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I don’t just post workouts to the interwebs; I teach in person, too! Here you can learn more about the fitness certifications I have, the classes I teach, the classes I’ve taken, and even check out sample workouts. And if you live in Boston, come to a class and say “hi!”–I love meeting and training readers!


Maybe you just want to read up on my credentials and make sure I’m legit. Maybe you’re looking to get certified and want to learn more about the process. Find all my relevant posts here:


I currently teach the Lagree Fitness method (megaformers), various rowing classes, and interval training bootcamp-esque classes. I used to teach indoor cycling. Learn more about these methods of exercise, and read up on my adventures in group fitness instruction.

sample-classesWhile you can’t recreate the atmosphere of a group fitness class without…going to a group fitness class, you can still get a taste for what the workout is like! These posts will help you know what to expect from the classes I teach and include sample workouts you can try at home or the gym. The “Stacked” workouts are in the same format as the POWER class I teach at Burn.

General Posts on Group Fitness

Book a Class!

I currently teach at Btone in the Back Bay and Burn in the South End. Below is my regular schedule, but I sub frequently so check each studio’s website for my current schedule.

  • Wednesday Evenings @ Btone | 5:25pm ROW – 6:20pm TONE – 7:20pm TONE – 8:15pm TONE
  • Thursday Mornings @ Btone | 6am TONE – 6:55am TONE – 7:50am TONE
  • Friday Mornings @ Burn | 7am POWER – 8am STRONG ROW

You can visit each studio’s website for class descriptions. They’re all great but if I had to sway your decision-making, TONE classes on the megaformer are like my firstborn child I love them so much and POWER classes at Burn are similar to the types of workouts I post here on the blog (so fun!). If you come to one of my classes, introduce yourself!! 🙂



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