the bomb that’s about to explode in my brain. And then we both just sort of stare at each other as if the other is insane. Good times, good times.

Are Mike Pence and Bart Bass the same person?

Every time Mike Pence is on the television, I get a fleeting rush of excitement thinking Gossip Girl reruns are on. Chuck Bass’ dad? Is that you!? Am I losing my mind or are these two men the same person:bart-bass-mike-pence

And there you have it. The most useless blog post you’ll read all day.

Your turn:

  • Texts or camera roll made public?
  • What weird misconceptions did you have as a kid?
  • Any faux tanning advice for someone who sweats for a living?

Happy Friday! I’ll be back to the health-related content next week. Thanks for indulging this ramble. 😉