necessary-clothing-collab-211I don’t always wear yoga pants and sneakers. In fact, I’m pretty fond of normal clothing. So fond that I even named my blog Pumps & Iron. Pumpin’ iron, pumps…like the shoe…get it? On this page, you’ll find posts in which I play dress up and pretend I know how to model (I don’t…lots of awkward hands and skinny arm poses), as well as posts dedicated to the ever-growing dominance of activewear in the fashion world. As more and more people are jumping on board with fitness and taking control of their health, retailers and designers have taken note. Instead of throwing on sweatpants and your boyfriend’s old t-shirt to hit up the gym (still a viable option, if you ask me), there are now countless ways to express your personal style while working out.


Soon after starting this blog I realized that I was not quite cut out to be a fashion blogger (understatement of the century), so while the “Pumps” in Pumps & Iron has become more of an occasional feature rather than the focus of this blog, I do still love a good personal style post from time to time! And yes, some of my older outfit posts are embarrassing, I know.

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You could argue that all of my workout posts are “fitness fashion” posts because I usually spend just as much time talking about the exercises as I do about the leggings I’m wearing, but here are the following archive is dedicated solely to activewear style and looking fresh ta’ death while breaking a sweat.

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stitch-fixI was lucky enough to be invited on one of Stitch Fix‘s blogger vacations, and have been a big fan of the company (and their fixes!) ever since. In the following posts you can learn more about the online personal styling service, check out the goods I’ve gotten in my fixes, and read more about my trip to San Fran with Stitch Fix.

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Suggestions for this page? Fitness style or fashion posts you’d like to see? Leave a comment!

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  1. Can you do a post on cold weather office outfits?

    • Since I spend 90% off my life in workout clothes, I don’t have too many good office outfits, but next time I have a client meeting, I’ll put together a post! 🙂

  2. I have been searching high and low for those boyfriend jeans on Mavi’s site. Can’t seem to find them… Help?

  3. These are all super cute!

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