Find the workout that’s perfect for your current goals, schedule, resources or mood! Here you’ll find my archive of workouts sorted by structure, equipment needed, target area and more.

Beginners: If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, check out this resource page of beginner tips and workouts.

Real-time videos: I recently started a YouTube channel with workout videos so that you can follow along with me! All the below workouts come with detailed picture tutorials, but if you’d rather have it in video form, check out my YouTube channel.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for? Leave a comment below with your workout request! I’m constantly putting together new workouts and love input from my readers.

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  1. Chiara Contardi says:

    Hi! I really like your blog and I think your body is just amazing.
    By now, I’ve looked at some of your workouts and stretched them into my daily routines, but I’ve a question: what’s your typical daily training? Do you run everyday? Do you excercise every day?

    Maybe you have already talked about this, in this case I’m sorry, but i couldn’t find it anywhere and I’m curious 🙂

    greetings from Italy!

    • Thanks so much, Chiara! I haven’t done a post on my daily/weekly routine yet, but I get this question a lot, so I’m definitely going to. On average, I workout 6 days a week. Each day I like to switch it up between running, the workouts I post here, and an occasional spinning or Pilates class. Hope that helps, and I’ll be sure to do a more detailed post about this soon! 🙂

  2. Chiara Contardi says:

    Thank you very muhc for your reply Nicole!
    Looking forward to find out more on your post 😉

  3. Hi! I have a guestion. Is better training to excercise one part of body or full body workout? With which type of training I will see results faster?

    • There are lots of different opinions on this topic, and in part it just depends on your goals and personal preference. For maximal muscle gains, body builders will often do different body parts on different days so they can really work them to fatigue and then allow them to rest while focusing on a different muscle group. If fat loss is your goal, I personally prefer full-body training because you’re firing up all the large muscles (after strength training those muscles will burn more calories throughout the day–even when not working out).

  4. julie broshat says:

    hi…i am new to your newsletter! i am curious if you have a lower body workout (exercises and/or ideas) that you can do while standing all day at a retail job??? at times it is really slow and i wish i could get part of my workout in! i am really fit and am wondering if there is something that i can do that would “qualify” for part of my lower body workout!????

    • Calf raises would be a good (subtle) exercise to do while at work. I get a lot of requests for at-work workout routines–let me add this to my to-do list, I’ll start brainstorming up some more moves!

  5. Hey Nicole! I just found out that I need to have surgery on my foot and I’m trying to compile workouts that don’t put pressure on the foot but might still raise the heart rate. Maybe you could put something together? Almost every athlete runs across a foot injury on occasion and it’s so hard to give up your routine.

    • Definitely! I’ll start brainstorming. My boyfriend recently broke his hand so my mind was actually already on this track (workouts you can do without putting pressure on your hand, foot, etc.) 🙂

  6. I discovered your page by accident. Ironically, I was following a thread on FB about making Brownie Cups for ice cream. I have recently, at nearly 50 yrs old, decided it was time to kick the “getting older/getting fatter” part of my life. The person who had the Brownie cup thing had a link to their Pinterest page to your website. I have been looking, looking, looking for good illustrations of easy (little/no equipment) workouts to help tone the former flabby places on my body.
    Thanks so much for great instructions and photos!
    PS..You may be wondering why I was looking at Brownie recipes if I’m trying to kick the fat habit. I was looking for single-serving recipes, that would allow me a nice treat w/o eating more than one.

  7. I love your workouts, but I’m unable to view the full body workouts. I do use a mac. So, it might just be my computer, but I wanted to let you know.

  8. Hi Nicole,
    I am transgender in good shape, but I would like to loose some weight and get a nicer butt, I am 40YO, 5’5″ and 138 Lb, My goal is 128 Lb.
    Are all your workouts online or there are also studio/in person groups?
    Does your workouts have a price?
    Even I’m in general in “good shape”, I have not done workouts and therefore I’m a very beginner.

    • Hi Dee! I teach at a fitness studio in Boston called Btone ( but it’s a very different type of workout from the ones I post on my blog and YouTube channel. At Btone the group class is done on megaformer machines (they look sort of like an amped up pilates reformer). They’re challenging classes but we’re super welcoming to new clients and always give options for modifying so that you can scale back if needed. 🙂

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