How I Did on My Summer Bucket List (+Fitbit Giveaway!)

summer-bucketYou might remember at the start of my #MakeYourMove campaign with Kohl’s, I shared my summer bucket list. As this is my final of the #MakeYourMove post series, I wanted to come full circle and share how I did with crossing items off the list.

My success rate was 50% (womp!), but there’s still good news. Kohl’s is giving one of you a new Fitbit Flex! I used mine a ton this summer, and know you’ll love having your own.

What I Crossed off My Summer Bucket List

Attend an outdoor group fitness class.

rooftop-yoga-movewithAt the end of August, I did a rooftop yoga bootcamp class in the South End through MoveWith. It was awesome! The sun gradually set right as class finished and we had this beautiful view of the city when we opened our eyes from savasana. The series is still going on indoors if you’re interested in checking out the class here.

Get in a full beach day complete with games.

My friends and I got in a good beach day on the Vineyard complete with paddleball (which we’re apparently awful at) and hole digging (because sure why not). Joe and I want to be Johnny Depp (me) and Kate Moss (Joe) so bad … beach-day-south-beach

Run Harvard Stadium.


WEARING | Soybu leggings, Nike bra & Colosseum Tank c/o Kohl’s

I finally tried November Project this summer on one of the Wednesday mornings they run Harvard Stadium. OMG. I only did half the stadium and was DEAD. And I know NP was popular, but had no idea it had that big of a following. There were so many people there!

Treat myself to a massage.

Joe and I got massages for his birthday at the end of June (what can I say, I like benefiting from others’ days of birth) and it felt so amazing.

Things I didn’t do

Womp womp wommmmp. I didn’t get to these bucket list activities, but it was still a wonderful summer.

  • Rent bikes.
  • Try stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Go kayaking.
  • Practice yoga on the beach.

Win a Fitbit Flex

free-fitbit-flex-giveawayIt wasn’t a bucket list activity, but I walked EVERYWHERE this summer. I was averaging 20k+ steps daily when I wore my Fitbit, which is a lot considering my non-teaching job is to sit at a computer blogging. To win your own Fitbit, leave a comment telling me what your favorite summer activity was this year. Make sure you use the widget below to record your entry.

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  Good luck! signature This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl’s.

Nutrition & Dietary Questions Answered

amwell-free-session-codeAnd the award for most awkward smile goes to …. (haha)

I got to try out a really cool online service that I think you guys will love. Have you ever felt sick and Googled your symptoms only to be convinced that you have ring worm, four different STDs, cancer in your earlobes and one month left to live? It’s funny because you know exactly what I’m talking about!! One time in college, I had a stomachache and ten minutes on the Internet later was frantically texting my roommates to stay away from me because I had a highly contagious strain of swine flu.

Nope. Just some indigestion. But there I was writing my own eulogy in my head. (It was fabulous by the way—perfect balance of sentiment with humor inserted at just the right times to help the mourners laugh through their tears.)

If you’ve been there (please tell me I’m not the only one), you’ll love American Well. It’s like having a healthcare professional on call at all times in your home. You can log in and instantly video chat with board-certified, licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists using your phone or desktop at any time of day or night. Have you ever noticed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians how one of them will feel humorously ill and all of a sudden the family doctor shows up at their mansion door with all the answers? Guys I feel like I’m one step closer to being part of America’s royal family now …

My Amwell Diet & Nutrition Session — Do I Really Need to Take Vitamins?

amwell-free-codeI’m joking, people. I don’t even have cable. I’m the opposite of “kept up” with the Kardashians. *likes Kylie’s latest selfie on Instagram*

Man, I am the queen of tangental thoughts today. Back on topic!

I got to chat with one of Amwell’s RDs, Maika Luongo, and decided to use my session to pick her brain about dietary supplements. I don’t take a multivitamin or any other supplement regularly, always having reasoned that I feel great and I eat healthy so it’s probably not necessary. But then I also read articles all the time suggesting otherwise and then I second-guess myself. Should I be taking supplements? Here are the highlights from my video chat:

  • If I feel great and have no existing medical conditions then there’s no reason why I’d need to take any sort of vitamin or supplement. You can get all your nutritional needs from food. This made me so happy to hear because it reinforced what I’ve always believed (don’t you love it when that happens?).
  • Two common deficiencies in women are iron and vitamin D for those living in cold climates.
  • If I wanted to take a multivitamin, a prenatal vitamin could be a good option because I’m of “child-bearing” age (the thought sends shivers down my spine haha). Even though I’m not trying to conceive, the folic acid is good for women my age.

Besides the fact that I’m super awkward at video chatting (I talk with my hands so there are always fingers flying in front of the camera), my session was great! The ease of it makes me wonder why I ever spent time sitting in a waiting room at a doctor’s office for hours only to have them give me an answer so simple it could have fit in a 140-character tweet.

The Amwell Details

  • RD “visits” are $25 for 30 minutes. It’s $49 for a physician.
  • Amwell accepts most health insurances so your sessions could very well be completely covered!
  • You can send over any medical files or images that may be helpful via Internet prior to your sessions.

Free Session for P&I Readers

1200x627_AmwellFriends_Misc_081815Next time you have a nutritional or dietary question, you can use a free AmWell session with the code FITFORLIFE. You’ll get 30 minutes to discuss whatever concerns you might have.

What would you want to discuss with an RD? If you try Amwell out, let me know how it goes!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of American Well.

Weekly Meal Planning Ideas from Blue Apron (+Reader Discount!)

Fresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned ButterBack in June, you might remember I got the chance to try out Blue Apron (you can check out that blog post here). Well, I enjoyed the service so much that I ended up using them a couple more times throughout the summer as weekend travel led to busy weeks and not enough time to do my own grocery shopping. It was well worth the price, and I even got my parents hooked on the service! So when Blue Apron reached out to me recently about working together again, I jumped at the chance. Get ready for a major photo overload—everything is always so pretty I just can’t help myself. :) Blackened Chile-Dusted Chicken with Zucchini Rice & Corn-Tomato Sauté Fresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned Butter

For anyone who missed my first post, Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that ships fresh ingredients in the correct portion to your home so that you can make chef-designed meals throughout the week. There are two types of plans: 2-Person and Family (feeds four people). The 2-Person Plan (what I did) comes with three meals and can be delivered once weekly. Cost comes out to $9.99 per person per meal. With the Family Plan, you have the option to receive it once or twice a week and it comes with two meals. Cost comes out to $8.74 per person per meal. Shipping is free and there’s no commitment—you can skip weeks or cancel the service at any time. Each meal is between 500-700 calories and can be prepared in 40 minutes or less.

Now let’s look at what I got this week!

My Meals

Pan-Seared Cod with Pickled Grapes & Summer SuccotashPan-Seared Cod with Pickled Grapes & Summer Succotash

You can find all the following recipes HERE. Blue Apron posts all the meals they deliver in their online cookbook—I think the Fingerling Potato & Kale Hash and Sweet Potato & Fontina Pizza look amazing, too!

Of the four times I’ve gotten a Blue Apron delivery, I think this week was my favorite—every meal was more delicious than the next!

Fresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned Butter

Oh my. I hadn’t had gnocchi in the longest time, and this recipe blew my mind. So delicious! I actually liked it so much that I didn’t share with Joe, instead eating it for lunch and then again for dinner (shhh don’t tell). Recipe here.Fresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned Butter Fresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned Butter Fresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned ButterFresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned Butter

Pan-Seared Cod with Pickled Grapes & Summer Succotash

I think this was my favorite, although with this week’s delivery, that’s kind of like a mother picking a favorite child. Pickling the grapes was a new cooking technique for me and one that I can’t wait to use again—they gave each bite a little kick that was so perfectly complementary to the other flavors. Recipe here.Pan-Seared Cod with Pickled Grapes & Summer Succotash Pan-Seared Cod with Pickled Grapes & Summer Succotash

Blackened Chile-Dusted Chicken with Zucchini Rice & Corn-Tomato Sauté

I loved this one because it used a cooking technique that was new to me—cooking veggies and rice in the pot at the same time. So simple, why haven’t I done that before?? This one was Joe’s favorite and he keeps telling me to request it from Blue Apron again. I’m like it doesn’t quite work that way haha … Recipe here.Blackened Chile-Dusted Chicken with Zucchini Rice & Corn-Tomato Sauté Blackened Chile-Dusted Chicken with Zucchini Rice & Corn-Tomato Sauté Blackened Chile-Dusted Chicken with Zucchini Rice & Corn-Tomato Sauté

Weekly Meal Prep Ideas

One thing I love about Blue Apron is that it gives me so many cooking ideas for when I don’t use the service. You’ll notice themes each week—cooking techniques or ingredients used in all of your dishes—and it always gets me scheming about meal planning for the next week. Fresh Gnocchi & Maitake Mushrooms with Corn Thyme & Browned Butter

In this delivery it was all about corn, and it got me thinking I could use the same sautéing technique with onions, corn and some leftover seasoning from this chicken recipe to make delicious tacos next time I meal prepped for the week.

Blue Apron Discount for P&I Readers

The first 20 readers to sign up for Blue Apron will get two free meals on their first order! Use THIS LINK to sign up.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Blue Apron. All opinions are—as always!—my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that support P&I!