Top 5 DIY Projects of 2012

top 5 diy projects of 2012

Since we’re on the topic of do-it-yourself projects and homemade crafts…have you all heard of Regretsy? It’s Etsy crafts gone bad, and it’s so, so, so good. Someone needs to make a reality TV series out of these people who whole-heartedly believe they’re going to make money by selling crochet fairy wands that look like—er—a certain male body part and macaroni and cheese mosaics in the shape of Jesus’ face.

Anyway, these are the top five DIY projects I posted in 2012. Seeing as Google Analytics deems them the most popular, I’m guessing (hoping) they wouldn’t end up on Regretsy.

5-ombre-denim-dyeing diy ombre denim dyeingORIGINAL POST

4-braided-chain-bracelet diy braided chain bracelet


3-ribbon-chain-bracelet woven ribbon chain bracelet


2-beaded-tribal-earrings beaded tribal earrings


1-braided-bead-bracelets braided bead bracelet


Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Be safe tonight and I hope you’re all as excited for 2013 as I am!

DIY Chevron Door Number

Yet another home décor DIY project! I’ve been hooked on sprucing up my new apartment because for the first time since graduating college, I actually see myself staying in one place for more than a year. I’ve loved living in a new Boston neighborhood each September and getting to know all the area has to offer; but moving is such a pain, and I am so excited to make this current apartment less of a temporary place to sleep and more of a home.

While my apartment itself is great, the building I’m in is old and in need of some serious TLC. When I have guests over I feel like I always need to add a disclaimer: Ok, so don’t judge my apartment by the building and stairs up to it. I swear Precious doesn’t live here. I promise my apartment is a decent, clean place to spend time. You don’t need a tetanus shot before coming over. Just trust me.

I’m exaggerating, but still. I want to do everything I can to make the entranceway to my building look nicer, and since remodeling the entire stairwell and re-shingling the outside of the building isn’t within my financial means or legal rights, I decided to start small: with a chevron apartment number sign for the outside of my door.

A.C. Moore has a great wood crafting section online and in their stores, so this was my starting point in the project.


  • A wooden base (I chose an oval)
  • Wooden number or letter
  • Oil-based paint (three colors of your choice) and small paint brush
  • Thin cardboard or construction paper, ruler, pencil, scissors
  • Wood glue
  • Twine
  • Hot glue
  • 2 small screws

Start by painting the base piece of wood (the lighter of the two colors you’ll use in the chevron pattern). Apply two coats.

Make a chevron pattern stencil out of stiff paper or cardboard. Using a ruler, make a zigzag pattern (about 1” thick depending on the size of your wooden base). Cut it out and place it on your painted piece of wood, tracing the pattern down its length.

Carefully paint within the lines with your second color. You can use painter’s tape to outline the pattern if you’re scared of smudging.

Use your third and final paint color on the number/letter. Two coats.

Add a twine boarder to the base with hot glue.

Add a twine hook with hot glue, securing with two small screws.

Using wood glue, secure the number to the center of the wooden base. Allow to fully dry.

DIY Chevron & Chalkboard Paint Organizer Baskets

If you were to walk through my apartment, you probably wouldn’t be able to guess my age. The empty keg on my balcony indicates I’m an immature 18 year old with a fake ID, but my craft room (yes, I have a room dedicated to crafting—feel free to laugh) indicates I’m either a stay-at-home mom in my mid-thirties with seven kids or, on the flip side, a kindergartener.

Regardless of what my craft room says about me and my age (“dork!”), the important thing is that it’s organized. Using woven baskets, chalkboard paint and some ribbon, I made these chevron labeled baskets, and I wanted to share the DIY project with you. It was a craft project for my craft projects, but you can use these baskets for any part of your home that needs organizing—cooking supplies, the closet, jewelry, office supplies, mail, etc.


  • Basket/s (I got mine at A.C. Moore but also check out TJ Maxx, Target or Christmas Tree Shop for cheap options)
  • Wooden squares (check the wood section of your local A.C. Moore or Michael’s)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Acrylic paint (colors of choice)
  • Small paint brush
  • Wood glue
  • Ribbon (color of choice)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Chalk
  • Hot glue gun


First, I made the wooden labels. I wanted a blue, tan and white color scheme, and since I was making six baskets, it worked out that I’d have two labels for each chevron color combination.

  1. Paint the wooden squares in the lighter of the two colors to be used. Apply two coats.
  2. Once dry, apply the darker of the two colors in a zigzag chevron pattern. I free-handed it, but you can use the painter’s tape to outline your pattern beforehand (this may take more extra time than it’s worth, however). Again, two coats.
  3. Once dry, use the painter’s tape to outline a square in the middle of the wooden label. Apply 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint in the middle.
  4. Once dry, carefully remove the tape. Use chalk to write a label on the square.

Next up, add finishing touches to the baskets.

  1. Use hot glue to secure a ribbon around the rim of the basket, leaving enough slack at each end so that you can tie a bow. Secure loops of bow to the basket with a dab of hot glue.
  2. Attach the wooden label to the front of the basket using wood glue. Give ample time for it to dry thoroughly before turning the basket upright.

Before I made these baskets, I had all my craft supplies spastically dumped on top of each other in anxiety-inducing bins. Now my shelves are pretty, organized and—obviously—super dorky. But I’m ok with that.