What I Ate (An Unglamorous Day)

what-i-ate-food-diaryI haven’t shared a day of eats in a while because honestly, I feel like knowing I’m going to share what I eat causes me to slightly alter my eating. I get a little self-conscious. Does this look like a blog-worthy day of food? Maybe I shouldn’t share this day on the blog—it doesn’t look like I ate enough. Shoot, that’s a long time between meals. Err I ate a ton of sugar today, maybe I shouldn’t blog about this one.

It’s so stupid because the whole point of What I Ate Wednesday posts is to share a behind-the-scenes look at actual life and yet I purposely eat dinner two hours early so that there’s natural lighting for my WIAW picture of the meal. Ah the irony. I’m not saying that my previous WIAW posts are lies—I’m just saying that a lot of in-progress food diaries never get published because I worry they aren’t “blog-worthy.”

So today I wanted to share one of those days. I had absolutely no food in the apartment, had to teach at 5:50AM out in the ‘burbs, didn’t eat a real meal until 1PM, and the pictures are all sh*tty iPhone pics with bad lighting. It’s not pretty, but that’s life. Not every day is a beautifully planned array of food. This is what I ate yesterday:

5:30AM | Coconut Fig Energy Squares

organic-living-superfoods-wiawI hadn’t been grocery shopping in a while, so when my alarm went off at 4:45AM (woof), I just got in my car and drove out to Wellesley. Luckily there are Organic Living Superfoods snacks for sale at the studio so I munched on a pack of coconut fig energy squares (so good!) before teaching my 5:50 & 6:45AM classes.

8:00AM | Coffee

starbucks-wiawIn between my first two classes and my 8:30/9:30 classes, I ran across the street to Starbucks and grabbed a tall iced coffee (black, like my soul). I haven’t been drinking coffee much at all lately in favor of tea, but I needed it, OK??! 😉

1:00PM | Sushi from Whole Foods

whole-foods-sushi-wiawAfter teaching, I hit up the Whole Foods in Wellesley before driving back to the city. I picked up some things for dinner as well as my favorite sushi roll they make. Tuna, avocado, lettuce & carrots topped with pickled mangos and served with a peanut sauce. It’s the bomb. I had to run a couple errands before finally getting back to my apartment, so I didn’t get to enjoy it until about 1PM when I sat down to get working on blog stuff.

3:30PM | Popcorn & Tea

skinny-pop-tea-wiawA couple hours into working, I made myself a cup of Your Tea and enjoyed it with a bowl of popcorn. Not pictured: the other three bowls of popcorn I ate after that one. I mean, popcorn is like 80% air so serving sizes don’t really apply to it–ya feel me?? 😉

8:00PM | Fish & Salad for Dinner

dinner-wiawNormally I like to eat dinner on the early side (6/6:30), but Joe wasn’t going to be home until later and I had signed up for a class at BURN. I prepped the fruit salsa topping and cooked up the quinoa beforehand and then walked over to the studio for Power with Sarah (great workout!). When I got home, I enjoyed a delicious dinner of cod topped with pineapple salsa (this recipe but without the kiwi) and a big spinach & quinoa salad.

Had I not taken the picture on my kitchen floor using my iPhone and a harsh flash, dinner was actually quite glamorous and “blog-worthy” haha. It’s my go-to meal–so yummy!

What’d you munch on yesterday?

Blogger friends–do you ever feel self-conscious posting food diaries?


WIAW: A Health(ier) Weekend Day

#WIAW: a health(ier) weekend day (food diary)All the What I Ate Wednesday posts I’ve done in the past have been from weekdays, so I wanted to switch it up a bit. If you’re like me, what I eat—and the way in which I eat—changes when the weekend hits. During the week, it’s much easier to eat healthy, and I tend to eat smaller amounts, but more frequently (usually three meals with snacks in between). On the weekends, I find myself eating less frequently, but the meals are much larger (usually because I’m eating out or in a social situation).

I’m (too?) open about drinking the occasional one or two or ten alcoholic beverages—:)—but even when I do have a night out on the weekends, I always do my best to make healthy food choices. I don’t care if you’re sipping on vodka sodas instead of beer, alcohol is full of empty calories—there’s no avoiding that. What can be avoided is the large cheese pizza you then eat at 3AM and the mountains of grease you order the next morning at brunch to please your hangover.

This food diary is what I ate (and drank) the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. My boyfriend and I actually had a super relaxing long weekend—lots of reading and napping and laying out at our pool. Not all weekends are like that, so next time I’ll share a WIAW from a Saturday I have friends in town or am celebrating someone’s birthday or something along those lines…and we can all have a good laugh. 🙂

WIAW: A Health(ier) Weekend Day

[8:30AM] Green Juice from Fruitata

#WIAW: a health(ier) weekend day (food diary)I slept “in” until 8 (it feels like sleeping in when you’re used to getting up at 5AM to teach!), and then swung into the Pru to get a green juice on my way to take a class at Barry’s Bootcamp. Fruitata is my new go-to in the Back Bay when I’m too lazy to make my own juice. There’s another juice place, Jugos, but they don’t use organic produce so I stopped going there. As you can tell by my empty cup, it was delicious!

[11:30AM] Homemade Healthy Brunch

#WIAW: a health(ier) weekend day (food diary)After class (it was a killer workout, as always at Barry’s!) I decided to cook up a big, simple brunch for my boyfriend and I. An egg scramble with wilted baby spinach mixed in; a fruit bowl of grapes, pineapple and blueberries; roasted veggies (mushrooms, peppers and onions); warm tortillas; and avocado slices. All smothered with Cholula and washed down with an iced coffee and water served in mason jars because sometimes we like to pretend we’re hipsters.

[2-4ish PM] Drinks by the Pool

#WIAW: a health(ier) weekend day (food diary)We spent the afternoon at the rooftop pool at the Colonnade Hotel and I had a few (three or four, but who’s counting??) glasses of rosé. And by “glasses” I mean “plastic cups” because I’m a classy betch.

[5:30PM] Carrots & Hummus

#WIAW: a health(ier) weekend day (food diary)After the pool, we stopped by Whole Foods and made ourselves massive dinner salads to eat later and scooped up some carrots and hummus to snack on in the meantime. For the record, hummus containers are one single serving. You can’t tell me otherwise—I won’t hear it!

[7PM] An Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sink Salad

#WIAW: a health(ier) weekend day (food diary)Every time I make myself a salad from Whole Foods, I end up just putting everything and anything that looks remotely appealing in my container so that I end up with a non-cohesive tub of produce that weighs 14lbs and costs $107.43. I’m not even going to list what I put in this thing—it’d be easier to list the things I didn’t. Basically, I ate the entire Whole Foods salad bar for dinner. Let’s leave it at that.

After dinner, we just hung out, read and went to bed early. Like I said, it was a tame Labor Day weekend–the r&r was much needed!

How do your food choices change when the weekend hits?


What I Ate Wednesday: Packing in the Protein

What I Ate WednesdayDisclosure: This post was sponsored by Nature Valley™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Nature Valley™ Protein Granola, all opinions are my own. 

I’ve done a few of these daily food diary blogs in the past, and when Nature Valley™ sent me some of their Protein Granola to try out, I thought it’d be a fun way to incorporate it into a post. Every day my caloric intake and food choices are a little different because I don’t have any strict dietary restrictions, but I barely eat meat (sushi and eggs are the exception), and one of the questions I get asked a lot is about protein deficiencies. I think, in general, people underestimate the value of plant-based protein. You don’t need to eat meat to get enough protein in your diet! Without even consciously trying, I got protein in at each meal this day—beans, quinoa, tofu, and the Nature Valley™ Protein Granola. Eggs were the only animal protein I ate this day. 

[6:30AM] My Morning Juice

What I Ate Wednesday (daily food diary)I love starting the day off with juice! I switch it up and base the ingredients off of whatever I have in my kitchen, and this time it was a beet, carrot, apple and ginger combo. I downed my glass and ran off to take a morning class at Btone.

[8:30AM] Eggs for Breakfast

What I Ate Wednesday (daily food diary)After my workout, I was more than ready for breakfast! I kept it simple, scrambling up two eggs + 1 egg white and then chopping up half an avocado and a small mango. Delicious! I enjoyed breakfast while catching up on some blogging work.

[11AM] A Couple Handfuls of Nature Valley™ Protein Granola

What I Ate Wednesday (daily food diary)Granola is one thing I have to be careful about keeping in the house because I have no self control with portion size. One handful turns into one bag oh-so quickly. 🙂 I strategically didn’t open this bag until I had to run out the door so I wouldn’t have time to down the whole thing, but the Peanut Butter ‘n Dark Chocolate flavor sent to me is rich and super filling, so I actually wasn’t tempted to overdo it—definitely a good thing! According to the bag,  ½ cup Nature Valley™ Protein Granola provides 10 grams of protein and 22-26 grams of whole grain; at least 48 grams of whole grain is recommended daily.

In addition to eating it plain, you can check out these creative recipes using the granola.

[2PM] Leftover Black Bean Soup with Tofu Croutons for Lunch

Black Bean Soup with Tofu CroutonsI made this black bean soup as part of another blog project I’m working on, and can’t wait to share it with you all—it’s delicious! I heated up a bowl of the leftovers for a late lunch.

[6PM] A Big Ol’ Salad for Dinner

What I Ate Wednesday (daily food diary)The first time I made this salad it was just a random compilation of anything and everything I could find in the kitchen, but my boyfriend and I loved it so much, I ended up making it for our dinner just about every night that week. It’s a scoop of quinoa over a bed of mixed greens topped with roasted sweet potato chunks, grapes, avocado and raisins.

[7:30PM] A Nature Valley™ Protein Granola and Almond Milk Treat

What I Ate Wednesday (daily food diary)Talk about delicious. I was craving something sweet, and added almond milk to a mini bowl of granola to enjoy while watching some Netflix at the end of the day. The chocolate in the Nature Valley™ Protein Granola sorta melted off into the milk and made for a yummy, satisfying, healthier dessert option.