$100 Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway

Kohl's Sale & $100 Gift Card GiveawayOk so this is the tie in to that really random post about assembling furniture–it all makes sense now right?? 😉

I recently got the opportunity to work with Kohl’s to spread the word about their upcoming home sale, and as part of the project was able to pick out some items to help make my own home healthier. I honestly have my little apartment packed to max with stuff already, so I instantly thought of my nephews and niece.

Like a lot of kids, the boys are OBSESSED with videogames, and whenever Joe and I are visiting we always like to get them away from the screens and outside to play and be active. I have nothing against (age-appropriate) video games (Mario Kart at sleepovers was my jam back in the day), but you have to balance it out. After browsing Kohl’s extensive Sporting Goods selection, I stumbled across the trampolines and suddenly my unfulfilled childhood Christmas lists came rushing back. I was admittedly spoiled as a kid at Christmas, but the one thing my parents firmly said “no” at was a trampoline. Well now I’m a grown adult and if I want to break my arm and encourage my nephews to do the same, dangit that’s what I’m gonna do. 

Kohl's Sale & $100 Gift Card Giveaway Kohl's Sale & $100 Gift Card Giveaway Kohl's Sale & $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Yup, that’s a calculator in her hands. Very necessary for trampoline jumping!

I got them a 15-ft Skywalker Trampoline with a netting enclosure (see, perfectly safe!) and they love it … almost as much as I do. And jumping on that thing is a WORKOUT. I’m completely breathless 10 minutes in! That entire Christmas weekend, the kids were outside nonstop either playing on the trampoline or with their new street hockey gear–it was such a huge success!

$100 Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway

To enter to win, leave a comment on this post telling me what item you’d purchase to make your home just that much healthier–new blender, yoga mat, tupperware for food prep, etc. Use the widget below to confirm you’ve left a comment so that your entry is collected. Once you do that, you’ll unlock some *optional* ways to get bonus entries.

Winner will be selected tomorrow evening. I know that’s a quick window for entering, but I want the winner to be able to use their gift card while the sale is going on. Open to all readers worldwide! Good luck!

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Even if you don’t win, you can still save on all Kohl’s home purchases tomorrow (1/29) through Wednesday (2/3). Here’s how their sale works:

  • 1/29-2/3: $10 off $50 home purchase with Promo Code HOME10
  • 1/29-1/30 20% off using promo code FORYOU20

These codes can be stacked!

And I have to end with this video. If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw it, but I seriously laugh every time I watch it. This perfectly sums up what it’s like to have a brother:

Oh the joys of having brothers… 🙄

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Disclosure: While I was not compensated, I did receive my own Kohl’s gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions–as always!–are my own.

I (Finally) Tried BODYPUMP

BSC BODYPUMP ReviewBack when I did a post listing Popular Workouts I’ve Never Tried, I got so many responses from people genuinely shocked I’d never taken a BODYPUMP class. It was as if I’d lost all credibility as a fitness blogger–you whaaaaat?!

This week I got the chance to work with Boston Sports Club to attend a class or personal training session and when I saw they offer BODYPUMP (from here on out written as BodyPump so it doesn’t look like I’m yelling at you) at their Prudential Center location … I mean I really had no choice. 😉

In addition to enhanced personal training and varying group fitness classes, many BSC locations also offer awesome extras like swimming pools, racquet sports, sauna/steam rooms, babysitting and kids programs. This was my first time visiting the Prudential Center location and I thought it was great. THE LOCATION. The Pru is convenient as is but is becoming even more so as the tower construction is completed. I loved that I could walk out of my BodyPump class and right down the next wing to grab a salad from Sweetgreen for dinner. Across from them is an organic smoothie and juice stand. And down the next wing is Lululemon. I mean c’mon. BSC BODYPUMP ReviewI also love how spacious the locker rooms are. Maybe an inconsequential detail for some, but I appreciate when I’m not packed shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of other sweaty people trying to fish my jacket out of a locker between a sea of other people’s limbs.


BSC BODYPUMP ReviewI went to the 6:30PM offering of BodyPump and it was PACKED. I get why–it’s a full-body workout using a combination of hand weights, barbell and various plates, a stepper and a mat. You focus on one muscle group each song and the movements go to the music, which makes it fun. You choose your weights and the instructor gives you some guidance about how heavy to go for each song, so it’s definitely something from which both newbies and advanced gym-goers can benefit. The pace of the movements are quick at times with higher rep numbers, so while you pick the weight, no one goes with crazzzzy heavy loads.

While a packed class is a good sign (usually telling of a great workout and instructor–both of which held true!), there actually ended up being a shortage of equipment in my class. It was only a bummer during the leg segments for me when I wished I had access to additional plates, but for the rest it was more than enough (the shoulder section killed me, light weights and all!).

Kristen taught my class and she was high-energy, encouraging and always on the beat! I really like that the tempo of exercises changes during the class–you might do a slow extension and fast contraction or evenly paced movement both ways.

Try a Class for Free

BSC BODYPUMP ReviewI think this is pretty cool–BSC lets you try a class for free if you’re a non-member so that you can get a feel not only for that particular group workout, but the facilities and entire gym space. Love that! You can search all their classes and reedem your freebie HERE (goes for NYC, Philly & DC clubs, too).

If you’re more interested in personal training, you can get more information HERE.

If you want to get all the advantages of a membership after you do your free class trial, BSC has a bunch of upcoming specials to ask about. Here’s the deal:

  • 1/29 – 1/31 | Join for $0/Get January and February for Free
  • 2/1 – 2/7 | Join for $0/ROTMF on all  Memberships

To follow along socially, BSC is on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Big thanks to BSC for having me! Pumped that Pumps & Iron can finally cross BodyPump off the list! …

Couldn’t resist.

Have you tried a BodyPump class? What do you think?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Town Sports International. The opinions and text are all mine.

The 5 Emotional Stages of Assembling Furniture

The 5 Emotional Stages of Assembling FurnitureWait, what? Where’d this post come from? I swear it’s only 98% random.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Kohl’s on a project (coming to the blog tomorrow!) and without going into too much detail, got my nephews and niece a trampoline as a result. I ended up having to assemble said 15-ft trampoline in my pajamas by myself Christmas morning … in the rain. Because of course it would start raining.

As I pinched my finger for the hundredth time between a spring and the corresponding metal hook and puddles of mud pooled around my feet, this blog post just sort of wrote itself in my head. I figured I’d tie it into the Kohl’s feature (there’s a giveaway involved tomorrow–get excited!) but then somehow prison camp references and no less than 57 curse words got used and I figured I’d actually be doing my friends at Kohl’s a huge favor by separating the posts. 😉

Whether you’ve furnished your apartment from Ikea or, like me, have put together a trampoline, I think we can all somewhat relate to this *highly dramatized* scenario…

The 5 Emotional Stages of Assembling Furniture

1. Overconfidence

I got this! I’m really good at assembling furniture. I actually assembled that dresser in my bedroom by myself–yeah, that big one! I know, I told you, I know what I’m doing. Yeah I probably won’t even need your help…

Nevermind you had an emotional breakdown midway through assembling “that dresser” two years ago. Nevermind it collapsed four hours into the process, triggering you to hurl that bullshit allen wrench (seriously, Ikea, what are those?! Tools for ants?!) through your TV screen in a fit of rage. Nevermind you had to call out sick from work the next day because your back had spasmed from being hunched over a pile of microfiber boards and tiny plastic baggies of screws that all look the gawddamn same for seventeen hours. Nevermind you drank your own tears for dinner while curled in the fetal position amongst your collapsed dresser debris.

Somehow those minor details don’t seem important. You (kinda) assembled a dresser once two years ago, and you now tout around the accomplishment like a badge of honor as you meticulously open the large, stapled boxes in front of you and lay out the pieces of your project neatly by shape and size. A self-satisfied grin creeps across your face as you unfurl the directions and think to yourself, This is gonna be easy.

**During this stage I usually nonchalantly drop the “my dad’s a carpenter” line at least twice, as if that somehow qualifies me to assemble furniture (I’m the worst).

2. Frustration and denial

Is this bent thing A or this slightly curved thing A? Who illustrated this manual–a kindergartener?? Wait aren’t I supposed to have 23 J screws? Why am I only counting 22? Sonofabitch did I just drop a J screw?! Or is that an L? Why does everything look the same?? The 5 Emotional Stages of Assembling Furniture

The first few steps are usually easy enough. Slide Board A into Board B and secure with Lugnut C. Done and done. The manufacturer does this on purpose. They want to build your confidence and lure you in with false hopes of being a strong independant woman who don’t need no man before crushing your self-worth into tiny pieces, none of which fit together properly with the tiny, mislabeled screws you were given.

The frustrations start small. One of the 17,000 washers in the kit slips out of your fingers and through the cracks in your back deck. It’s ok, I mean 16,999 washers is still sturdy, no big deal. Halfway through Step 7 you realize that you did Step 5 wrong and have to take everything apart and start over from there. Ughhh. Oh well, what’s half an hour more of assembling. Not the end of the world. The angle of Weird Looking Thing X and Bendy Pipe Thing W make it nearly impossible to fasten the screw without making 700 tiny turns, repositioning the allen wrench in between each one (you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about). Ok, this is starting to suck. What in the hell am I doing.

It’s right as the frustrations stop rolling off your back and start sticking and grating into your mood that a friend/family member/significant other inevitably takes notice and walks up to kindly ask if you want some help.


3. Resentment

Look at that lazy sonofabitch sitting on the couch while I slave away out here alone.

Nevermind that you’ve just vehemently refused help. Erroneous! You don’t want his help but you hate him for not helping you. It’s all very logical.

And then you start thinking about all the other times he’s been lazy as well. Because, no, of course you’re not about to have a mental breakdown over a trampoline, that’d just be silly. This is about the bigger picture. It’s about that time he didn’t help wash the dishes, too. Oh and that one time last year when he didn’t take out the trash. This is clearly a deep-seeded character flaw in him that just may be insurmountable. That’s it. You’re dumping him. This relationship will never work.

And you don’t just resent your family members. OH NO. Everyone and everything is out to get you. Somehow God is directly responsible for Bolt J’s inability to fit into Hole K, you’re sure of it.

4. Despair

It’s been nine straight hours of manual labor and I’m only on page 2 of the instruction manual?! Ohmygoodgod I have to attach HOW MANY springs to this thing?? This will never be done. I can’t do it. I give up.

*Cue the tears*

The 5 Emotional Stages of Assembling FurnitureYour back is aching, your pinkie finger is bleeding, your pace is slowing, your will to live is fading. Although you’re an upper-middle-class chick sitting on the floor of the apartment your dad helps pay for, you suddenly feel this inexplicably deep connection to Auschwitz survivors.

You’re lethargically inserting screws and leaving them dangling loosely from their holes, unable to muster up any fucks to give. Let the damn thing be a safety hazard. There is no hope. Nothing matters anymore. The end is near.

5. Triumph and the immediate return to a state of unwarranted self-satisfaction as if the previous eleven hours never even happened

–“I did it all by myself! Look at this thing! That wasn’t even that hard!”

–”Ummm thirty minutes ago you threatened to kill my firstborn if I didn’t find the screw you dropped on the floor …”


When it’s finally assembled; when every pole is attached firmly to a joint and secured with seventeen screws; when the final page of the instruction manual has been turned; when you stand back and look at your finished product … it’s like Stages 2-4 never even happened.

Oh the self-satisfaction!

In that moment you are Beyonce. You are Holly Holm. You are Damien from Mean Girls. You run this motherfucking joint.

*Drops mic*