12-Minute Full-Body Slider Workout (+Giveaway!)

12-Minute Full Body Slider Workout -- low impact but CHALLENGING! I have a challenging workout for you guys today (my legs were quivering by the end!) and a giveaway to reward you for your efforts. 🙂 Daniel Glass water bottle giveaway - glass & bpa-free

I’ve teamed up with daniel glass on today’s post and one lucky winner will get one of their super cute glass water bottles. They come in a bunch of different fun colors and are BPA-free, which is so important. The colorful silicon sleeve that’s wrapped around the glass makes the bottle easy to grip during sweaty workouts.

So yes, there are lots of other BPA-free glass water bottles out there, but what got me excited to work with daniel glass is that the company donates 10% of its proceeds to ocean pollution clean-up charities. I love it when companies give back!

Enter to win. If you win you’ll get to pick out the water bottle color of your choice. You’ll notice they all have fun names–I had to go with Fuchsia AF because “AF” is my favorite unit of measurement. 😉 The below link will bring you to the entry page. You’ll just need to enter in an email address so that daniel glass can contact you (so to be clear, I’m not collecting your email address, DG is).


The winner will be chosen October 31st.Daniel Glass water bottle giveaway - glass & bpa-free

Alright now that we’ve covered hydration, it’s time to get your game face on for today’s workout …

12-Minute Full-Body Slider Workout

Equipment I Used

  • Sliders (dish towel works for hardwood floors and paper plates work on carpet)

This workout flows one move right into the next–it’s short, but it is continuous work with the exception of a 30-second breather in the middle. Think of the sequence as being broken up into three progressions. With the progressions, we add in moves every 30 seconds, building up a combo, and then take away moves in a similar fashion. Writing out the description makes it sound confusing so I’d highly recommend just following along with the video or at least watching it before doing the workout on your own–everything will make much more sense! That being said, here’s the general flow:

  1. Lunge Slides –> Lunge Slides + Crunch –> Crunch
  2. Lunge –> Lunge + Swan Dive –> Lunge + Swan Dive + Single Leg Bear –> Swan Dive + Single Leg Bear –> Single Leg Bear
  3. Twisted Push Ups –> Twisted Push Ups + Thread the Needle Pike –> Thread the Needle Pike

12-Minute Full Body Slider Workout -- low impact but CHALLENGING! Follow along with the video to get the whole flow of the sequence.

This workout is no joke–I was trembling getting through the second side. That being said, if you need to take more breaks, just pause the video occasionally. Listen to your body–remember there’s a difference between hurts so good and hurts. As with any workout, make sure to warm up beforehand.  12-Minute Full Body Slider Workout -- low impact but CHALLENGING!

WEARING | Movement Intuition Leggings by Free People c/o Shopbop // Nike Sports bra (old but this bra top is similar) // Adidas neo sneakers (also love these similar all-white sneakers from Nike)

Let me know how it goes if you try this workout! Were your legs burning as much as mine were?? And good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!


This post was sponsored by daniel glass. All opinions–as always!–are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible. 🙂

Western Booties for Fall

Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazerTwo style posts in a row? What the what?? I’ve got a workout for you tomorrow (and a real tough one at that), but before we go back to yoga pants I have my second Designer Shoe Warehouse spotlight: The Western bootie trend. Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazer

I like my heels like my peanut butter: chunky. In fact, it boggles my mind I used to walk around in stilettos in college as if it were nothing–how?? That talent and tolerance for pain has long gone (haha). When it came to picking out a pair of western-inspired shoes from my friends at DSW, these Franco Sarto Orena Booties caught my eye. The chunky heel makes for a practical, comfortable bootie that I actually want to wear regularly. And talk about cute! I love the strap detailing. Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazer Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazer Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazer

DSW has a whole section of their site dedicated to the Western shoe trend–so many styles and brands! In my local DSW I’ve seen lots of options, and there’s an even wider selection online with additional sizes and widths. Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazerI’m taking the Western trend quite literally with this outfit, pairing the booties with overalls (I’m obsessed with overalls, for the record) and a bandana neck scarf. I then dialed down the “cowgirl” a notch with a white blazer. Granted I don’t have an office job so my perception of business-casual is totally skewed (I literally think anything + a blazer = office appropriate haha), but I think this is a fun casual Friday outfit or at least a good weekend brunch look.Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazer Outfit: Western bootie trend with overalls and a blazer

When it comes to heels are you on Team Chunky with me? Or Team Ankle-Breaker? 😉


This post was sponsored by DSW. All opinions–as always!–are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands that make this blog possible!

Stitch Fix Men Review: A Look Inside Top Model Joe’s First Fix

Stitch Fix Men Review

Not a day goes by that Joe doesn’t do or say something to make my face hurt from laughing so hard. It’s difficult to explain him to someone who hasn’t experienced Joe in person, but he’s hilarious. And not because he’s trying to be, but just because Joe being Joe is ridiculous. I know I sound like an obnoxious obsessed girlfriend but it’s really not just me–I can’t even count how many people would list Joe as one of their favorite humans. He’s 24/7 entertainment. So with all that said (damn does Joe own me a back rub tonight or what??!), it’s been this ongoing joke among our friends for years that Pumps & Iron needs “more Joe.”

At it appears Stitch Fix got that memo.

If you haven’t heard yet, Stitch Fix launched a men’s service! Joe actually loves fashion but he literally wears the same four things every. single. day. and rarely takes the time to go shopping. A service like this is perfect for him (and talk about a great gift idea–I find men so hard to shop for!).

I was going to just let Joe go ahead and fill out his style profile by himself, but then I looked over his shoulder and saw him leave this note to his stylist: screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-08-37-am

Yes, that’d be Justin Bobby of The Hills.

Ohdeargod. Aaaaand that’s my cue to step in.

Being the seasoned Stitch Fix vet that I am, I knew the more detail I provided about Joe’s style, the better the chance his stylist would have of getting it right. I admittedly went into his account and–err–elaborated a bit. Still, I figured the first fix would have a few duds as it takes time for any stylist to get to know her/his client. Wrong! Joe’s stylist NAILED IT. He kept all five items!

Joe’s First Fix

Kohen Waffle Knit Bomber Jacket by Ezekiel ($80)

Stitch Fix Men Review Stitch Fix Men ReviewJoe’s wardrobe is black, black, more black, a little gray, some white undershirts. This jacket is perfect for fall weather layering and the zipper detail on the sleeve gives it a bit of edge. Keeper!

Walter Slim Leg Jean by ROHM ($68)

Stitch Fix Men ReviewJoe likes his clothes to be very fitted so I was almost shocked that these jeans fit so well. Again, black, black and more black is Joe’s favorite so these are perfect.

Marathon Hooded Pullover by Alternative Apparel ($40)

Stitch Fix Men Review - hoodieAnother great piece for layering and Alternative Apparel stuff is so soft and comfy! Keeper.

Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt by Hawker Rye ($58)

Stitch Fix Men Review Stitch Fix Men ReviewThis shirt is awesome. Slim fitting, great material, and can be worn to the office or for everyday. One of Joe’s favorites from his first fix!

Back Beat Nep Shirt by Howe ($79)

stitchfixmenshirtThis last shirt was a “like” not a “love” but with the 25% off discount you get for keeping all five items, it was a no brainer to keep it. I don’t think it’ll be in heavy rotation like the other clothes, but it fit Joe great and will definitely get some wear!


I’ll conclude Joe’s first (but certainly not last) modeling blog feature with my favorite shot from the other day. Eat your heart out, Kate Moss.

Stitch Fix Men Review

Does that pose deserve a “YASSSS KWEEN! WERKKKKK!” or what?!

Maybe next time he gets a fix, I’ll make Joe write the post as well as model for it. Not quite sure the world is ready for that though (haha). In the meantime, tell your husband/boyfriend/best friend/dad/mailman that Stitch Fix Men has arrived!


Links to Stitch Fix are affiliate and Joe was given Stitch Fix credit as compensation for this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! 🙂