My Favorite Things: November (+ D.C. Travel)

My Favorite Things: NovemberThis month’s roundup of favorites includes a bunch from my trip to Washington D.C. early in November. I thought about doing a post dedicated to the trip, but because most of the time was spent working, I don’t have a *ton* of fun travel tips to share as far as where I ate, worked out, visited, etc.. I definitely have to plan another trip down there to fully experience the city!

Favorite Products/Services

adidas 24/7 Training Shoes

November Favorites: Adidas SneakersI was gifted these sneakers by adidas and love them for many reasons. First and most importantly, I get a ton on compliments on them, and that’s all that really matters in this life, right?! (I’m kidding. Kind of.) They’re comfortable and attractive, but the primary reason I love them is probably something to which only fellow bloggers will relate. No visible logos—not even adidas’ signature three stripes! There is a small logo on the back heel, but it’s the same color as the rest of the sneaker so it’s not visible in pictures or film.

Often times when working with clients, they’ll request that there are no visible logos on clothing worn in the pictures from competing brands or just none at all period. It’s pretty easy to find leggings and tank tops meeting this criteria, but I often find myself going into photoshop and needing to meticulously blur out sneaker logos on every picture used within a workout tutorial. These adidas sneakers are now my go-to for partnership projects!

Unscented Aloe Hand & Body Lotion from Avalon Organics

November Favorites: Avalon OrganicsI’m a moisturizing freak. Like I don’t think I’ve gotten out of the shower without lathering my whole body since I was in middle school. This unscented body lotion comes in JUMBO size with a pump top and has found permanent residence on my bathroom counter. This was a find on Thrive (<— that link gets you an additional 25% off your first order and free shipping). Not only do I like the discounts via Thrive but I love having heavy household items delivered to my door (hashtag carless-city-living problems).

November Favorites: EO Body Oil

I alternate between using that unscented body lotion and using this body oil from E.O. that I’ve definitely mentioned on the blog before. This particular body oil blend has a distinct lavender scent which is great but I don’t like smelling like anything when I’m out and about. So if I shower at night, I’ll apply the body oil (lavender is great for promoting a good night’s sleep as well!) and if I shower during the day, I’ll apply the Avalon Organics lotion.

High Shine Signature Tight from DYI

November Favorites: DYI high shine leggings

photo by Nick Cosky for Btone // mesh tank is Free People (old but if you haven’t checked out their workout clothes, they’ve got some super cute stuff!)

I’ve never been asked “Where’d you get those?!” about an article of clothing as much as I have about these leggings. They were gifted to me by DYI and I’m in love. I have them in burgundy and honestly want them in every single other color, too. They have a super high waist which I love and hot damn does that metallic sheen photograph well. They’re $88 and you can check out all the colors here. I wouldn’t say it’s the best material for running, but I love them for low-impact workouts and everyday wear. They have a second-skin type fit—it’s a thinner material but they’re tight and hold things in place.

Ruffle-Sleeved Oversized Sweatshirt

November Favorites: Ruffle Sleeved SweatshirtI *try* to have a quality-over-quantity approach to my wardrobe and prioritize ethical, environmentally-friendly brands over fast fashion but you know what?? Sometimes you just fall in love with an $11 pink ruffled sweatshirt at Primark and have to have it. I think it’s only wasteful if you buy a cheap item, wear it once, then toss it. I most certainly don’t think of this sweatshirt as disposable. I mean THOSE SLEEVES. They make me feel like I’m about to sign the Declaration of Independence with my fellow founding fathers. Ya know, if the founding fathers of this country were extra sassy and into pink crop tops.

Bitch stole my look:

November Favorites: Ruffle Sleeved Sweatshirt

Favorite Eats

Le Diplomate (D.C.)

I went out for a great dinner at Le Diplomate with everyone working on the Hyatt Place project. Sadly didn’t get a chance to obnoxiously take a picture of my food at dinner (#bloggerproblems) but I ordered the Vegetable Tagine, which was a delicious plant-based dish.


November favorites: CAVA mezze grillCAVA came recommended by several of you on Instagram as a delicious fast-casual food option in D.C. (Thank you for all the recs! I wrote down the ones I didn’t get to and am saving the list for my next visit. :)) I voluntarily went through security at the airport twice so that I could go to a gate that wasn’t mine to eat it for lunch before my flight and it was 100% worth it. It’s a similar concept to Dig Inn in that you get to create your own meal from their assembly line of delicious ingredients. I’m obsessed and word on the street is that they’re coming to Boston soon (!!).

Caramel Sea Salt Larabar Bites

November Favorites: Larabar Salted Caramel BitesThese are amazing—they’re like a bite-sized dessert version of a Larabar. In fact, I hid the bag in my dresser so I wouldn’t have to share them with Joe (#truelove).

Breakfast Toasts at Explorateur

November Favorites: Explorateur
I had brunch at Explorateur the other weekend and got their avocado toast AND almond butter toast (#YOLO) and both were so delicious! The cafe/restaurant is a really cool space—it’s a big open floor plan with a mix of cafe seating and traditional table dining and then a library area with a bar off to the side. Definitely worth checking out for a meal if you’re in Boston!

Bar Verde (NYC)

November Favorites: Bar VerdeI spent a weekend in NYC this month and had the best dinner with my college friends! Bar Verde has a plant-based Mexican menu with delicious cocktails. Don’t let my crappy cell phone photo of the food fool you—it was all delicious.

Gobble Gobble Sandwich at By Chloe

November Favorites: Gobble Gobble Sandwich at By Chloe

By Chloe hosted a blogger dinner to celebrate their seasonal Gobble Gobble sandwich (think Thanksgiving leftovers but vegan) and it’s so good!

Brussels Spout Sandwich at Clover

November Favorites: Brussle Sprout Sandwich at Clover

Brussles sprout season is only three weeks this year in Massachusetts because of the warm early fall we had, so for a *very* limited time, Clover Food Labs is serving up this Brussels Sprout Sandwich—hurry in, you don’t want to miss it! So good.

Favorite Workouts

Solidcore (D.C.)

November Favorites: SolidcoreAny time I travel, I try to locate a workout studio similar to Btone. Not just because I love the fitness method, but because I learn *so* much from other instructors and different studio styles. I really credit most of my development as an instructor to being a student, and I can’t explain how much I relish the opportunity to try out different trainers and studios.

Solidcore has several locations in the D.C. area (and is expanding throughout the country as well). I went to their new Navy Yard location because they were having an insane special where new clients got their first class for $4 (yes, please!). Loren was the instructor and she kicked my butt. Such a killer class!

Favorite Things I Watched

Stranger Things 2 | *spoiler alert ahead, so stop reading now if you haven’t watched the full second season* Ok, I really enjoy Stranger Things but it’s not an excellent show. I can’t put my finger on it—maybe the writing? Does anyone else feel this way? This season, a few things irked me:

  • Mike and Eleven are wayyyy too in love. They’re kids! Sure, I had some serious crushes at that age (Devon Sawa and Jonathan Taylor Thomas 4eva), but the way those characters act about being apart from each other is way too adult. Lucas and Dustin’s crushes on Max? So cute and age-appropriate. Mike and Eleven? Totally weirds me out. Anyone else?!
  • The entire story line about Eleven going to meet up with her sister and turning all “bad” for a couple days. What was the point of that?! I like that we got to learn the backstory of her mom, but the sister and her punk friends did nothing for me.
  • Why did Bob have to die?! This has nothing to do with the quality of the series, I just really liked Bob. Such a nice guy and would have been a great stepdad. I get it, Winona has to eventually end up with Hopper in a future season, but R.I.P. Bob.

Elizabeth Smart Autobiography | Anyone else watch this? It was on A&E I believe. I remember hearing the name Elizabeth Smart over and over on the news but was a little too young to care about all the details when it happened. Such a crazy story! Even the way Elizabeth Smart narrated the show was creepy—it was like she was an actress retelling it and would do this weird smile-smirk expression as if she was really into this gruesome kidnapping fictional story she was reading. NO JUDGEMENT. What she went through was absolute trauma—who the hell am I to determine how someone should act after going through that? But her demeanor in the TV special definitely adds to the bizarre story and prompted Joe and I to Google conspiracy theories about her actually being a voluntary runaway which are totally bogus I’m sure but a good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon (lol).

Favorite Moments

A Work Trip to D.C.

November favorites: Hyatt Place Hotel DC

wearing Zella leggings (currently on sale 40% off!), Gap tank & adidas sneakers

I’ve been working on a project with Hyatt Place hotels for several months now and in early November traveled to D.C. to film all the content (I’ll of course share more when things are finalized!). It was a physically demanding trip for sure (10 workouts in two days) but there’s really no type of work I’d rather be doing.

I had some time between the shoots to be a tourist in D.C. and made sure to walk the National Mall, checking out all the famous monuments and taking some pics along the way (naturally). November Favorites: Washington Monument, D.C.

photo by Nick Cosky // wearing Spiritual Gangster tank (old but this version and this version are the same cut) & Koral leggings

Before heading to the airport, I had time to visit one of the countless museums in the area, and although it was a tough decision, I went with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. I think I was the only adult in there not accompanied by 1-20 school-age children, but I LOVED it. Hard to pick a favorite exhibit but I thought the evolution of man section was particularly cool and the minerals and gem stones were pretty crazy, too.

Hosting My First Thanksgiving

November Favorites: Thanksgiving Dinner

Usually Joe and I travel to either his Mom’s house in New Jersey or my parents’ on the Vineyard for Thanksgiving. I’ve never been responsible for *any* of the cooking and might as well still be sitting at the kid’s table. This year, however, we decided to have our families to our place in Boston. Cooking and cleaning became my full-time job for a few days there, but it was actually pretty fun and everyone loved the meal. I could get used to this whole hostess gig! 😉

On the menu:

  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup from Cookie + Kate
  • Vegan Mashed Potatoes from Minimalist Baker
  • Sweet Potato Casserole twist—I cut the potatoes into rounds instead of mashing and topped with a crushed pecan, brown sugar, cinnamon and vegan butter crumble.
  • Instead of stuffing I did wild rice mixed with sautéed mushrooms and onions and a sage, rosemary, thyme spice mix.
  • The biggest hit was stuffed acorn squash. I filled roasted acorn squash halves with farro, roasted chickpeas and lots of other fall flavors. I’ll post the recipe to the blog soon!

Joe’s mom helped me cook the turkey the day of, and my mom brought the cranberry sauce and dessert. I think we’ve officially started a new Thanksgiving tradition!

Time Capsule

I’ve been doing these monthly favorites for so long now! It’s fun to look back at what I was digging this time last year and even two years ago.

Thoughts on this season of Stranger Things? Did you host or travel for Thanksgiving? What were some of your favorites from the month?

My monthly favorites posts are never sponsored, however they typically contain a few affiliate links. I get sent a lot of free products, and the first section of this post might highlight a couple of my favorites. I’m never required to or being paid to feature these freebies and only share the ones I truly love and think my readers will enjoy as well.

Best Acai Bowls in Boston

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.

I did it. The ultimate guide to the best acai bowls in Boston. I tried every single option in the city (that I’m aware of), often eating them for both breakfast and lunch to get this article finished before summer ends. Yes, blood sugar levels were sacrificed for the sake of Pulitzer-worthy investigative journalism. It’s a tough job, but dammit someone’s gotta do it.

Acai bowls are absolutely delicious, the most refreshing breakfast (or dessert) on a warm summer day, and oh-so-easy on the eyes. They also can be high in sugar and calories from the banana(s), berries, granola and nut butter. I personally don’t care because it’s coming from nutritionally dense foods, but just wanted to throw it out there that I’m certainly not eating these every single day now that this piece of groundbreaking journalistic gold is complete. 😉

If you live in Boston or are visiting for the weekend, stop into one of the following juice bars for an acai bowl.

Best Acai Bowls in Boston: A Local’s Guide

I did my best to list these in order of preference with my most highly recommended first—it’s hard to pick favorites though! It’s more of a general spectrum than a hard and fast ranking. Really the only place I wouldn’t recommend is Juice Press. Other than that, they’re all good—it just depends on what type of bowl you’re looking for and if organic ingredients are important to you. I’ll include all that information in this guide, and you’ll notice I list organic places towards the top of the list for the most part.

As far as price goes, there isn’t much of a difference between the following spots. If you’re looking for an acai bowl in Boston, be prepared to spend about $10-12. The one exception to that is B. Good which only charges $5 (smaller serving size).


A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.Beacon Hill—120 Charles Street
South End—643 Tremont Street
@pressedboston // menu

So it’s a little confusing but there’s a Pressed and then a Pressed Juicery in Boston. Pressed Juicery is a national chain and while delicious, doesn’t offer acai bowls so we’re not talking about them in this post. The acai bowl at Pressed is a blend of acai, maqui berry, cacao, almond butter, ripe berries and banana and house-made granola. It’s definitely in my top three of favorites. Their menu is mostly locally sourced and organic, and the acai bowl is a big, filling serving (definitely a meal, not a snack). The acai blend makes for the bulk of the bowl and there’s the perfect amount of granola and fresh fruit on top to make for a satisfying meal while still giving you the refreshing satisfaction of a smoothie. All around just a damn good bowl.

The Juicery

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.North End—66 Cross Street
@the_juicery // menu

The acai bowl at the Juicery is incredible. When I teach in the North End, I ALWAYS stop by to order one. The Classic Acai Bowl is made with an acai and frozen banana blend, fresh banana on top, peanut butter, granola, coconut, cacao and almond milk. As far as serving size goes, it’s on the larger side so I always feel satisfied after eating one—it’s definitely a meal, not a snack. The Juicery uses all organic ingredients when possible. This bowl is on the sweeter side and they top it with a good amount of peanut butter (hmmm wonder why I love it so much?? lol) so sometimes I’ll even eat it as a dinner+dessert on hot summer evenings. If you’re looking for a bowl that’s less dessert-y, this might not be the one for you but otherwise seriously can’t recommend it highly enough.

Revolution Juice

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.Back Bay—150 Huntington Ave
@revolutionjuice // menu

Revolution Juice cares deeply about providing only organic and non-GMO foods. They have a large menu of smoothies, juices, bowls and some ready-made foods. Their acai bowl is a blend of acai, banana and date and then you get to pick four toppings. I usually go with granola, fresh fruit, coconut and hemp seeds, as shown above. It’s a big bowl (you definitely get an entire smoothie’s worth of the acai blend), and I just love their commitment to quality produce.


A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.Government Center—100 City Hall Plaza
@purecocobeet // menu

Cocobeet’s large menu is organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, non-HPP and locally sourced. Phew that’s a mouthful. Their acai bowl is a blend of strawberries, maqui berries, banana, acai and more topped with homemade granola, coconut and blueberries. It’s delicious! Sometimes I do ask them to put less granola on it though because the ratios are a bit off and the last few bites end up being just spoonfuls of ‘nola.

In addition to their acai bowl they have some other smoothie bowls (I think I like their pitaya bowl better than the acai bowl actually) and some delicious refrigerated raw foods. I love their sandwiches, quinoa bites, truffle balls—so many good things going on at Cocobeet and I love their commitment to high-quality ingredients.

Thirst Juice Co.

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.Downtown Crossing—44 School Street
@thirstjuiceco // menu

Thirst offers up four different delicious acai bowls. I’m a big fan of their Peanut Butter Acai Bowl (the prettiest deep purple color going) and Coconut Acai Bowl. Sometimes I’ll also order their superfood bites and then crumble them up on top of the bowl (#ProTip). The only reason I didn’t put Thirst higher up on this list is that sometimes they’re closed on random days, especially on the weekend. I’ll walk all the way over there to find the lights off which is a bummer. Recently they’ve also been out of certain ingredients when I go to order one of their bowls. I’m not sure if the produce Thirst uses is organic or not. They don’t advertise it as organic on their site or storefront so I’m guessing it’s not? Their menu is vegan and gluten-free and their juice are raw.

The Juice Box

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.

Southie—359 West Broadway
@juiceboxbos / menu

Man has Southie come a long way since I lived there! Workout studios, delicious dining options, A JUICE BAR?! The closest thing we had back when I was there were the salads at Shenanigans, which are surprisingly delicious for being served at a bar named Shenanigans. But I digress …

The Juice Box has three different acai bowl options in addition to several pitaya bowls (think acai but bright pink). Pictured above is the Good Morning Bowl which is delicious, but basically the same as a smoothie. I’d recommend one of their other ones topped with granola so you get that satisfying crunch.

This has nothing to do with the quality of their acai bowls, but I have to mention that they use those environmentally-friendly wooden spoons which is very responsible, but the feeling of them in my mouth is like the physical manifestation of nails on a chalkboard.


A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.

Downtown Crossing—230 Congress St
@kwenchjuicecafe / menu

I would never know about Kwench if it wasn’t for Joe because the Financial District is like a confusing maze of tall buildings and suits that I try my best to avoid. I always feel like a very unproductive member of society when I walk through there on weekdays wearing bright purple spandex and a muscle tank, but I persevered to maintain the journalistic integrity of this blog post.

Kwench sources local and organic ingredients for their menu and serves up a delicious acai bowl. They have a few different options but I went with the South Station because it contains peanut butter and duh. It was delicious, filling, and a great acai blend-to-toppings ratio.

Mother Juice

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.Back Bay—291 Newbury Street
North End—Boston Public Market
Kendall Square—625 West Kendall
@motherjuice // menu

Mother Juice has a large menu of juices, smoothies, breakfast bowls and organic, plant-based food (although their location in Boston Public Market has a limited menu). Their acai bowl is a blend of acai berries, almond milk, banana and blueberries topped with almond butter, granola, fresh fruit and coconut flakes. It’s delicious but I always feel like it’s more a fruit bowl or granola parfait than a smoothie bowl. They top it with a ton of fruit (often even more than pictured above) and then a layer of granola and then the acai blend at the bottom, so there’s a lot of chewing involved. Not a bad thing! I really like their bowl but if you’re looking for more of a smoothie consistency to refresh you on a hot summer day, this one might not hit the spot.

I haven’t been to their Kendall Square location, but the one on Newbury is super cute (very Instagrammable). They have seating indoors and outdoors so Mother Juice would be a great option if you’re looking to sit down with friends and leisurely enjoy your breakfast rather than just doing a grab ‘n go.


A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.

Back Bay—145 Dartmouth St
West End (summer pop-up)—The Clubs at Charles River Park
@jugosboston // menu

Jugos has an extensive menu of juice, smoothies, acai bowls, pitaya bowls, chia seed pudding and other plant-based foods. I’ve honestly never been disappointed with an order and think everything on the menu is delicious. The only bummer about Jugos is that they don’t use organic produce (I do, however, think the frozen acai they use is organic). Since their prices are just about the same as the other nearby juice spots that do use organic produce, I don’t frequently go to Jugos.

That being said, is a non-organic smoothie going to kill you? No. If you’re visiting Boston and Jugos is the most convenient to where you’re staying, check it out—their bowls are delicious! Just be prepared to be a little overwhelmed during peak times because the space is tiny (just enough room for a line of customers to pass through). My go-to orders are the Kai or the Los Verdes without goji berries (throws off the texture for me).

Squeeze Juice Company

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.

Financial District—53 State Street
Seaport (in Everybody Fights)—15 Channel Center Street
Back Bay (in Healthworks)—441 Stuart Street
@drinksqueeze / menu

Squeeze has a few locations, two of which are attached to gyms (EBF and Healthworks) and one of which is in the lobby of a building downtown. So if you’re visiting Boston and strolling around, they’re not exactly a destination I’d suggest or that you’d stumble upon while strolling down the street. They do have a few delicious acai bowls though! If you want something outside the traditional acai bowl, I’d suggest their Avocado Bowl. It has more of a citrus taste than others and the avocado is a fun, filling topping. I don’t believe they use organic produce because it’s not advertised, but I could be wrong!

B. Good

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.

Lots of locations—see website
@b.goodofficial / menu

For years I’ve loved B. Good for lunch and dinner (their seasonal salads and grain bowls are delicious!). Recently they’ve made a push to offer breakfast as well and among the options is an acai bowl. I’m not 100% sure if all their locations are offering this, but the one on Summer St definitely is.

If you want a light breakfast or more of a snack than a meal, B Good’s bowls would be a good choice. Unlike most of the other places, which give you a full smoothie’s worth of acai blend with the toppings, B Good’s serving size is more along the lines of a yogurt. They have two options—the one pictured above and then one with peanut butter, which I haven’t tried but sounds delicious.

Juice Press

A complete guide to the best acai bowls in Boston.Back Bay—500 Boylston St
Seaport—109 Seaport Blvd
Equinox Franklin St + Dartmouth St
@juicepress // menu

Juice Press has some good smoothies and I love their kelp pesto noodles but I would definitely NOT recommend their acai bowls. Honestly, I’ve always thought Juice Press was overrated (and according to responses I got to an Instagram story about this, a lot of you guys seem to agree!). I do love that it’s all organic, but I’ve given the acai bowls many chances and have always been disappointed—most of the time I don’t even finish them which says a lot seeing as I typically could eat smoothie bowls three meals a day, seven days a week.

The granola tastes burnt (and they put way too much on) and half the time it’s not blended all the way so the texture is icy and chunky. They’re pretty bland, which I guess is good if you need to watch your sugar intake, but if you’re looking for a refreshing summer treat, this is not going to cut it. The almond butter one is a little better than the plain one but it’s still blah. If you do find yourself at Juice Press, I’d recommend customizing your own—don’t go off the menu, and don’t get the granola.


Phew. I really poured my heart and soul into this post, guys. I don’t know why seeing as no one could possibly care this much about acai bowls, but at least I can now write off a month’s worth of breakfasts as business expenses. #worthit

P.S. Fellow Bostonians, if I missed a place that serves up acai bowls, do me a favor and seriously just don’t even tell me. I’m exhausted.

Healthy Martha’s Vineyard Guide: Where to Workout & Eat This Summer

Healthy Martha's Vineyard Guide: Where to Workout & EatI talk about the Vineyard in passing all the time on the blog, but haven’t ever done a dedicated post with recommendations. This is way overdue! For anyone new to the blog, I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard. And to clarify, I didn’t grow up summering there—my family lives there, I went to high school there, lived there year-round, I’m from Martha’s Vineyard. There’s a big difference. 😉

For anyone who may be planning to spend a weekend or week on the island this summer, I thought it’d be fun to put together all my recommendations for where to workout and grab healthy food. Of course you’ll need to balance out all this health stuff with plenty of ice cream and Dirty Bananas at Nancy’s (it’s vacation, after all), but we can save that for another post.

My healthy Martha’s Vineyard guide:

Where to Workout on Martha’s Vineyard


Healthy Guide to Martha's Vineyard: Where to Workout & Eat

what, you don’t practice yoga in gladiator sandals? 😉

I’ve taken two yoga classes on the Vineyard so far this summer and really enjoyed both. The first was a hot vinyasa class at One Hot Yoga in Vineyard Haven and the other was a regular vinyasa at Yoga on the Vine in Edgartown (<– this studio also offers Stand Up Paddle board yoga at the beach!).

While I haven’t done it myself, I’ve heard talk of a goat yoga class in Chilmark in which baby goats run around frolicking as you practice and apparently it sells out weeks in advance. My mission for summer 2017/life is to do this.

There are several other yoga studios on the island and the website Martha’s Vineyard Yoga Classes actually aggregates them all so that you can see what’s offered that day across all studios. My friends love the Yoga Barn in West Tisbury (doesn’t the space look beautiful?!) but I haven’t been personally.

Group Fitness

Outside of gyms (Mansion House, YMCA) which offer group classes, there aren’t a ton of options for fitness studios on the island—that I’m aware of anyway. Evolve in Edgartown offers Pilates mat, reformer and tower classes, as well as barre, TRX, Pound and indoor cycling. I’ve only taken their indoor cycling class but loved it. I was so impressed by the studio—just as nice if not nicer than a studio you’d find in the city! There’s also a CrossFit in Vineyard Haven and this website aggregates all the fitness classes offered on the island so I’d check there for any I might be missing.

I want to focus this post on local businesses but I should mention that this summer SoulCycle is doing a pop-up in Edgartown for the month of August.


My favorite place to run in the summer is along State Beach early enough in the morning to avoid the beating sun. There’s a bike path along Beach Road the entire length of beach and you can finish your run by jumping into the ocean for a dip (the BEST after a hot summer run!).

If you’re worried about getting lost, there are convenient bike paths along the major roads down island (Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, County Road, the half of Barnes Road by the airport).

If you’re looking to run through the woods, there are trails throughout the Southern Woodlands and around the airport in the State Forest (<– these paths are also paved). There are wooded options up island as well (we used to run loops around Peaked Hill for cross country practice in high school) but they’re harder to find and not as convenient as down island.

Where to Get Healthy Food on Martha’s Vineyard

Grab ‘n Go Food

Veggie wrap from Edgartown Meat & Fish Market on Martha's Vineyard.

veggie wrap from Edgartown Meat & Fish

My mom and I are obsessed with Not Your Sugar Mamas in Vineyard Haven. You might recognize the name from their line of chocolate bars, but they also have a little cafe now that serves up organic, vegan, gluten-free deliciousness. For breakfast they have smoothies, oatmeal and smoothie bowls (you know I’m all about that acai bowl life!). For lunch they have sandwiches (the chickpea salad sandwich is OMG), grain bowls, soups and flatbreads. I’d recommend budgeting a little time if you go there—the line can be long and they prepare everything to order so there’s usually a wait.

Another great spot if you’re looking for a massive menu of organic smoothies, smoothie bowls and juice is Blissed Out on Main Street in VH.

Rosewater in Edgartown has a great menu of sandwiches (all of which can be made in bowl form instead) and an array of prepared foods. They have a small seating area so you can choose to dine in (you still order at the counter) as well as take things to go. In their refrigerated section they have a delicious chia seed pudding with granola that I’ll grab for a quick breakfast.

If you’re vacationing on the island without a car, this one might be a little out of the way, but Scottish Bakehouse in VH has local eggs and meat, lots of prepared foods and yummy sandwiches and lunch dishes to order. They also have some great vegan options and, as the name implies, plenty of baked goods (not exactly “health” foods but good for the soul!).

*As a side note, I’m pretty sure Scottish Bakehouse breakfast sandwiches saved my life a few hungover mornings in my early 20’s. 😉 And speaking of breakfast sandwiches, does anyone reading this remember Biga?! Best breakfast sandwiches of all time. We’d skip school during study hall in high school to go get them. RIP Biga.

I’ve only been a couple times, but 7a Foods in West Tisbury is another great option. When possible, everything is sourced locally and the menu varies with the seasons accordingly. Think sandwiches made to order, prepared foods and baked goods.

My go-to stop for picking up lunch on the way to South Beach is Edgartown Meat & Fish. Not only can you buy beer, ice and snacks for your cooler, but their wraps are the I always get the veggie wrap (pictured above).

If you’re looking for sushi to go, they have a chef at Edgartown Meat & Fish and I’d also highly recommend The Net Result in VH.

Sit-Down Meals

Indonesian Gado Gado Salad from Little House, MVThere are so many good restaurants on the Vineyard and you can find something (or several somethings) healthy on the menu at most, so I don’t really know how to narrow down this last section. I’m just going to share a few of my favorite spots that serve up quality food and tell you what I usually order.

For breakfast I love Among the Flowers in Edgartown. It has traditional diner menu items (eggs, home fries, etc.) but better quality. It’s not all bathed in grease and the eggs don’t look like they were poured from a box. You can get fresh avocado on the side, which is a small details but what can I say—I’m basic and this is major bonus in my eyes. In addition to your standard breakfast options, they have this delicious breakfast bowl of veggies, lentils, avocado and fried eggs that I love (but I usually order it without the greens because I find they make it a little runny). Great lunch and dinner menu here, too!

As I mentioned above, Rosewater (also in Edgartown) has good breakfast sandwiches and a delicious breakfast bowl option. You order at the counter but there’s seating available as well.

For lunch I love Slice of Life in Oak Bluffs. Their salads are the and big enough to fill you up. My go-to is usually the Asian Salmon Salad. Other than that, I’m usually a grab-n-go-to-the-beach girl when it comes to lunch (see above for options).

For dinner, I don’t even know where to start—so many options. I go to Little House in Vineyard Haven with my parents frequently. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner but I’ve only been for dinner (the Indonesian Gado Gado Salad is my jam). State Road in West Tisbury and Beach Road in VH are awesome. I haven’t been yet, but I hear rave reviews about Behind the Book Store in Edgartown. If you’re heading way up island and want something a little fancier, Outermost Inn.

Did I miss anything? Add your healthy Vineyard recommendations in the comments! I haven’t lived on the island for a decade now (yikes I’m getting old) so my knowledge of new businesses is limited to summer visits. I’m sure I missed a few gems!