My Daily Diet

I don’t follow any particular diet–I’m an everything in moderation eater. However, I rarely eat dairy or animal products, and limit the amount of gluten I consume when possible. Essentially, I eat as close to a plant-based diet as I can without feeling deprived (a girl needs a bowl of ice cream now and then, ya feel me??). On this page, you’ll find more about my daily food choices and eating habits.


Every once in a while, I participate in What I Ate Wednesday, a blogger link-up hosted by Peas & Crayons. It’s a chance to share what I eat in a given day.



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  1. Needs some inspiration. She doesn’t encourage and there’s no music. It’s boring. Back to the 80’s for me!

    • Are you referring to my workout videos on YouTube? I don’t include music because I want everyone to be able to play their own while doing the workout. Not everyone has the same taste in music, plus my options for copyright-free songs that I can legally use are limited.

      Thanks for the feedback about not encouraging enough. I’m still getting the hang of filming workout videos, and always looking for ways to improve. It’s unnatural to give words of encouragement when in reality I’m standing in an empty room by myself filming—I honestly didn’t even think about it! I’ll keep it in mind moving forward!

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