Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice & Smoothie

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice & Smoothie

In my mind, summer runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend so it’s officially smoothie season. Not that I don’t slurp smoothies all year long, but it’s now finally warm enough to enjoy them. 😉 I’ve got a yummy citrus turmeric concoction for you today but first …

I’m excited to announce I’ll be working with MegaFood over the next several months! Based just north of me in New Hampshire, they make supplements delivered in whole foods (vitamins, nutrient powders, etc.) from ingredients grown on farms they’re partnered with around the country. As in their Vitamin C is made from oranges grown on an organic farm in Florida. What?? That is so rare in the supplement industry! As I was reading up on the company and browsing their website, I kept thinking it seemed like they produced food, not supplements. But wait … isn’t that the basic idea of a supplement? A concentrated amount of nutrients from a food source? Food science shouldn’t be villainized–it’s not all bad by any means–but I couldn’t help but be excited to see how close to food’s literal roots MegaFood has stayed.

In a few weeks I’ll be heading up for an on-site visit to get an even deeper understanding of how they operate–so I’ll save the details about the company for that post–but for now here are a few of the highlights that got me excited about this brand:

  • They have traceability from ingredient suppliers all the way to finished product–“farm to tablet.”
  • They’re dedicated to transparency.
  • They use Non-GMO ingredients. Many of their products are also gluten-free, vegan, kosher–the list goes on.

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice & Smoothie

MegaFood has a wide range of products, but I wanted to focus on their Daily Turmeric Nutrient Booster Powder today. I’m no nutrition expert, so to explain it on par with my basic level of knowledge: our body can absorb and utilize nutrients more readily when said nutrients are in the presence of certain other nutrients. One pairing you hear a lot about is Iron and Vitamin C. Taken together, your body is going to be able to utilize a larger portion of the iron*.

Turmeric and black pepper extract are another such pair. If you’re thinking “Black pepper extract in my smoothie?? No thanks!” then you’re not alone (haha). I was like hmmm how the hell am I going to make a blog-worthy juice if this stuff has pepper in it?! Don’t worry! Its presence is a small enough portion that you don’t even taste it–I promise it won’t throw off the smoothie or juice.

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice & Smoothie

The first question I get asked in the comments when I post a juice recipe is: “Can I use a blender?” So I went ahead and made this tropical turmeric drink two ways: juicer and blender. Both are delicious and pack a nutritional punch, but if you’re looking for the more filling option, obviously go with the smoothie. Personally, I like to go the juice route with turmeric so let’s start with that recipe!

Citrus Turmeric Juice

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice & Smoothie

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice



  1. Wash and prepare the ingredients. Cut off the root ends of the carrots. Remove the orange and lemon peels (but keep as much of the white pith on there as you can--it’s nutrient-dense). I personally don’t peel the ginger root before juicing since it’s such a small amount.
  2. Push everything except the turmeric through your juicer.
  3. Stir in the turmeric thoroughly and enjoy!

Tropical Carrot Turmeric Smoothie

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice & Smoothie


  • ⅓ c orange juice
  • 2 carrots
  • Juice from ½ lemon
  • ½” ginger root
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 heaping cup pineapple chunks
  • ¼ – ½ tsp turmeric (I used a scoop of Daily Turmeric Nutrient Booster Powder)


  1. Wash and prepare the ingredients. If you have a heavy-duty blender, you may be able to just toss the carrots (chopped) and ginger root in as-is. If not, use a grater to shred the carrots and ginger before adding to the blender.
  2. Put everything in a blender until smooth. Enjoy!

Tropical Turmeric Carrot Juice & Smoothie

Are you Team Juice or Team Smoothie? (I’m both–depends on the ingredients!)


Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with MegaFood. All opinions–as always!–are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible! 🙂

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

One-Day At-Home Green Juice Reset (+Grocery List)

One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!I’ve mentioned multiple times on the blog that the primary reason I do juice cleanses is that they help me get out of unhealthy eating funks by getting cravings in check. (To put things in perspective, I only do them a couple times a year and have never done one longer than three days–I’m by no means a juice extremist.) Do those funks ever happen to you? For me it always starts with being super busy and stressed with work. I de-prioritize cooking and grocery shopping (and sleep), and start eating quick, grab-and-go snacks like granola bars (most of which are high in sugar) and then before you know it, I’m craving five cake pops from Starbuck’s a day (they’re magical and all but…).

Most of the time, I just snap myself out of it with a good night’s sleep and a morning workout, but every so often I’ll do a half day or full day of juicing to help get me back on track. If you browse Groupon sites, there’s almost always an awesome deal on bottled juices, but if you have your own juicer, it’s not hard to do a quick reset yourself. One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!

I wanted to share an easy way to do a one-day juice reset at home. One day of juice certainly isn’t a quick miracle fix (for weight loss, cravings, or anything really), but it’s a great length of time if you just need to pump the brakes a little, or if your schedule and activity level makes longer juice cleanses overwhelming and unrealistic.  I’m not a doctor and not qualified to tell you if this is right for you, simply sharing what works for me. 🙂

My Easy, Cheap One-Day Green Juice Plan

One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!The idea behind this juice plan is to make things as easy and cheap as possible. Instead of making six different juices, each with different ingredients, I drink the same green juice concoction all day, mixing in some lemon water, tea and more water, and then I finish the day with a “dessert” juice so that I feel satisfied before bed. I mean…as satisfied as one can feel after drinking a sweet potato (LOL).

Here’s your step-by-step guide for prepping:

  • Go grocery shopping (list below) and if you don’t own mason jars or other airtight liquid containers, invest in some (you can find them super cheap at stores like Home Goods). I like to do my shopping trip the day before I’m going to juice.
  • The morning of your reset, make your green juice. Depending on the size of your juicer’s pulp catcher and liquid container, you should be able to make a day’s worth of green juice in three batches. Divide up the ingredients evenly into three piles (you wouldn’t want to put all the lemons through the juicer in the first batch, for example). Fill your mason jars up as you go and remember to empty your pulp container after each batch so that there’s room for the next.
  • Rinse the main parts of your juicer (no need to scrub it down yet; you just don’t want any green remnants going into your dessert juice). Make your dessert juice and seal it in a mason jar.
  • Clean your juicer. Put all your pretty juice jars in the refrigerator.

One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!Notes on juicing:

  • Scrub the produce clean before you juice it. You don’t need much prep beyond that except to remove the stem end of the carrots and to cut off the peel of the lemon (this isn’t totally necessary, but it can add a bitter taste. I usually cut most of it off but leave the white stuff underneath the peel).
  • If any of the leafy greens are covered in soil (spinach bunches are always like this for me!) you can soak them in a bowl of water before rinsing—that helps a lot to remove the dirt.

One-Day At-Home Green Juice Cleanse Grocery List & Recipes

One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!The following will make you roughly six 12-oz cups of green juice and one 12-oz cup of sweet potato dessert juice.

  • 2 bunches kale
  • 2 bunches chard
  • 2 bunches spinach
  • 4 lemons (3 for the green juice, 1 for your morning water)
  • 3 apples (2 for the green juice, 1 for the dessert juice)
  • 3 cucumbers
  • 1 big bunch celery
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 3” turmeric root (you could sub this for ginger)
  • 1 medium-large sweet potato
  • 4 carrots
  • Cinnamon (if you don’t already have it in your pantry)

One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!Shopping at Whole Paycheck Foods and buying all organic produce, this cost me $27.95. Not too bad for a day’s worth of fuel!

Juicing Game Plan for the Day

One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!By my calculations, there is just about 1,200 calories in this day’s worth of juice. Depending on your height and activity level, this might satisfy your usual caloric intake or it could be on the low side. For me, especially because I’m so active (not trying to be a bragasaurus rex—it’s my job to move!), this is low. Plan accordingly. Maybe you decide to juice on a rest day; maybe you opt for some light yoga or a long walk; maybe you feel totally energized and workout as you normally would. Bottom line—listen to your body and don’t push it. This isn’t a punishment for your body!

On that topic, I also wrote a whole post about my thoughts on timing a juice cleanse (spoiler alert: NOT before your bachelorette party, sorry). 🙂

So back to your day of at-home juicing. Here’s your game plan:

1. Start your day with a big warm glass of water with a fresh squeeze of lemon in it. Sip this down while you juice your produce for the day. One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!

2. Are you a coffee addict? Have a cup. If you can without severe headaches, I’d try to limit yourself to just one cup though. And if possible, I’d opt for tea instead of coffee. I’ve been obsessed with Your Tea lately—it’s organic, yummy and easy on the stomach (unlike coffee which sometimes leaves me with that burning acidic feeling). One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!3. When you’re hungry, drink a juice. In between juices, try to drink a glass of water. You’re going to be peeing a lot today, so you might want to plan ahead for that. 🙂 One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!4. A couple hours before bed, enjoy your dessert juice. I try to stop drinking at least two hours before bed so that I don’t wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee.

If you’re starving throughout the day and the juice isn’t enough, first ask yourself if you’re really hungry or you’re just bored and miss chewing on something. If you’re really hungry, have a piece of fruit, half an avocado, or other plant-based snack.  One-day green juice cleanse you can do at home  - grocery  list, recipes & all the info you need!

Do you make your own juice at home? Have you ever done a half-day or one-day juice reset?signature

Disclosure: Your Tea sent be a bunch of their Tiny Tea as part of a paid sponsorship, but my opinion is not biased in the least—I’m seriously obsessed with this tea. Like two cups a day, can’t stop, won’t stop.

Tips for Timing a Juice Cleanse

Tips for Timing a Juice CleanseAny time I post a review of a juice cleanse on the blog, my phone immediately blows up with friends and family members asking me questions. It seems like a lot of people are curious about trying out a juice cleanse, but are unsure of the best way to go about it. I could seriously talk about juice all day (when did I turn into such a bore??), so let’s cover one of those common juice uncertainties today: When is the right time to do a cleanse?

People do juice cleanses for a number of reasons, and to an extent, that end goal determines when the best time will be. You’ll frequently hear of someone doing a cleanse before a beach vacation or big event (wedding) as a quick way to shed some extra bloat and look his/her best. And that’s a totally valid use of a juice cleanse—I know I always think I look just a little leaner after doing one, and my skin glows by day 3 of a cleanse. But—and that’s one big, bolded, all-caps BUT—the subtle changes in your physical appearance are far and away NOT the biggest benefits of doing a juice cleanse.

Juice cleanses help you reset cravings, and are an amazing way to kickstart a habit of healthy eating. Every time I’ve finished a juice cleanse, the first thing I want to eat is…more juice. Maybe a nice salad. Some fruit. Roasted veggies. Processed, sugary foods don’t even sound appealing after juicing for three days. Your body craves the good stuff, and the best-timed juice cleanse will allow for you to act on those healthy cravings for as long as possible. And that is why, I would argue, you’re not going to get the most out of your cleanse (or money—cleanses can be expensive!) if you do it before a big event or vacation.

What comes with (most) big events and trips? Indulgence. And that’s ok! Maybe I’m just a degenerate, but no vacation or wedding of mine will be void of alcohol and dessert. Doing a juice cleanse and then going on vacation would be like washing my car before driving through mud. I know not everyone is like that, but the bottom line remains the same: To get the most out of a juice cleanse, do it to start a health “streak”, not to prepare for the end of one.

Now that I’ve painted the big picture, here are a couple specific things I consider when scheduling a juice cleanse:

  • Social schedule: You don’t realize how social the act of eating is until you can’t do it. Food is involved in so many of our interactions with others, and I would never set myself up for failure by attempting a juice cleanse if I know I have to go to a friend’s birthday party one day or am meeting up with a relative for lunch the next. I pick a week when I have no social events planned—no FOMO, no problem.
  • Workload: Do you tend to eat more when you’re stressed? I sure do. I try not to schedule juice cleanses during crazy work weeks. In addition, to echo the previous point, if you have a work event or even just a catered meeting, it may make a juice cleanse more difficult. The less you have to test your willpower, the higher your chances at success.
  • The Weekend: The first few cleanses I did, I thought it was a no-brainer to do them on weekdays—much easier to avoid temptation. I’d get through them with ease and then…it’d be the weekend. So much for riding out that kickstarted health streak! I think the best way to do it (for me, anyway) is to plan a cleanse for a weekend when you don’t have any social things planned. This way, you’ll finish the cleanse with five whole days of routine, work and less temptation in front of you. This will allow you to stick to eating healthy and not immediately fall back into old cravings and poor eating habits.
  • Delivery Times/Policy: If you’re ordering a juice cleanse (as opposed to making your own juices at home), when you start will depend on when the company delivers. Some only deliver Tues-Fri, and you will need to start the cleanse within a day or two of delivery—important logistics to consider when planning.

Hopefully that was helpful! If you have any other questions, leave a comment. 🙂

Have you done a juice cleanse before? How’d you time it?